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Day 6: Start a story with: “He glanced at his watch impatiently…”

The strongest bond

The strongest bond

Mysterious Twins

He glanced at his watch impatiently. 3 Minutes was all he had to do it. Millions of times he went over the exact steps he had to take in those minutes. There was only 1 hour left before the plan was set in motion. He pictured the faces of the two children again. Two hopeless little beings, a boy and a girl of only 7 years old and cursed with the gift of the Twins. Ruthlessly taken away from their parents, unknowing of what was to come. Little did they understand of what the Section had in mind for the. He was there to stop it from happening. 30 Minutes left. He stared at the sea again. The water that seemed so calm and peaceful would soon start rising above his head. One wrong step and he would be engulfed in the waves before he had the chance to even enter the cave. All would be lost. A cold shiver went down his spine. What if the clues they had found were false, making the entire investigation a failure? What if he got inside only to find that they weren’t there? He knew that this might be the last few moments he had. He tried to enjoy the last time he could feel the warm sea breeze on his face, the last  perfect sunset he might ever see, but he couldn’t He anxiously glared at his watch again. 15 Minutes. He visualised the information they gave him. He had 30 seconds to enter the cave before the water would make it impossible. Left at the red stalagmite, over the perfect round hole, push against the dented rock and walk towards the ‘black face’. 5 Minutes left. He knew he should take exactly 10 steps to the left, go through the ‘invisible door’. 45 degrees to his right he should see a pointed ledge and on top of it was the cage. He would find them there behind the 5 steel bars. He would walk closer toward them and then. Only 10 seconds left. After that he had to make the Connection. He knew exactly what to do. 5… 4… His heart started beating wildly in his chest. 3… 2… 1…


His look changes into one of determination. The waves lifted just enough for him to slip through toward the entrance of the cave. Light as a feather he hopped from stone to stone and in front of him he saw a small crack in the wall getting closer. Forcing himself to calm down, he took a deep breath and made himself as small as possible to push himself through the crack. He slowly felt his feet sinking away into the rising water. “Be like the snake.” He told himself over and over. The water almost reached his neck and after seconds that felt like hours he managed to fit through. Without delay he ran towards the red stalagmite and took a left turn. In front of him he saw a long tunnel with at the end a big black hole. As fast as he could he ran toward the hole and with a giant leap he landed on the other side of it. His hands started scanning the wall in high speed for the dent. After being unable to find it for a few precious seconds he almost felt like he had a heart attack. Yet again he forced himself to breathe and quickly after his spirits lifted, feeling the slight dent in the wall. As soon as he pressed against the dent the wall started moving, revealing a pitch dark tunnel. He quickly flicked on the flashlight he had gotten out of his pockets and moved forward again. While hopping over from pillar to pillar he desperately tried to forget the danger of taking one wrong step, causing him to fall hundreds of metres to his death. He decided to look straight forward, switching off his mind, when he saw a ‘the face’ in the corners of his eyes. A black statue of the face of Section. He out his hands on the statue and turned it around until it was facing his left and he heard a loud click. Counting out loud to be absolutely sure he took 10 steps to his left and focussed on the wall in front of him. There, barely noticeable he spotted the edge of a door. Quickly storming through the door he found himself in a dark room. Immediately a eerie feeling befell him and he noticed that the room reeked of fresh blood and death. 45 degrees to his right he saw a ledge that looked like a perfect triangle. He saw the 5 steel bars standing before him in an intimidating way and he flashed the light in the cage. His heart sank. There was no one. Despair reached it’s climax and all his hope was burnt to ashes. Everything was lost. Just when he was about to throw himself to the ground he heard a soft weeping. Quickly he aimed the flashlight toward the cage again and there, in a small corner he saw the two children, silently crying. The fear in their eyes was overwhelming, but he had to force himself to get over it. “Give me your hands!” Het shouted. The children clutched each other and tried to back away a bit more. The tears were flowing out of their eyes and they were shaking to their very cores. Suddenly he noticed the moist streams flowing over his cheeks. Was it the seawater he had been in a few moments ago? Were they tears? He didn’t have the time to think about it. “NOW!” He screamed even louder then before. His voice was shaking and his hands were trembling. The Twins doubtingly approached him. Their hands were soft and cold, but they were steady. Maybe this was their strength. Desperately he tried to make the connection, but his mind had shut him away. He felt the little hand of the boy clutching him more and he looked into his eyes. “Calm down. Focus.” The boy said. His calmness was overwhelming, almost surreal. He took another very deep breath to calm himself down. When he managed to focus again he felt the power of the Twins flowing through his veins and his eyes emitted a bright white light. The Connection was made. He focussed on the location they had told him about. The vague image of the trees in his mind became clearer every second and after a while they found themselves in the forest. They were saved. The twins collapsed into the soft grass and he felt a daze taking him over. With the last bit of strength he had he carried them to the hollow tree and covered them with a woollen blanket. Seconds later he fell into a long and dreamless sleep.

