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I know I’m not the only one… That moment when you begin your day feeling empty, spend your day being lazy and end your day with a feeling that’s telling you ‘Nah, no way, nu-uh’. Well people, that was today for me -_- Yesterday I promised myself I would start writing down some of the awesome ideas I got from the writing challenge. I still have them somewhere in my head. Somewhere buried, deep, deep in the corners of my mind where I keep the memories of things that desperately refuse to be remembered. Yes, I think this qualifies as a writer’s block, which is probably the main drive behind this entire blog. In any case, instead of the bomb of epic inspiration I was hoping for today, I woke up with a bomb of terrible headaches. My body refuses to listen to me and instead of calmness and clarity I got the feeling as if about a million strange and awfully loud noises are purposely hovering next to my ears aiming to scream the life out of me. I don’t know how I did it, but I think I literally spent my night pretending I’m a snake and bending in awkward, impossible positions causing every single bone of my body to hurt if I move little more than an inch. All I can think about now is; Ugh… -_-

But… As awfully depressing as this all sounds, there have to be some awesome things to this day right…? Right?? Since I hate being depressed just about as much as the next overly active, random, crazy person I’m forcing myself to laugh without moving more than my body can handle at the moment. I’m going to list 5 blessings that make my day brighter.. Let’s see >.<

1. I woke up today. Many people seem to forget what an amazing privilege this is since there are hundreds, maybe more who don’t get to enjoy this. So Father in heaven, thanks for waking me up.

2. I didn’t have to go to school today! School can be terrible and instead I got to sleep so much! I can use sleep. Sleep likes me. The only one getting in between our relationship is me.

3. It’s raining outside now. I love rain. Nothing better than the sound of water ticking on the windows.

4. I got to talk to friends. Man do I love my friends. They’ll always make me smile, so talking to them will always brighten my day.

5. Since I can’t come up with a nr. 5 I’m gonna go play guitar and let the sweet sound of beautiful music roll into my ears pushing all the noise around me away right now. Thanks music, I’ll always love you xD

See how helpful that was? Writing down my feelings and especially my blessings, it’ll make me smile. My deep frown from the beginning when I started writing this has made some place for a tiny yet satisfying smile. May my feeling of ‘ugh’ disappear!


Well, my imaginary friends are screaming my ears off right now so I’ll just count on my real ones to calm them down xD



Day 30: Story or poem about ice

Not really relevant… xD

Crazy is me

Ok, the time has finally come for the last challenge. I had many different stories in my head for this one. Being trapped in the ice, seeing nothing but white and blinding your eyes by the purity of the coldness, ice bending, snowball fights. I’m not gonna do any of that though 😛 I just don’t feel like it anymore. So I’ll tell you guys about a funny story involving a snowball fight (-ish) and ice lover and a lot of crazy people xD

Last week it was my birthday! My 18th birthday and I spent it studying for some stupid tests ^^’ A random message from Emm and Ralu made my week! They were planning an awesome 18th b-day noodle party (we’re noodle lovers yeah…) for me and anyone who I wanted to invite, because ‘we’re not just gonna let your 18th b-day go by!’ (Man I love these people!!) Now about that… I’m a person who overthinks stuff 😛 Who am I going to invite?? All my friends are strange, but are they the same kind of strange? I don’t want them to feel awkward, who on earth wouldn’t feel awkward with their (especially my) strangeness in different companies and how will they fit together. Eventually there were only a few people who I really really had to invite despite doubts and whatever 😛 Silly me xD Getting a great party and worrying about the little stuff ^^’

After so much stress during the last week which I (I’m hoping succesfully) survived it was time for partyyyy 😀 First a sleepover at my bro’s place with Ralu who decided to scare the life out of me when I was almost asleep -,- Yes, that was a late night. Then we went to church, we sang, we jammed we enjoyed the beautiful snow falling on our faces, we threw snow at each other (Oh Yeah!). I laughed so much at Ralu’s snowy hair and teased her as much as possible!

