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Blog of the year 2 stars

Yaaay 😀 That’s right, received from Emily Amzand emilyamzand.wordpress.com, my friend slash sister in law I got my second star for the blog of the year 2012 award 😀 That’s 2 more than I expected, so I consider myself a lucky person ^_^ And of course I had to brag about my good luck in yet another post 😀 Well… Now that’s done, better go to sleep then xP


Day 19: Write an obituary for a historical figure

Jesus Christ – 37 AD.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth has passed away at the young age of 33. He died on Friday on Mount Calvary by crucifixion after being falsely accused of blasphemy.

Jesus Christ was born in the city Bethlehem to the virgin Mary and his earthly father was Joseph, but he has always been the only son of God. He lived his life as a wanderer together with his 12 apostles and he was teaching the word of God to the people. In his life he has performed many life changing miracles which have a great effect on our lives until this day. We can still turn to him for inspiration, motivation and guidance. He will always be an example to us and we are encouraged to follow in his footsteps as best as we can.

Even though a good friend and an example has passed away there will be no time to mourn, because as he predicted his own death, he has also predicted his rise from the grave. In only three days our Saviour will come back to us where after he will go to his place besides his heavenly father again in order to prepare a place for us.


Well, this was a bit weird to do XD Jesus Is an historical figure but it’s still kinda weird to write an obituary, for anyone I guess 😛

Blog Of The Year 2012 Award

Woohoow 😀 There are two reasons to celebrate! One of course is this awesome award I got from Frank Diluzio, www.frankdiluzio.com. Thanks a lot!! The second is that I get to post about it in my *drums ruffle* 30th post! That might not be very impressive… but well XD

The ‘rules’ for this award are simple:

1 Select the blog(s) you think deserve the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award

2 Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen – there’s no minimum or maximum number of blogs required – and ‘present’ them with their award.

3 Please include a link back to this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award – http://thethoughtpalette.co.uk/our-awards/blog-of-the-year-2012-award/   and include these ‘rules’ in your post (please don’t alter the rules or the badges!)

4 Let the blog(s) you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the ‘rules’ with them

5 You can now also join our Facebook group – click ‘like’ on this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award Facebook group and then you can share your blog with an even wider audience

6 As a winner of the award – please add a link back to the blog that presented you with the award – and then proudly display the award on your blog and sidebar … and start collecting stars.

The Blogs I nominate are:

http://emilyamzand.wordpress.com Because you’re not only a great person, you also have a lot of creativity to offer in the world of blogging. Scratch that, just overall 😀 I love your humour, your straight to the point blogs and I love you personally too 😀

http://frankdiluzio.com/ Because I like reading your stories and it was great reading your different challenge interpretations etc.

http://weaklyshortstories.wordpress.com/ Because these stories gave me inspiration! They were extremely well written and it encourages me to write more too!


6 stars image

Day 15: Write about a stranger you see. Either their back-story or what they are thinking in the moment you see them.

The travelling stranger

He clenched the train ticket in his hands and looked anxiously at the train in front of him. He could choose not to step inside and to stay behind. He never wanted to leave, he never even learnt how to. But he knew he had to. He stepped into the train and looked back at al that he was about to leave behind. The woman looking at him was holding the hands of their five year old son. The little boy kept on pulling her arm repeating the same question over and over. “When is Daddy coming back?” In her other arm she was holding a two year old girl who’s face was covered in the tears that were flowing out of her eyes. The woman had no free hands to wave him goodbye with. All she could do was nod in his direction. Her mouth whispered the soundless words, their last ‘I love you.’ In her eyes he saw the tears she was desperately trying to push back while he was trying to do the same thing. He waved at her as he saw the doors closing in front of him and he kept on waving until she was completely out of sight. He looked at his ticket and read the letters that pointed out his destination again. He spent his entire journey feeling uncomfortable and anxious about following the right way. He must have asked at least ten times whether he was travelling in the right direction. People who felt sorry for him were kind enough to help him on his way. “Where are you going? Who is going to pick you up? Can you find the rest of your way?” No. I’m lost, I don’t know if I can go on like this. That’s what he wanted to say, but he didn’t. Of course he appreciated their help and their concern, but he didn’t want the pity. They couldn’t help him anyway. “My friend will come. Is this Utrecht?” There was no friend. There was someone, but he was no friend. The person who came to get him took him by the arm and led him through the unknown city. They didn’t speak. They couldn’t understand each other and neither of them was willing to try. They arrived at a big grey building filled with people like him. People who left their families, just like him. People who were willing to give up everything for that one little thing in life we all yearn for. Money. To feed the ones they would never be able to see again. His life had ended at that moment, in order for his loved ones to have one. “We arrived. This is your new home.” It would never be home, because his heart wasn’t in it. He had left his home behind in Serbia, for good.