Today I decided I’d make good use of the time I spend in class doing absolutely nothing! Since Someone had to be ill during class and I had to sit alone, I decided to work on the challenge. Never thought I’d have some good inspiration while listening to worlds most boring teacher! Well for this story as for all until now I didn’t want to take an obvious idea and I tried to make use of my full creativity. The first thing I thought about was writing about a guy who had to wait for his date, but that seemed really lame. Now I think about it, next time I might chose that kind of approach instead of taking the usual fantasy/suspense view to a story for once ^_^ Anyway, this story looks like it’s still unfinished (like most do) so maybe I might make it longer some other time 😀 For now it’s just another challenge day done 😀


Day 5: A story revolving around an object in your room

Without return

He never thought it would be like this, that it would get out this much of hand. Who  would have? How could he have known that everything around him, the world he was living in… It would all change. It wasn’t supposed to be like that, it was just for fun. ‘Fun.’ The thought of the world made his mouth curl up into a cold, emotionless grin. One time it really was fun. The power they gave him was beyond his wildest imagination. He could do what no man could, but then… He stared at his reflection in the water again. His eyes were glowing bright red. The colour of all that blood he had shed.

“I got them in!” He said with the widest smile possible. “Took you long enough.” The voice on the phone replied with a teasing voice. He stared at himself again for the 10th time. His new coloured contacts jumped out from his image in the mirror. From the moment he could think about anything, he had been in love with the supernatural and when he heard about the mysterious nature of the contact lenses, he had wanted them. Just when he was about to give up all hope of ever finding them in the store Jake came along with them perfectly wrapped in gift paper. It had taken him over an hour of endlessly poking in his eyes to finally get the contacts in his eyes and as soon as he had done so, he called up his friend. “Thanks again man! You know, the legend says that the one who…” “…Wears the contacts would not only gain a prolonged life, but also the power to change his world in a way that had been experienced by man before,” Jake had finished his sentence for him. He continued, but it is also said that the given power varies per person and it is not always the power one is worthy of, causing danger to approach whomever wears the Red Satre. But aren’t you even a little bit afraid of that last part Kate?” Jake’s voice sounded a bit worried. “Naah man, it’s just a legend! And even if it isn’t, how awesome would it be if it were real. I could change the world!”

Little did he know when he put the contacts in his eyes. After an hour he would find out that once having them, there was no way back. That was the day the Red Satre took over his eyes, his actions, his mind. The power he was given, had brought him into an age unknown. A time where man wasn’t allowed to live next to the gifted ones. But he didn’t want his gift. In a flash he saw all that blood again and again. There was no way back.

This story is very vague and kinda short too, 😛 but well, halfway through the story I lost all inspiration for it. It does seem interesting though, so maybe in a while I might make something real of it 😀 The object in my room I chose were the new awesome sharingan contact lenses I recently got from a good friend of mine 😀 If you don’t know what a sharingan is, go look it up! Making up a story about my guitar was too cliché so I went for this one 😀

Day 4: A poem that uses the words: Blue, Mistrust, Half, Twang

Towards the mountains

The blue colour of peace, yet might it be deception?

The rest of the sea and the calmness of air.

But behind every silent wave, every piece of perfection,

Do we ever look beyond the horizon, to see what’s there?

Does one ever think about the truth,

In a way that’s filled with lies?