Sunday evening Emm was back in Holland from Israel, we laughed we had fun and enjoyed until the moment of truth… My friends meeting my other friends. Man I can make a fuss about little things! They’re all crazy! All the same kinda crazy! The kind I like 😀 Man I love those people! A stranger recently told me, “I’m surrounded by other crazy people, who make me feel like the happiest person on this blue little planet. I love them more than words can say :)” I couldn’t agree more! Though when there was pie smeared all over my face disappearing from my nose only after half a night… I had my doubts… (Nahh, I didn’t, I got payback immediately ^_^)

Just a little detail to the awesome day… I was so proud of myself, the snow was almost gone and I had yet to fall in the winter. Might I finally survive a winter without falling? I opened the door. Ralu came storming at me pushing all the possible ice in my face, Mikee right behind her shoving his ice filled hand right after it. My eyes opened wide, I started running behind Ralu who was surprisingly quick considering… The steps were really slippery -,- I slided over them, I fell… Hard. Thanks guys… Just thanks…

I noticed I can talk a lot about myself 😛 Well this was my ‘story’ about ice XD With this I’ll end the 30-day/3 month challenge! It gave me lots of inspiration and now I’m looking forward to see my writings continue! Thanks, all you awesome readers! And again special thanks to my crazy friends (Emm, Ralu, Josh, Maik, Rome, Mir, Mikee, Claire, (even though she couldn’t come)! Yes they needed to be mentioned xD) who make my crazy life much and much crazier than I had ever expected. Crazy is fun! Crazy is me.

[Oh I almost forgot to mention, thanks to these people I had a proper b-day party for the first time in hmm, let’s say about 5 years, maybe 6 xD thanks again!!]

Day 29: Story about space

The Extraordinary

There is no space for average. That space is meant for extraordinary. I never wanted average. It never really suited me. I always wanted more. When I learned about the space the world has, I wanted to see all of it. No, I didn’t want to. I had to. I have to. I learned about nature, but around me it was average. I learned about the trees, the flowers, the sea the sky, but everyday it got more normal. I was wondering if the sky somewhere else would be completely different, whether the grass would smell more green or the sea would sound more blue as soon as I moved to another sky. I never wanted regular, I always wanted change. The ends of the world had much more to offer, than the home that I had known so well. I wanted to see everything, live everywhere. Smell the flowers in Australia, swim in the seas of Africa and taste the cold air of Alaska. I wanted everything in my own mind. No pictures, no stories, only my own experience. No, I was never suited for normal. The world is too big for normal and when you go beyond, you find much more space. Too much to stay the same. Change is good, but change is scary. That is what makes it good. I don’t like a comfort zone, the edge is much more interesting. Instead of staying behind I want to walk as close to the edge as I can. Centimetre my centimetre I approach until I come dangerously close to the point of no return. When I reach the max I open my eyes and feel the wind on my cheeks. I stand up straight and look at what I accomplished. I look at the breathtaking view, breathe in the purest air of excitement and look straight in the eyes of what I have overcome. And what I see, it’s perfection. It’s nature as it was meant to be. Different than I saw at home, different than a picture or a story. What I see is truth, freedom and more mystery. I want to see the edge. I need to. But I won’t step over it. The border will remain one I cannot cross, but I will always see. One day I will need more than that mystery. Slowly I’ll creep back to where I was, the place with security and trust. I will say goodbye to the stunning view and to the danger. Goodbye, but not adieu. One day the border wont mean danger anymore. One day I’ll step across the line, with the security I will not fall. Extraordinary will be me. I never was average. There is no space for it in this world.