Hey guys! Well, this was an awfully depressing story… Which is why it’s also a bit shorter than usual. When I was getting back home from Brussels I met this stranger in the train. He was looking anxious all the time and he told me he was coming from some country starting with an S. (I forgot…) I wanted to help him, but I couldn’t talk with him because of language difficulties >.< I just had a feeling he wasn’t that happy and I’m praying for him his journey ended a lot happier than the guy in this story… Well, it’s also important to think about less good things sometimes right? To be able to enjoy all the Blessings we’re having in our lives even more (that sounds kinda mean… Well, you know what I mean XD) Well, with this story I did the day 15 I left open a while ago ^_^

Last Christmas

Wow, Christmas is over and this has been one Busy time of the year, and that is a very good thing! I had so much fun and so little time to have it, so in this blog I’ve decided to tell the world about it.

So my plans for the week… Monday, go to Utrecht with some awesome friends, buy some stuff I still need for Christmas and then straight my dad’s place in Brabant with my bro and sister in law to eat a delicious (yes it was delicious), Christmas eve feast! The next morning there was no time for rest, because my train from Roosendaal to Brussels left… too early. So everyone woke up to bring me to Roosendaal. In the train, while playing Assassins Creed Revelations on my laptop, I found out that it might not have been a very good idea to watch the Vampire Diaries till 3 in the morning… When I arrived in Brussels (with my last post about Brussels some might already know I’m completely in love with this city!) I decided to stroll around a bit. That bit of strolling was completely filled with giving ooh’s and aah’s to all the awesome musicians at the Christmas market, the handsome violinist and the even better looking guitar dude deserve a special mention *.* (because of their talent of course…). I admired all the Christmasy stuff, the beauty of the city and I agonised over the ugliness of their Christmas tree (see picture -by Emily Amzand-, agonise with me…).

The Ugliest Christmas tree Ever.

In the mean while the friend who was going to pick me up at the station was running around on her high heels and because of unexpected circumstances she was a bit (very) late. So while I was having fun, she was feeling guilty for being late. When I heard about what happened and looked at her heels I laughed and laughed and laughed again. Not with her, but At her >:D. Long story short, I had a lot of fun that day, with the worlds most delicious noodles, the cutest cat and one of the sweetest and most awesome people in Brussels! Because of all that fun we went to bed at 3 am. Again and we had to wake up early for my train to NL Again -_-. I was So Tired, but I had to go to a kind of masked ball with my church youth. My mask was made in Brussels the night before from the back of a cornflakes box… But it looked awesome! And all the credit goes to my friend, because I’m not creative with that stuff at all xD. I had a wonderful time at the party. My secret Santa knew me very well, the food was more than delicious and I also got this awesome quote: “All you have to do is be yourself. Be proud, be confident and most of all: Be HAPPY.” This quote suits me very well 😀 That night was another very long one… When I finally came back home on Thursday I swore to avoid late bedtimes and especially public transport, since I had more than enough for a year! Yeah right… Yet here I am again, Friday, in the tram to Utrecht to meet up with a friend, because who could ever say no to a friend this awesome? I can’t 😛 And now a few hours later after having Fun in Utrecht I’m here typing everything I wrote in the tram over at half past 12… All in all my week was awesome and I think I gained about 5 kilo’s after it… Nevertheless I rediscovered, I am one extremely Blessed person!! Sometimes I wonder how I ended up with all these great people around me. What I know is that I love them! That’s enough for me. I found out that I can’t be concise… Seriously, this many words for One week of Christmas? I hope I didn’t bore you guys too much and I wish you the same amount of awesomeness I had. It’s very hard not to overuse the word awesome with so many awesome stuff happening around you xD. Enjoy every minute of every day!