Do we even understand half of what we see,

While vaguely staring at the turning of tides.

Will the waves of mistrust rise above our heads,

When we lose control of what we think and do.

Will the twang of heavens bells wake us up,

Before we are lost in the open sea?

One day we’ll hear the bells together,

Walk from the sea towards the mountains.

You and me, me and you.


Woohoow 😀 Two posts on one day ^^ only 1 more to catch up :P. Well I’m not the best poet in the world, but since it was a part of the challenge I thought I’d try ^^. The poem actually had a really deep meaning to it that only some (you know who you are) will completely understand. But telling, would kinda spoil it right? So the only hint I’ll give is that the sea represents the world we live in ^^ Enjoy!

Day 3: A story that takes place pre-1950

Anime, because that’s awesome ^^

The boy with the green eyes

“You don’t believe me, do you?” I looked up at his foolish grin. With confidence he edged a few more lines to his drawing in the wall. “No. No I don’t.” I said equally grinning. He knew I was going to say that, yet he still pretended to act surprised. “Why not?!” He shook me back and forth a couple of times and looked me straight in the eyes. “Kit, I swear! It looked so realistic!” His eyes were the brightest green I had ever seen before and as always, they looked at me in such an honest and boyish way that I couldn’t repress a small chuckle. “Caleb, You’ve always been a dreamer, and for the I told you hundreds of times before Caleb! My name is not Kit!” I quickly turned around in a quasi anger way and walked towards the opening of the cave, but just when I was about to walk away Caleb grabbed my arm and turned me around. I looked towards his face with a grin, but my cheerful mood quickly darkened when I saw his expression. For a moment I thought he looked hurt, almost empty inside. When his serious look suddenly turned into a little smile, I was left confused. Something in the way he acted made me feel a bit uncomfortable. “Whatever you please miss Kiintah.” He said in his most sophisticated voice, before slightly bowing to her like a true gentleman. “But would you please take a little bit more out of your precious time to look at the drawing again?” His entire being was urging me to listen carefully. Something told me that I had to listen carefully from that point. I looked at the drawing again. The cave wall was covered with lines. The device on the wall looked very  silly. It was a box on wheels, that’s all I could make of it. “What does this thing do again?” Caleb smiled. “It’s a car! It drives people around and it’s a hundred times faster than a horse! Many people can travel miles and be in contact with each other you know! The world is much bigger than the tribe! There are thousands, maybe millions like us!” I looked him in the eyes with a serious face. “It’s just a dream Caleb. Why is it so important to you?” His face darkened and she could read the hesitation in his eyes. “What makes this dream different?” I asked him before he could respond. He sighed and seemed to prepare for the inevitable. “Listen Kit. You found me that day, lying in the bushes with no recollection of where I came from or what I did. The only thing I know about myself is found on the weird silver thing that was found next to me, spelling out my name.” He looked to his feet and compared them to mine. Even though I’m a girl, his feet were much smoother and softer than mine. Everything about him was. He looked like an outsider who had been walking on cushions his entire life. He looked me in the eye hopefully. “Something in me tells me.. No.. Urges me to listen to these dreams. The car, the phone, the airplanes. I don’t know what they are, but I have the feeling I should.” I laid my hand on his shoulder. Behind his strong will a fragile young boy was hiding, uncertain of life as he knew it. “Caleb.” I tried to sound calm and secure, but my voice was shaking. “You belong here! Don’t think about where you came from. Don’t hunt behind the things you may never know, but live! I’ll teach you how to live here, I promise.” I was surprised by his sudden embrace. Men and women from the tribe weren’t meant to be this close, but I couldn’t help but enjoy the his warmth. “I will learn Kit, but promise me one thing. Help me find out more about me… You’re the only one I trust.” When he tried to pull away I held him for a moment longer, desperately trying to hide my tears. I didn’t want him to look for his past. For this worlds future. I didn’t want to lose him. “Okay.” I said and I immediately felt regret.

Whew! it’s been how many days since I started this challenge? And I’m already way behind schedule. xD It’s been a busy few days! Well, I warned everyone about my irregularity in posts already so you shouldn’t mind (and if you missed the warning, click the page “Just Me”) I’ll try to catch up!