Hi everyone! First I wanted to write something random on the missing spacebar of a computer, but it turned out a bit differently. If you’re planning to ask me for an explanation for this story-ish creation, don’t come to me 😛 I don’t get it myself either! Well… I kinda get it for me, but it’s completely open to your own interpretation. It’s not really about space, but the word space is in there at least xD Enjoy figuring it out ^_^

Day 27: Story taking place during a sporting event (any sport)

My source of inspiration ^_^

The Competition

The crowd was silent as I stood face to face with his opponent. Eleven. Names didn’t matter now. This was a game of numbers and skills. A drop of sweat slowly ran from the side of my forehead, along my cheeks and fell of his chin onto the ground with a deafening noise. My breathing was heavy, yet controlled. My mind fully focused on my every movement. The ball kept bouncing from my hand to the ground and back. There were 3 people standing between me and the goal. Eleven stood right in front of me swaying from side to side to cover a larger area. I looked him straight in the eye, not losing focus for even a split second. My own teammates were relying on this single moment. In front of the goal there was an another one, Five and the third one was standing at 10 o’clock, Seven. It took one more second to determine my course of action, another second of mental preparation before the moment of truth.

With a sudden movement of swaying to my right side I alerted Eleven, still making sure not to lose eye contact and showing his full determination in his every movement. Right. The obvious side, out of reach from his opponents, but predictable. Eleven thought he could read his movements and made one fatal step to the same right side before he saw his defeat. I quickly recovered myself from my diversion and bounced the ball to my right hand while putting all my weight on my left foot. A subtle turn of 180 degrees while bouncing the ball back to my left hand left me standing with my back towards the goal staring at the big orange 11 on my opponent’s back. Without a second thought I bounced the ball with my right hand through my legs catching it again with my left hand behind my back. I turned around the ball before it had the chance to bounce back to the floor and focused my full attention on running straight at Seven. His surprised face was his downfall as my determination overruled his actions. I ran with full speed ahead towards him while he sought the help of Five with his eyes. Wrong. Just before a fatal collision I balanced my weight on my right foot again and took a gamble. Both hands on the ball. I turned my right foot so I could face the goal that was 45 degrees to my left. In the same movement I relied on the strength in my foot to make a jump. Before I took off in the air I could see the look of desperation on the face of an approaching Five. In the air I waited to throw the ball I held it for as long as I could. I felt myself falling backwards more and more and the exact moment when my body was nearly parallel to the floor underneath me I threw the ball as best as I could. Five made an effort to jump, but the throwing angle had made it an impossible block. With a hard smack I fell on the floor right in front of Seven’s feet. One second the doubt remained in my head as I stared at the ceiling. Then I heard it. The buzzing sound of a perfect goal. My friend behind me helped me up and started patting me on the back. “Great job Al, you blew us away again.” I couldn’t stop smiling at my friends who were my enemies just moments ago. A happy feeling took me over. Victory.


So I finally did the challenge about sports XD I got some inspiration from the anime kokuro no basket 😀 I hope you guys like it ^_^ Some side info, today I got a birthday present from all you bloggers world wide! My 1000th view 😀 (actually it was yesterday, but whatever XD) Thanks everyone! After this, 2 days of challenge left 😀

Judging a book by…


Today I got tagged by Emily in what appears to be a new YouTube trend. The rules are simple; answer a few questions, tag someone, let them answer the same questions. The topic? Books 😀

Now let me tell you guys something about me and books. When I was young I spent hours and hours whining my mom’s ears of, begging her to finally teach me how to read! And when I could, I was a whole new world! When I read a book I like I can go literally days without food, water or anything that makes me feel like a normal human being, depending how long the book is. Non-stop reading! Though lately I didn’t have the time to read that much anymore 😦 I had to stop reading fun books for a while because it was too addicting and I wouldn’t study at all anymore 😥

But I’ll stop the blabbing and start the questions ^_^

Inside flap/Back of the book summaries: Too much info? Or not enough.

Well this depends on the book of course. First of all I really hate it when I start searching for the info about the book and it turns out there’s none. Come on! What is this book about? If you’re not gonna tell me, how would I know the book is fun enough to bring with me? No, I want at least a brief bit about the book itself. (Sometimes the books looks so awesome though I take it anyway). Another thing I don’t like is when I read the summary, like the book and halfway through it I find out that the summary told me everything already. There has to be some mystery, always!

New book: What form do you want it in? Be honest: Audiobook, E-Book, Paperback, or Hardcover?  