Day 18: A story set in a ghost town

How I imagine the fire elf ^_^

The Phantom Ten

“Hey girl… Hey girl!” He moved a little closer. “Hey! You there?” At that point he was sitting right in front of her nose. “I know you can see me! C’mon, talk to me!” The little elf hopped onto her school book as she was still trying to ignore him. He anxiously hopped from one page to another shifting his weight for his left leg to his right and back. “Come on! Play with me! I’ll keep talking to you if you don’t, you know.” She stubbornly tried to stare at the whiteboard in front of the classroom. “How come you can see me? Your friends can’t. They’re your friends right? These people? Then why are you sitting all the way in the back? Are you even listening? Why are you pretending you can’t see me? I saw you looking at me just now for sure. And why…” Suddenly she lifted the book the little elf was standing on and she closed it with a smack. “Sidney! I know this class might not be very interesting to you, but you need to pay attention to pass your year! Now open your book again and read page 62!” Her history teacher was used to these little interruptions from her during the class, but lately he was getting more and more annoyed over it. With a sigh she decided to listen and she opened her book again. “So, Sidney. That is your name!” The little elf jumped up out of her book again, to her great annoyance. “If you’re wondering…” He continued. “If you try to squash me inside the book, I’ll just phase right through it again!” He grinned boyishly and said with a proud voice, “That’s because I’m a citizen of the Phantom Ten, the ghost town of the other realm.” That slightly grabber her attention and for the first time she looked straight at the bright green eyes of the little elf. “You see, we might call it a ghost town, but it’s a bit different from what you might think. There are many different kinds of ghosts besides the souls of the dead. I for example, am a proud fire elf, from the red quarters of the Phantom Ten. The dead ones live in the boring grey quarters. I came to the human world today because I was bored. Usually it’s not that interesting here because humans can’t see me.” He quickly hopped onto her nose and looked her in the eyes again. “Which leaves the question why you can…” He leaned forward more and started closely inspecting her. “It must have something to do with your beautiful violet eyes!” Suddenly she stood up pushing her chair backwards and smashing her hands against the table. “Shut up!” The little green eyes stared back in surprise. “Sidney!” This time the history teacher looked really on edge. “This was the last time, if you don’t want to listen, just pack your bags and leave!” With death in her eyes, Sidney looked at the elf. She set her chair straight again, packed her bags and left the classroom.

“Sidney, wait!” She walked past him without even looking. “Shut up.” The helpless little elf had nothing else to do but to follow her. “Come on, I don’t know how you got these eyes, but…” “But nothing. I don’t want you or anyone else speaking about this anymore, just leave me alone.” He desperately started pulling her shoulder in the hope she would turn around. “But now I know about this you have to…” “I don’t Have to do anything. Leave!” She interrupted him again. She turned around ready to smash the elf to the side, but she found herself looking straight into a pair of big green eyes. A man’s hand was laying on the shoulder the elf previously touched and a soft deep voice started speaking. “You have to come with me Sidney. I’m taking you.” A deep red glow started covering the place where he touched her shoulder and in just moments they were entirely engulfed in the glow. The streets of her hometown started fading away before her eyes. Suddenly all she could see around her was the red mist. The streets were light and clearly visible, but a dark aura surrounded them. She looked at the hand that was still touching her shoulder and followed it with her eyes. His arm, his shoulder and eventually up to his face where her violet eyes met his green ones. She saw a hint of guilt in his expression and yet there was also a little bit of relief and hope. “Welcome Sidney… To the Phantom Ten.”

Well, this is yet another to be continued story. It didn’t really follow the challenge to have the setting In the ghost town, but I’m getting there 😛 Fun fact, this story was entirely written while travelling with public transport. This made me realise that the back of a travel ticket is not enough for my creativity and I should at all times bring paper and a pen when I go outside! I hoped you enjoyed 😀