Well this story was meant to be about a time before the 1950s and well, the ages when people lived in caves is also before right? ^^’ I ended up talking more about the future though… If anyone of you think this story should be made into a longer one, or improved in any way, leave a comment! If you do, I might add this to my long collection of unfinished stories xD.

Day 2: Write a fanfiction

Tale of two Brothers

“Come on Taka! Why are you being so gloomy?” A young man, hidden in his own world. The only way he ever showed his emotions was through irony and mockery. Irritated, he looked away from his brother who was eagerly awaiting his response. “Go away, brother.” He spat out the word as if it had left a sour taste in his mouth. “Don’t you have some important business meeting to attend to with dad?” Just as Taka tried to turn around and walk away his brother stopped him. “Now that’s not fair Taka! He only showed me around the Kingdom this morning!” He said, showing Taka one of his famous innocent smiles. How repulsive. Acting like they could all be friends as usual. They both knew that it was never going to be the same. The years before now they had just been living a dream that was never meant to come true. Two brothers. Day and Night. They were never meant to be together. Just like always, Taka would become the outsider. The different one. The Kingdom would be out of his reach. He was the servant. His brother was the King. He had always known deep down that it was going to be like this. His brother, the man with the strong will, the kind heart, the strong body and the golden hair ready to follow up a King with an aura that was equally impressive. And then there was Taka. The fragile type. The one that stayed inside to help his mother at home instead of walking by his dad as a future leader. The sensitive child that locked away what he truly felt. Not the promising gold locked heir to the throne, but the black haired throw away. Today dad showed his brother the Kingdom. It was the first step towards their future. The King and the Servant. Destiny. He despised it.

He abruptly turned around and walked away from his brother. Without looking behind he growled, “Leave me alone. Go have fun looking at your kingdom without bothering me.” “Taka!” His bother yelled. He released a sigh. “Just don’t get yourself into trouble ok?” Without answering Taka walked on.

Three days later he came back. Without his innocence, without emotion. The only this he gained from his short trip was a deep scar through his right eye. He didn’t greet anyone nor did he explain himself in any way until his father came walking toward him. “Taka!” His deep voice echoed through the room. “Where were you!” Taka made himself smaller, but his eyes betrayed his lack of respect. “It doesn’t matter father.” He looked up to his dad with a foul look. “You don’t need me to rule anything anyway right?” His casual voice left his father speechless. He looked towards his brother staring from a distance. At that moment, he broke In his brothers eyes he didn’t see anger towards him nor did he see disappointment. What he saw was empathy. Compassion. At that moment Taka erased himself. Taka was no longer. He wasn’t the one to make them worry and he wasn’t the shame of the family anymore, because he had no family. With a great leap he jumped in front of his brother, the hatred burning in his eyes and even though he came closer to them, the distance he created at that moment became unbridgeable. “Taka…” “No!” He interrupted his brothers words. “From this day on I am no longer Taka. From now on, call me Scar.” Leaving everyone surprised he continued making a deep, but disrespectful bow towards his brother. With irony in his voice he said, “I’m but your humble servant lord.” His hateful eyes glanced straight at his brother for one last time. “All Hail King Mufasa!”

Hello whoever is reading this!

The third day of the challenge, and as expected, I’m behind schedule by one day xD I’ll try to make it up later 😛 Today I tried to show the Lion King from the perspective of Scar before Simba was born. No, I didn’t make this all up, Scar’s real name is truly Taka! But if you’re a Lion King addict like me and read some of the books, you’d have known that ^.^ I’m finding that the most difficult part of this challenge overall is not the actual writing part, but finding a suitable outline, setting and point of view to let the inspiration come to me. This will prove harder than expected xD. So, how long did it take you to guess the fanfiction?

Day 1: Re-write a Classic Fairy tale

Magic shoes

With surprise he looked at the glass shoe standing in between the two of them and back at the girl who was evilly grinning at him. “You want Me to fit the shoe??” He asked her. “Yes.” She responded casually. “But… Why?” He desperately tried to understand what she was telling him. The shoe in front of him had been hers. It had the beginning of a long story for him, a story of love.