The only time I like a paperback is when I want to read in the bus or something like that, because it easily fits in my bag. For the rest of the time I don’t like them that much because the easily bend, once you’ve read it all kinds of wrinkles appear in it and it’s not as clean and pretty anymore (I like my books clean and pretty). Don’t leave a paperback in my care for too long… Something magically happens and the book always ends up ruined ^^’. That’s why I really like hardcover’s! They don’t break that easily -,- And they feel so book-ish which gives me a feeling of awesomeness! That bookish feeling is why I don’t like e-books that much 😛 Maybe on a holiday, bringing an e-reader, but that’s all. Audiobooks… No. Just No. Not even a little. Having an interpretation ready for you in the voice just won’t cut it at all :p

Scribble while you read? Do you like to write in your books, taking notes, making comments, or do you keep your books clean clean clean? (Tell us why).

Why on earth would I write in my books 😛 I’m not learning from them or anything, it’s a hobby not school! I read for fun, so my fun books are clean. There’s one fun book that I write in and that’s my Bible, because that’s the difficult, I-need-to-make-a-note-of-this kinda fun :P.

In your best voice, read for us your favourite 1st sentence from a book.

This is originally a youtube thing, but on here I can’t say it 😛 To get a sentence I thought I’d pick a sentence from the first book I see. Apparently I’m surrounded by about 5 books and the closest is my Bible. Since Emily already did that one I’ll take the one from ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’ by Trudi Canavan: “There was no fast and painless way to perform an amputation, Tessia knew” Well that seems a bit weird ^^ I swear the rest of the book is fun! In a normal way!

Does it matter to you whether the author is male of female when you’re deciding on a book? What if you’re unsure of the author’s gender?

I don’t care! Halway through when I find out what the authors name is I might think, ha, a woman/man that explains.

Ever read ahead? Or have you ever read the last page way before you got there? (Do confess thy sins, foul demon!)

Yes >,< I’m so sorry authors of all the books! I couldn’t bear the tension, I was shaking when I turned the pages, I tried to stop myself by closing my eyes! Keeping my hands in front of them blocking my view if I was to curious to keep my eyes closed, and then spreading my fingers as sneaky as possible peeking at the ending, knowing I would regret it the second later! I admit… I’m a sinner >,< (True story though…)

Organized bookshelves or outrageous bookshelves?

Euhm… As soon as I get a proper bookshelve I might try to get it organised? I guess? Right now it’s… Euhm… Next question.

THIS is my bookshelve 😀

Under oath: have you ever bought a book based on the cover (alone)?

Sadly I have to admit… I hardly buy books >,< I don’t have money, and if I feed my addiction I might lose myself in it 😮 But I’ve taken from the library just because they were pretty yeah! I have the first 5 books of the Alex Rider series from Anthony Horowitz (bought them when I was about 13?) in my small collection because the first book that I took from the library, based on it’s shiny cover :D, was so good that I couldn’t let it go. Which reminds me, I want the rest of the series too *.* even though I’m a bit too old for it now 😛

Take it outside to read, or stay in?

I mostly read in my bed, because it’s so comfortable. Reading outside is great too when it’s in soft grass. Anything is ok I guess as long as I don’t sit behind a desk or something. To be able to read comfortably I have to be able to switch my position at least once every hour. I like to twist and turn multiple times because chances are that I won’t let go of the book until it’s finished and for that I need my space 😛

I’m tagging… weaklyshortstories 😀

Day 26: Write about the 30th picture on your phone or computer. Write about the story behind it, or make up the story behind it.

Awesome 3

Awesome 3

The teaser princess

Well, since my phone had been broken way longer then I have planned it to be -,- and I don’t like pictures that much so I hardly have any on my computer… I decided to take my camera out of my bag to see what uselessness I have on there 😛 To my surprise there were more than 30 pictures! But I didn’t like the first one that much (just a pic of the big Ben xD, ok it’s awesome but I didn’t feel like it) I counted in reverse order and came across this one.