Day 17: Use time travel in a story

A far away England

My head was spinning around in circles, even though I was perfectly still. My stomach turned around inside me, but I didn’t feel nauseous. A soft yet persistent tingling spread around my body, while my thoughts drifted away into a thousand new realisations. It felt as if a cold, formless hand came closer to me and gripped my soul, to pull it away from my being until I completely disappeared. Suddenly I found my consciousness again. I woke up in a place unknown to me, still it felt familiar. I looked around to see where I was, but my eyes couldn’t get used to my surroundings. It was already dark outside, about the same as when I left my world. My world? Was I in another world now? Suddenly I heard the sound of hooves quickly coming closer to me. The ground started shaking and in a panic I couldn’t figure out where to jump to. As I felt danger approaching, I saw a carriage emerging from a thick white mist, the thing that had been blurring my sight. Just before the carriage hit me I closed my eyes and clenched my wrists. But instead of dying there on that spot, I felt a warm strong hand pulling me away from the streets onto the steps. “Watch out where you sit around milady, with the severe smog we’ve had these times you can’t be too careful.” I found myself looking into the dark eyes of a handsome stranger. He wasn’t like the men she had seen around at home. He was dressed up like a gentleman, complete with hat and a fancy jacket. “Wh…What is this place?” I asked as I quickly loosed myself from his grip. “Well we’re in London of course, are you new here?” London! That was where I lived, I hadn’t gone away after all… But I looked around and saw no points of recognition. Gazing through the thick smog the only figure I could clearly see was the man standing in front of me. “You’re clearly a bit confused, miss..” The man stretched out his hand to help me up. “Tess. And you might be?” I asked as I pulled myself up on his hands. “Jonathan. Pleased to meet your acquaintance, Tess. Might I interest you in a cup of tea, to help you clear your mind?” From that moment I gratefully followed Jonathan through the England that I didn’t know. I was surprised how easily he could find his way through the smog, with only the help of dim street lights. When he opened the door to his house I suddenly realised why I couldn’t recognise my home town. The room was decorated in an antique way, yet the furniture looked new. On the chair in the living room there was an old lady, clothed in an old fashioned, wide dress. I looked at Jonathan again with questioning eyes. “Good evening. Tess, I’d like you to meet my mother.” I came closer and politely shook her hand. “I found this lady confused in the streets and I though a cup of tea might help her clear her mind.” He explained to the lady. She stood up and examined me closely. “Oh dear, what happened? Do you even have a place to go back to? You’re welcome to use our guest room if you can’t find your way.” She sounded concerned, but it didn’t get to me. I couldn’t focus my mind normally as I was still trying to figure out where I was. “Excuse me sir, ma’am, might I ask what date it is today?” Jonathan and his mother exchanged a look of confusion. “It’s the 25th of September milady.” Jonathan responded. “What year?” I quickly replied. “It’s the year 1888.” My face darkened. I had arrived at the same day, but 124 years earlier. “Could I take you up on the offer of staying in the guest room?” I asked the lady. “Of course dear, are you all right?” “I’m…” I couldn’t finish my words. The next thing I remembered was waking up in an unknown bed. I had to get out of there. I had to go back to my time. Fast. I started panicking, my mind was full with thousands of thoughts. My heart was beating wildly inside my chest and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I have to go. In an instant I stood up and sneaked down the stairs of Jonathans house. I softly opened the front door and I started running, without even seeing whereto. A loud scream penetrated my ears when I ran straight into a brick wall. I could’ve hit myself in the head a million times for my stupidity. Damn it, I should’ve watched my steps! But I couldn’t focus on the pain in my head as I heard footsteps coming closer. I looked to my side, about 5 metres away from me I saw a young girl. She couldn’t have been older then 17 years, yet she was scantily clad. Behind her I saw the shadow of a man. My eyes widened at what I saw from there. The screams of the girl gradually became softer, but the pain in her voice was clear. I could see the man holding a sharp knife and I could see the blood flowing out of her. I knew his name. He was the villain of 19th century England. Jack the Ripper. I couldn’t take my eyes off him and I couldn’t make a sound, until I started throwing up. The dark eyes of the Ripper turned in my direction. I couldn’t make a move as he came closer. “Tess.” I recognised his voice and he knew my name. “You should’ve stayed in bed Tess.” The warm hands held my arms again as I saw Jonathan approaching me with his knife. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t scream. My head started spinning around in circles, but I was perfectly still as his knife started piercing my throat. My stomach started turning around while I wasn’t nauseous. I thanked God for this strange feeling as I started disappearing right in front of Jack the Ripper’s eyes. I regained my consciousness as I was sitting against a brick wall in the East of London. The streets were clearly visible and well lit by the street lights. I looked around me and I saw my home again. A moment of joy was quickly interrupted by a humming noise. To my left I saw a vehicle floating over the street in high speed. I looked in front of me and saw the hologram of what seemed like a billboard, saying: “Family trip to the moon, available from the 25th of September 2058. I started laughing while gently slamming my head against the only brick wall left in London.

Ok the end was just a little random, but at least I finally came up with another story for the actual challenge! Special thanks to my writing coach (again!!) because he came up with the Jack the Ripper idea 😀 And thanks to my grammar nazi friend who showed me those errors I so often make (I don’t double check anything xD) Oh yeah, since it’s almost Christmas the chances are that I won’t be able to write this week 😦 But the bright side is, I’m going to have a lot of fun ^_^ Happy Holidays everyone!!