He could still remember the day he first held it in his hands. That same day he first met her. The moment he saw her, he fell in love. It only took a single glance to see the beauty, dressed in the purest blue, dancing in the midst of the room filled with people. He didn’t see the people around her. Only her, the most stunning women he had ever laid his eyes upon. Trying to ignore his throbbing heart and his shaking hands, he excused himself from the gentlemen he was talking to. Slowly examining her he walked closer, waiting for the moment until she noticed him in the crowd. Her eyes were so blue that his heart melted as he gazed into them and her smile was so pure that it robbed him of all of his words to say. The only thing he could do as she was waiting for him to talk, was to take her hand and start to dance. Leading her by his side was the most magical moment he had ever experienced. The light of the room seemed to fade away around him only to focus solely on her. With all the will he had left in him he gathered the courage to speak to her. “What is your name, my lady?” His voice shaking and his hands trembling he awaited her response. Just as she smiled at him and almost said her name, she glanced at the clock behind. Her lively eyes were suddenly filled with fear and before he had a chance to stop her she disappeared from his sight. “Wait!” He yelled out, running behind the mysterious beauty. He desperately wanted to see her one more time, but the only remembrance she had left behind was the small glass shoe she had been wearing that night. Unable to forget her he had started the search for his future bride, fitting the shoe on every lady in the kingdom in the hopes to find her one day. When that day finally came, he looked at the girl covered in dust with surprise. How could she have been the stunning woman he fell in love with? Had it been a mistake after all? He looked at the glass shoe fitting perfectly on her feet again, and in that short moment, his mind was set. This woman, was the one who would be his future wife. It was that little shoe that brought her to him, that tiny remembrance she had left for him. It was something as small as a shoe that lead him to true love.

“Just. Fit. The. Shoe!” She said, followed by a little chuckle. Looking at her again he found himself unable to resist. “As you wish my love.” With all he could he tried to squeeze his big foot into the small shoe, not willing to disappoint her thus moving on until he finally managed to get his foot in the shoe. He looked up to her only to see her satisfied, yet evil smile. She quickly turned around to get a little bag and a mirror from the table behind her. Before he knew what was happening she opened the bag and threw the contents over his face. After coughing several times from the dust spread across him, he tried to respond to her sudden action, but before he could she held the mirror in front of him. “Now tell me.” She said with an angel like voice. “Who is that man in the mirror?” He looked up to her feeling confused. “Well, it’s me of course!” The corners of her mouth curled up in pleasure. “And how do you know it’s you?” Feeling more and more confused every second he said, “Well because he looks like me, talks like me and is exactly like me in any way!” She released a sigh and put the mirror away again. “First of all, little prince Charming” She said with clear irony in her voice. “If what you just said is true, why on earth did I need to go to the process of shoe fitting if I still looked like me, with or without the dust on my face! I saw the doubt in your eyes, so maybe next time,” She gave him a shady smile. “think before you go touching and examining someone’s feet instead of their face! And secondly, if your big manly feet could fit into those tiny little shoes, how would you know I’m not just an imposter with the right foot size?” His eyes widened, seeing his own mistakes. “And finally…” She leaned closer to his face and lifted her finger to his forehead, slowly pushing it backwards. “You take me by the hand for a dance, without even politely asking. You take my shoe across the entire country with no permission and when you finally see me, you don’t even recognise me! Listen Sweety, I’m not just some girl desperately waiting for your marriage proposal, so don’t think I’ll eagerly say yes just yet! I’m not just someone. I, am Cinderella!”

Hey guys!
Day 1 of the challenge and I already had difficulties with it xD This being the second time I stumbled across the same thing to write, I decided that this time I’d not run away, but actually try my best! After spending the whole day thinking of which fairy tale to re-write, I ended up not completely re-writing it, but giving it another approach ^^ What do you think? Leave a comment 😀 Or don’t, I’m not your mom xD (random me…)

Writing Challenge

Today I decided to start a writing challenge. Why? Because I really love writing, but I’m also one of the laziest persons you’ll ever meet… So that’s why I’ll try to force myself to write something every day for 30 days! Seems like a great plan, but will I be able to write everyday? Especially the Sabbaths might be too busy for me to write because it’s usually an all day event ^^ But I will definitely try to at least get my 30 stories finished at some point starting today!