What you see right there is a sign of epic friendship! I don’t even know where to start XD I’ll keep the boring details of how we met for myself and I’ll just talk about the picture 😛 It is made by a friend of mine, (the guy in the bottom) who happens to be an epic artist!!! It was made for the girl at the top for her birthday, as a surprise and I asked him to make it (I’m in the middle ofc). I remember showing it to a friend of mine and the first thing she told me: “Hey Sam… Since when are you white?” O.o Oh yeah… I forgot…

Anyways 😛 It was her birthday and we decided to be sweet to her for a change… We filled an envelope with cute drawings a letter to her and some more cute random stuff to surprise her. She deserved it a little because we had another surprise for her… We kept it a secret from her for 2 months and it turns out.. She’s not that good with curiosity >:D Which only makes me want to surprise her more and tease her as much as possible! Well, friendship with me is based on 3 things, Randomness, Teasing and a little bit of Sweet 😀 There’s probably more, but for now I know there’s gonna be a lifetime of teasing, fun and more teasing between us xD.

It was in a forest

For my English written tasks for school I chose a creative assignment. Since I like writing I decided to write a story. Two stories to be exact, each written from a different perspective. One main character is male and the other is female. It’s up to you guys to see the differences, though I think it’s not that hard ^^ Tell me what you think 😀

Yes… This is from slender…

It was in a forest. I can’t remember everything, but I think I remember that much at least. I think it was at night, because I remember seeing the moon. It wasn’t a full moon though. I saw a little stripe of white, lining the dark sky behind it. I don’t remember why I was there or how I got there, all I know is that something happened. Something really bad. I was walking in the forest, or maybe it was a park? I heard the rustling sound of the trees leaves and I felt the wind brushing against my cheeks, sending up a cold chill along my  spine. It wasn’t the cold air that made me shiver. No, I felt warm inside. I felt a bit uneasy. Maybe that was what gave me the shivers. The palms of my hands were sweaty and something inside me was yelling out to me, telling me that something was very wrong. At that moment I heard a young girls voice coming from behind the trees. “Help…” Help? Someone was asking for help? Who would need help at this moment? Why? I stared deep into the shadows of the forest, focusing on any possible sound. A million thoughts went through my mind before I considered walking into the direction of the voice. Who was that? Why does she need help? How can I help? Isn’t it dangerous? My thoughts wandered of to the sounds of the forest around me when I heard the same voice again, but louder this time. “Help…Me…” It was followed by a soft whining. For a moment I considered to turn around and walk away. I can’t possibly help anyway right? But as the cries became louder I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I walked up to the trees, doubting my actions at every step until I saw her. I came face to face with a little girl. A girl who I had known all my life, yet I hadn’t recognized her voice. Filled with feelings of guilt and sorrow I walked up to the my little sister who was sitting with her back against a tree, tied with a strong white rope around her waist. The tears in her eyes broke my heart. “Jenna, what’s going on?” My hands were shaking uncontrollably when I tried to loosen the ropes while constantly listening to every sound around me. “It’s…” Her voice was unsteady. “What is it Jenna? You can tell me! You always can!” There she was. My little sister. The one who always talked with me about every single thing in the world. The one who always shared her feelings with me. We cried together, we laughed together. And there she was, unable to speak a word. What on earth happened? My thoughts had only drifted for a split second before I focused my full attention on the dark shadow getting bigger behind my back. A cold hand on my shoulder rendered me unable to move. The last thing I heard was Jenna’s desperate cry. “Watch out!” Then… Nothing but blackness. _________________________________________________________________