What books are

So today I came across this little piece of awesomeness! Books and writings really do bring you to another world and in someone else’s mind. By writing stuff on this blog I’m actually giving a bit of myself to the world. You could say I’m exposing my true me and everythime I think about something I write, especially the deep stuff, I keep thinking whether I want the world to know this little part of me. Will the world like the me I write about? Everytime I remind myself again that I don’t care if the world does or doesn’t like it and that I just want to keep doing what I love. So for now, I’m going to continue making magic, little as it may be for someone else, I know that for me it is magic and that what matters 😀

Christmas cheers!

Freedom! Nope, still no story for the challenge, but instead a little bit about myself again. Oh how I enjoy talking about myself… Well, when I write it down I also get to know myself a bit better, so why not? Today was the day. No, not the day the world ends but the day something terrible ended… Exam week. After hours of procrastination followed by hours of stress there was little time left for actual sleep. I always have the feeling sleeping is a waste of time, and my most productive time of the day starts at around 8pm. Every night I continue telling myself, come on, how bad can it be tomorrow? And when I end up going to bed at around 3 am my school unfortunately never agrees with my normal day rhythm, which means… I have to wake up at 7. After hitting the snooze button at least 10 times I always wake up in a hurry, causing my cycling condition to be extremely improved during the past few months. I’ve managed to take 15 minutes of my cycling time causing me to think I have a little more time to sleep, causing me to think I can go to bed just a few minutes later… One day I’ll join the Olympics -_-

Anyway the holiday has finally started which means I can completely focus on Christmas! Every single holiday just flies away before my eyes without me even noticing, but as most people probably, Christmas is different. I don’t have any Christmas traditions except for changing my shower-songs into Christmas-shower-songs, but I don’t need traditions to have a happy time! Just thinking of Christmas is good enough for me to get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. I hardly spend it with family, usually it’s just me and my mom, but every Christmas we manage to be truly happy! The singing, the weather outside-rainy or snowy, Christmas tree or not, I don’t even know why I feel this happy because of it! It’s not the presents, since we don’t even give presents every time. Actually I can’t even think of a reason why I become so joyful! I just know that as soon as the 25th get closer and closer, I feel truly happy and Blessed. Today is Sabbath, the most wonderful time of the week during the most wonderful time of the year. I feel truly Happy and I like to say, Happiness needs no reason ^_^ Everyone, enjoy every moment of your life as much as possible and have a great Christmas!!!

The sound of inspiration

I love the sound my keyboard makes when I’m typing. This is just one of these random things I like. Somehow this ticking sound always seems to calm me. Sometimes it’s just nice to sit in my room, turn off all the music, no guitar, no YouTube and just sit behind my laptop and write. Get my mind of everything else I was doing and calm down. This is also why I love writing. It’s quiet and peaceful, only me and the ticking sound of my keyboard. When I write I get absorbed into every single story I’m writing. It’s as if I go to another world where nothing really matters, but the story I’m in. I don’t make writing plans, the only thing I work with is a general idea. When I write about a character, I become that character and I see what he or she sees. I like to describe everything around me and just get lost in the new world I’m living in. When I write, I don’t like to stop. When I stop writing I go outside of the story, I become me again and there’s a great chance that the feeling of the main character will be lost. If I try to find the character again, usually he/she becomes someone different. Another reason why I don’t want to stop is again the sound of the keyboard. When I stop, the calming, ticking sound also stops. I go back to reality, to normal sounds. Don’t get me wrong, I love normal sounds. People around me sometimes just shake their heads when they hear me talking about music. ‘It fills me with excitement.’ That sounds weird, but it’s just the way I fell when hearing something beautiful. But the ticking of my keyboard, the sound it makes when I get inspiration. Sometimes for me this is just one of the better things in life. Some random thing to be happy about. Maybe it’s just the ticking itself that I like. When I go to bed and hear my clock ticking, I fall asleep safe and sound (I really gotta get myself some new batteries for that clock! Maybe that’s the answer to my sleeping problem…) One of the most awesome ticking sounds in the world, besides my keyboard of course is the ticking of rain. When it starts raining really hard outside and I’m either under an umbrella, in a car or just in my room. That’s when I feel happiness. That’s why I love rain. Silly little moments of happiness I like to enjoy. It’s always good to remember the things that make you smile in life. Friends, family, rain and the sound of inspiration from my keyboard. For this calming sound I could keep on writing for another few pages, but I guess I’d better go study again instead. Today no challenge, because of my upcoming exams, but I just needed a short moment of ticking on my laptop, before I go back to the real world. See you soon in my next reality!

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