So I googled writing challenges and I stumbeled upon this one coming from This Blog. I hope you like it as much as I did!

Day 1: Re-write a classic fairy tale

Day 2: Write a fanfiction

Day 3: A story that takes place pre-1950

Day 4: A poem using the words: blue, mistrust, half, twang

Day 5: A story revolving around an object in your room

Day 6: Start your story with: “He glanced at his watch impatiently…”

Day 7: Create a superhero. Have he/she save the day.

Day 8: Write a prequel to that Superhero. Pre-Superhero life. Maybe their childhood.

Day 9: A story in 250 words or less about your favorite city

Day 10: Start story with: “She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled…”

Day 11: A story where the characters go without power for a day.

Day 12: Find 10 random words and create your own definitions.

Day 13: Begin with “I thought I saw…”

Day 14: randomly find someone in your yearbook. Create a story about their life today.

Day 15: Write about a stranger you see. Either their back-story or what they are thinking in the moment you see them.

Day 16: Go to iTunes, put your music on random. Write a story about the first song that comes up. (250 words or less)

Day 17: Use time travel in a story

Day 18: A story set in a ghost town.

Day 19: Write an obituary for a historical figure

Day 20: Use these words in a story: grandfather, photo album, post office, and folder

Day 21: He or she sees their crush in a library. describe the incident.

Day 22: Write a story based on a dream you had

Day 23: Describe/fictionalize a childhood memory

Day 24: Write a story that takes place 100 years in the future

Day 25: Write a story about a mythical creature.

Day 26: Write about the 30th picture on your phone or computer. Write about the story behind it, or make up the story behind it.

Day 27: Story taking place during a sporting event (any sport)

Day 28: Story on a ship. Past, present, or future.

Day 29: Story about space

Day 30: Story or poem about ice

The Untitled – Prologue

She knew that she shouldn’t do it. She knew the consequences. She knew the rumours about  what happened to people like her. People who had the desperate urge to search for the unknown. People who couldn’t stop themselves in their journey’s, blindly following their curiosity. They all met the same ending. It all started with Jonathan Grey. He was the first to know. The last time he was seen alive was the night that marked the Beginning. The night they first started this mess. Three days later, he was found. At least what was left of him. His body was deformed to such extent, that the two people whom he cared about most, had to turn away their faces in horror. These two people were the only ones who he had ever opened up to. Only they could have managed to give this man an understanding of true love. They loved him unconditionally and he had learnt to love them back. Maybe it was this love that made matters worse. Not before long, they were found. The same horrible way. No witnesses, no clues. Some say that they were the ones that gave this curse it’s power. All she knew was that at some point in that night the curse became her future. It had always and would always lead life for her.  It wasn’t a choice. It was destiny.

“I can end this.” She said to herself. “I will end this alone. I have to.” She desperately tried to seem confident, afraid that the tears that were burning in the corners of her eyes didn’t betray her true feelings. She took another deep breath, to calm herself. It didn’t work. She didn’t expect it to. Who could stay calm in this situation? The only thing she could do was to clear her mind. Focus. The first step was easy. Just open the book. She tried to ignore the shaking of her hands. She felt something wet running down her cheeks. Was she crying? In the past couple of days she had cried so much that she didn’t even notice it anymore. ‘Damn it, stop shaking!’ A wise man once said that if you want to survive, you should know when to tell yourself the truth and when to lie. “Come on, you’ve opened the book before!” Truth. “So you can do it  again.” Lie. It’s just one of the ways to live her life.

Goodbye – Chapter 1

“What’s her name?”

“I don’t know.”

“Where did you meet her?”

“I don’t know.”

“Where did she go?”

“I don’t know!”