It was in a forest. After 12 pm at night. I had decided to take the long route home after coming back from a party. The air outside was cold, but it made me feel awake. Still I had an uneasy feeling while walking through the forest, as if something didn’t want me to be there. Something bad was going to happen, I could feel that, but turning back would be a waste of time. I kept walking with a steady pace to get home as fast as I could, hoping to avoid whatever was on my way, but I stopped when I heard a voice. It was a young girl. “Help.” I stared at the trees towards the place I had heard the voice, doubting whether I had heard it right or not, but the dark shadows obstructed my view. “Help… Me…” That was my queue. A hint of recognition in the voice made me walk away from the safe route towards the dark trees with determination. After about 5 meters away from the forest path I found myself facing my little sister. “Jenna!” My eyes widened as I quickly walked up to her. She was sitting on the ground, with ropes binding her back against the tree. Anger filled my head as I thought about who dared to do this to her. I silently cursed the person who had taken her from as I quickly untied the knots in the rope. “Jenna!” I yelled even louder this time, uncaring of the fact that she was sitting a few centimeters away from me. “What on earth happened here? Who did this to you? I’ll…” My rage was interrupted as I saw tears flowing out of the corners of her eyes. My sister. My Little Sister! Blood started rushing through my head again as I forced myself to calm down. With a lower voice I asked her again. “Jenna, tell me. What’s going on?” At that moment her eyes widened and her hands started shivering. A dark shadow behind me quickly grew bigger as I felt someone’s presence behind my back. I felt a cold hand on my shoulders and in a rush I turned around, only to be hit on the head with a hard, blunt object. In the last moment I tried to resist fading away, but the darkness slowly took over my mind. With my last breath I silently cursed the person that did this. The last words I heard were Jenna’s desperate cries. “Watch out!” Too late sis. I thought as I faded away in nothing but blackness.

Day 24: Write a story that takes place 100 years in the future

Dear Diary

Dear dairy,

It is December 31, 1912. The last day of the year. I live in England, in this little room. We are hiding because we are at war. I wonder what the world will look like in 50 years, 100 years. I hope there will be a world without war, that we all could live together in harmony. I can’t imagine the possibility’s they will have. Will everyone be driving cars by then or will we fly by that time? Do we still need to work this hard for food or can we order it at home? I would love to have a time travel machine, to see it all. What would London look like? Will the Big Ben be there? Waiting for me to come home? How will the people be dressed? Did they discover a new world? A new planet with life on it? Maybe the world is destroyed, there will be earthquakes and tsunamis and I don’t know what more. I think I’m going to sleep. Whoever who will find this. Please tell me how it is in the future. I’m so curious…


Emilia Sophia

I look at the page in the diary. The rest of the pages are all blank, all except for this one. Without thinking about it I close the box I had found it in and I leave the garret with the diary in my hands. Before I realise what I’m doing, I start writing.

Dear Emilia,

Today it’s January 8th, 2013. It’s little more than a hundred years since you wrote this. Right now, the war is over. We live in a peaceful London, a peaceful Europe, but outside our borders the war still rages on. The dream of peace is still fresh in everyone’s mind even though every other thing has progressed since 100 years ago. Medicine, hygiene, transportation, technology. Everyone owns a car and mankind has flown in airplanes, and even stood on the moon. The world is automated, contacts aren’t limited to borders anymore and people all over the world find a way to communicate with each other. People have more chances to learn from each other. People live longer. I think London will welcome you if you could come. I would love to meet you, see you and know about your life as well. I read books and stories about the war, I can’t imagine how hard it must be. Bravery isn’t eagerness but something that is forced, nothing is self-evident… I hope you’re staying strong. Please write me back, I want to know more.


Alexis Jones

I put the diary in front of me. What am I doing? This makes no sense. Why would I write something in here? Maybe I’m just tired. I should get some rest.

Today I was lazy. I really didn’t feel like writing anything about this subject, so I dropped it on one of my friends. Like me, she doesn’t like obediently following all the rules, so she made something completely different than I expected. She wrote the first page of the diary, shoved the work right back to me and made me write the rest of it… We talked, things escalated.. suddenly we might be writing a novella (If I don’t quit halfway through like usual, that is -_-) Friends ^^’ Try to get away with less work, they give you much more than you expected xD If you like it, please comment with ideas, motivations, do’s or don’ts, random stuff, a theory about how doughnuts are going to take over the world… Everything ^_^

Credits to Emily Amzand

Two Little Butterflies

I looked at the little box in my hands and smiled. It was a little heart shaped jewellery box made from silver. The lid was covered with beautiful little decorations each made with the utmost of care and in the centre there were two words engraved in round curling letters. Best friends. I held the little box tightly and close to me, making sure it would never fall and desperate not to break it. “Are you sure it’s ok?” I asked her not letting my eyes leave the box for even a second. “No. It’s not ok.” She responded. Before I knew it she grabbed the box out of my hands, not even paying attention to whether it was breakable or not. My eyes opened wide as I followed the box being thrown up in the air and caught again in one of her hands. When I tried to grab the box she kept holding her hand up in the air, just out of my reach. When I noticed that it didn’t work I looked at her only to see a wide grin on her face. She lowered her hand again and handed me the box. “Come on Sarah! Be a bit more careful!” I yelled. “First of all, of course it’s ok! Did you really think I’d give you the box if it wasn’t?” Before I could respond she went on talking. “Secondly, come on. It’s silver, it’s pretty hard. It’s not gonna break that easily you silly! And finally, how long am I going to have to wait till you finally open the damn thing, Jen?” I looked at her in surprise. “You mean there’s more? But that’s…” “Open it, Jenna! Man, are you Ever going to stop talking?” I smiled. That’s why she was my best friend. She said exactly what she wanted to, no matter what anyone else though. But inside, I knew she had the best things she could wish for in a friend. Slowly I opened the box revealing two blue necklaces inside. Two amazing blue butterflies with perfect symmetry and perfect beauty. They almost looked like the real things except for the metal attached to them. “Om my, thanks S!!” Without letting the necklaces go I jumped in her arms to give her a big hug. “Thanks!” She smiled foolishly. “Come on, let’s put them on!” I turned around and let Sarah put the necklace around my neck. Suddenly when I looked down at the necklace, the butterfly began to fly! The wings started flapping and the butterfly was free in the air. With astonishment I looked at the beautiful creature, only held back at by the steel of the necklace holding it in place. I looked at Sarah with wide opened eyes. “What is…?” Before I could finish my sentence I saw that her necklace was doing the same thing. “It’s magic Jen! Can you believe it? It’s real magic!” We looked at each other for a few seconds in silence. The only sound was that of the flapping of wings. Suddenly we started laughing and laughing until we couldn’t breathe anymore. We flew up in the air together with out butterflies and flew along the heavens together. Then it hit me. It being the ground. What the… I stood up from the ground with a headache looking at my bed. Seriously Sam? Butterflies? I spent the rest of my day with a  headache and the urge to laugh uncontrollably everytime I saw a butterfly.

Ok this story is the product of boredom ^_^ I asked 2 of my friends give me the first thing you think about, and I’ma write a story about it. They gave me Butterflies and Best Friends. Thanks guys ^^’ mushy stuff… You all know how good I am at that -_- Not. Well I did it anyway 😀

Day 23: Describe/fictionalize a childhood memory

The little white building behind is the church 😀

Picture by: Emily Amzand

An Awesome Church 

I spent a long time thinking about a childhood memory that I could write about. In my head I went back to all the little moments when I was younger. I remembered the days when I was still living in Curaçao, the house we lived in with the big back yard, the cute puppy we took care of, the baby doll my grandpa gave me for my somethingth birthday. All these great little moments in life, but none were really clear writable experiences. When I arrived at the church on Saturday, early as usual I decided to take a walk around the area hoping that if I opened myself up for it, the memories would come to me. Never did I think that huge a bomb of nostalgia would come in my way! I decided to sit down for the short time I had left to write in the exact centre of my childhood and now I know that I underestimated the power of writing in a place that means something. I highly recommend it! This way I also found that my childhood is in the church. The church family I’ve created had become more precious to me than I could ever have imagined which makes seventh day adventism for me not only a religion for me. It’s a way of life, the home of my family, the place where I can see the people in the world who are the most precious to me and where I can feel the presence of the one I love the most. My heavenly Father 😀

Ok back to the memories xD. I don’t feel like picking a specific one so I’ll just tell a bit about the area around my church and everything I remember about it with here and there some change of perspective 😀 (figuring how to write this down as I go along ^^’)