“…” She released a sigh from her mouth and looked at her brother. “Well, what Do you know??” Jay looked her in the eyes. Never before had he felt so determined, but never before had he felt so unknowing. “I met her 8 years ago in Africa.” Her eyes widened. “Jay, are you seriously going…” “Sarah!” The sudden interruption had surprised her. “I’m going.” His lips curled up into a soft smile. He raised his hand and put it on her shoulder. “Don’t worry S. I’ll be fine.” Her eyes looked worried and if he waited any longer, he was sure tears would come flowing out. “Africa is big! You don’t know where she is, how on earth do you plan to find her?” He started grinning. “Hey sis… Are you worried?” With an evil smile he ran his fingers through her hair, messing it up as much as possible. “Or are you just afraid you might get lonely?” With a crestfallen face she looked him in the eyes. “C’mon J. I’m serious. Why would you go through this all? Why now?” He sighed again. There was no easy way out of this. He had to tell her, but he didn’t know where to start. “It’s just… I’ve been dreaming about her every night. Everyday I’m afraid I might forget and I see her in front of me again… She looked afraid S. I might not know a lot anymore, but I remember that she was very dear to me. The dreams… Every time I see the Rose shining just a little bit I remember. I just need to see her, one more time!” He looked at his sister in the hopes she would understand. He know his story was incoherent, but he just needed her to understand, more than anything. “What if she doesn’t remember you anymore?” He looked to the ground and sighed. “I don’t care. I just have to go.” She stood up and took his hand. “Listen, Jay. You have to do what feels the best, but just promise me one thing ok? Promise me you’ll think it through. I don’t want you to get hurt.” He smiled. Sarah might be his little sister, but at times she was too wise for her age. That’s why he loved her so much. He couldn’t stand leaving her behind alone. That was the hardest part of going. He looked at his little sister and remembered…

It was already 8 years ago. A poor boy was walking around the streets with the ripped clothes of a man at least 3 times his age. His wild black hair was clearly in need of washing and one could see that his fragile body was at a breaking point due to the lack of food. People walking by only noticed the smell that came off his body and the pathetic look of a beggar. Once in a while a kind by passer would look sympathetic and worried at the young boy who had met a tragic fate. Relieving their guilty conscience they’d hand him a few coins to buy bread and walk away never to be seen again. If they looked underneath his tangles hair they would have seen two, determined bright blue eyes of a boy who’d never back down from anything. Behind the dirt there was a boy who stood strong in any situation life threw at him. It was in those days he found one of these situations. With great surprise he saw a young little girl laying comfortably on the bench that was his usual sleeping spot. In a short moment he saw that the girl was in the same condition as he was and in that very same moment he had decided he was going to take care of her. There was something about her sleeping face that made him feel truly at home for the first time since long. Her long blond hair was covered with dirt and her clothes were torn and clearly too cold. Something about this broken image touched him. What he saw in front of him wasn’t pain. It was true beauty. He used his only blanket to cover her up. Before he fell asleep on the grass he touched her cheek. “Sarah.” From that moment the 14 year old boy and the 10 year old girl were family.

The time had come he had to leave her. Something in him begged to search for the owner of the Blue Rose. He couldn’t stay any longer, but his biggest regret was saying goodbye. The girl on the bench, his precious sister. “Goodbye sis…” Goodbye forever. But he didn’t say that.