First of all, there’s the church itself. On the area there are two buildings. First there is a big building complete with round arches, beautiful brown bricks and a questionable statue of something weird at the front of it. The stairs lead to the great entrance and everything about it is grand and perfect. (little bit of exaggeration ^^’) Just a couple of metres to it’s side you see a smaller building, white, squared, almost hidden away by some trees during the summer, a big brown door as entrance… You get the picture. From afar you might confuse it with a cabin, but it’s surprisingly spacious. The little white building is my church. It took me ages to figure out what the building next to it was for, but I didn’t really care either way 🙂 The church is small, but it’s home. When I enter through the big brown doors I immediately hear the sound of music. Good music. Guitars, singing, drums, awesomeness! I remember when the greed plastic chairs still weren’t replaced with the newer comfier ones and the beautiful wooden floor was still old and ugly. I didn’t care about that back then, nor do I now. Like I said, home. I didn’t go to this church from the start though. When I was twelve I followed my cousin and my brother here (the place where he met love) and I loved it. I’ve come to the area around it before though. Many, many days as scouts in the forest. The forest that seemed like it was endless. Little me. I look up to the trees, I see the forest around me, not knowing where I am or where I can go. I look at my compass and I don’t understand how it works. My friends are walking ahead of me and I desperately run towards the leader to make sure I won’t get lost. No matter what time of the year it is, I always walk through the fallen leaves and climb every tree I can, cautiously looking out so I don’t lose sight of my leader. The one time I did I spent a good time crying my eyes out for it. That won’t happen again, I say to myself. I have to get to know this forest! Ahead of me I see my biggest point of recognition. The mountain. It’s hard to climb, steep and high and at the top there is some kind of ruin. At the bottom there is a cellar. They say there are bats living inside, that they caged count Dracula in it. I’m scared of getting close, but curious at the same time. After an hour of walking through the endless fallen leaves we arrive at the field with the flagpoles. Time for our salute after a successful journey through the wild.  Older me. The journey actually took me about 20 minutes. We were very slow that day. When I look at the forest right now I see how small it actually was. It’d take effort to get lost here. The mountain is nothing more than a hill. Still these things made me feel like a true adventurer. The field with the flagpoles is where we always gathered. Right now it’s empty but if I close my eyes I remember it being covered with hundreds of tents and in the middle there is a big one with red and white stripes. Just beyond there is a little hut for some meetings and next to it the toilets. They have and shall always be dirty, because of the camping. But it’s part of the memory. The cold is also part of it and somehow when I think of the ice cold nights with my brother in a tent after saying goodnight to the rest of our family, I can’t help but feeling warm. Just beyond the hut there’s the old forest. At least… now it’s a car factory or something. The memories there just swept away by bulldozers. I loved that place so much. The snowball fights there, the lunch together, the adventures. At least there’s still some left before the hut. Little me. Early in the morning, no one is awake yet. I feel the fresh cold breath of the morning on my face. I hardly slept enough last night, I could sleep for a couple hours more. No I can’t. In about 20 minutes they’ll start hitting the pots and pans and everyone will wake up. Instead of laying in my tent I go outside. I climb a hill and rub my eyes at the same time and when at the top all I do is stare at what I see. The little kindergarten where I play sometimes. The sand where I used to dig hundreds of holes in. The children’s farm with the young goats wide awake already. I just take a breath and tae it in. I enjoy the happy moments I’m having before the Sunday ends and I’ll have to leave the camp. I won’t see my family for one more week until the next Sabbath. I smile. I can live with that. Taking my time I walk back to the tents again, thanking God for every step I take. Lazy as I am I step inside my tent again and enjoy my last 5 minutes of sleep, before some of the camp leaders make a delicious breakfast while I sleep through the noise of the pans. Older me. No matter how far away I go, how long I’m gone or when I’m coming back. In the years to come I’ll be back at this place re-experiencing some of the best moments of my life. Feeling like I’m coming home every time.

Well, this isn’t a story xD It’s just me rambling about my memories ^^’ Well, I hope you enjoyed it either way. At least I did ^^’

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