The Forest of All Seasons


“What do you see?” Such a simple question, but he knew there was a deeper meaning behind it. There always was one. He looked around. She had taken him to a dense forest near the city. From the small cliff they were standing on they had a perfect view on the sparkling waterfall in front of them. He knew she could see it too, so why would she have asked? “What do you mean?” He looked besides him only to see her abruptly turning away from him. With baby steps she walked towards the empty spot in the grass, in the middle of the fire blooms. When she crouched, she directed her full attention to the stick in front of her. Gently pushing off the insects on the little piece of wood she picked it up. Without looking away for a single second she beckoned him to come closer. Every step in her direction his suspicion raised. “What do you mean?” He asked again, his voice trembling and his posture insecure. Her evil smile was quickly followed by a hard hit to the head with the piece of wood she’d just picked up. “Auw!” He impulsively raised his hand to the spot that’d been hit. “What did you do that for?!” She released an innocent chuckle from her lips. “You idiot! Just answer the question!” With an annoyed tone in his voice he responded. “I see a waterfall!” Another hit to the head. He turned around to look at her face. She was enjoying this way to much! A wide grin covered her face and the innocent sparkle in her eyes didn’t betray her real mean nature in any way. “You really think that is the answer?” She was right. He never thought that was the answer. With her it was always something different than he had in mind. She always managed to surprise him with her unique way of thinking and she always tried to force her thoughts on him. He didn’t mind. He took another glance at her innocent smile and turned his head to the waterfall. A deep breath. “I see nature at work. I see the wind blowing through the trees and the leaves slowly falling on the water. I see the ripples expanding to the rivers and the water flowing away towards the lake at the foot of the mountain. I see an endless circle of beauty and peace.” He turned at her again. For a split second he could see a softness in her face that he’d never seen before. Only a split second he saw the gentle smile that would warm his heart for years. It took away his reflexes for just a moment, when her evil grin suddenly appeared again. Before he knew it he felt the stick behind his ears again. “What is it this time??” He shouted. “You think too much!” She responded. “Look again, and get it right this time!” She pointed her finger towards the waterfall again. Slowly he tried to follow the direction of her finger until he saw it. There in the middle of the lake there was a small pebble, or maybe it was a little piece of glass shining brightly enough to catch his eye. After examining it for a few seconds he noticed that the glass was changing it’s colour. “Is it the glass??” She released a chuckle from her lips and clapped in her hands. “Finally! Now go and get it for me!” He looked at her in surprise. “What? But it’s in the middle of the lake?! I didn’t bring extra clothes!” His eyes widened when she slowly started pulling him back. After a few steps the glance in her eyes changed from teasingly funny to determined and truly joyful. Pulling him with her she started running full speed ahead to the edge of the cliff, forcing him to jump. With a brilliant dive she landed in the water where he clumsily fell next to her. “Now go search for it!” She pushed him ahead of her. “What? Thanks to you it’s probably gone already!!” She laughed. “I don’t care! Go find it!” He examined her one last time. She was clearly being serious. He grinned. There was no use in trying to convince her.

Hours felt like minutes while searching in the water together with her. Suddenly the familiar glistening caught his eyes again. “There! I found it!” Forgetting all about his wet clothes he quickly rushed over to the piece of glass. When he picked it up he saw the glass was actually a small, shiny piece of rock. The changing of the colours intrigued him. Next to him she was looking at the rock. “Give it to me.” She said. Her mouth was smiling but her eyes looked sad. Something in him refused to give the rock to her. Somehow he knew it would change. Everything would. He was right.



“Please, come back ok?”

An invisible force stopped him from moving. Without uttering a word he looked at her. He wasn’t planning on ever leaving. Her smile was playful, but he couldn’t get over the look in her eyes. Without waiting for his response she reached out her hands to take the rock from him. Unable to refuse he handed it to her and suddenly it started giving of a bright blue light. He looked at her again, her eyes were shining like he’d never seen before. The light quickly expanded until he was surrounded completely. A surreal image appeared before his eyes as the forest suddenly started changing. The green leaves on the trees started falling and the beautiful waterfall started freezing. Before he had the time to process it the rocks were covered with snow. He quickly turned around to look at the rest of his surroundings. In front of him the forest looked like it would in the winter, but behind him the trees had  changed into the beautiful cherry blossoms of spring. The ground was covered in the red and yellow leaves and from underneath the leaves slowly all kinds of animals emerged. Rabbits, deer, elephants, lions and many more animals started walking around him and treated him as one of their own. This very moment, he experienced the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He couldn’t explain it, he had no reason to believe his own perception, but at that very moment he experienced happiness like never before. He couldn’t help but smile at the beautiful image he saw in around him. Everything was at peace, the four seasons, the animals and him. Everything was in harmony with the rest and he was a part of it. He looked at her again. Her eyes were calm. He couldn’t utter a word and continued staring. “Do you believe in God Jay?” She looked him straight in the eyes. He turned away. “I don’t know.” She put her hand on his shoulders. He had one last look at the forest. From that day he named it ‘The Forest of All Seasons”. She gave him the little rock. “This is the Blue Rose. It’s yours.” She smiled, turned around and started walking away. Without looking back she said: “Please Jay. Don’t forget.”

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