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Day 29: Story about space

The Extraordinary

There is no space for average. That space is meant for extraordinary. I never wanted average. It never really suited me. I always wanted more. When I learned about the space the world has, I wanted to see all of it. No, I didn’t want to. I had to. I have to. I learned about nature, but around me it was average. I learned about the trees, the flowers, the sea the sky, but everyday it got more normal. I was wondering if the sky somewhere else would be completely different, whether the grass would smell more green or the sea would sound more blue as soon as I moved to another sky. I never wanted regular, I always wanted change. The ends of the world had much more to offer, than the home that I had known so well. I wanted to see everything, live everywhere. Smell the flowers in Australia, swim in the seas of Africa and taste the cold air of Alaska. I wanted everything in my own mind. No pictures, no stories, only my own experience. No, I was never suited for normal. The world is too big for normal and when you go beyond, you find much more space. Too much to stay the same. Change is good, but change is scary. That is what makes it good. I don’t like a comfort zone, the edge is much more interesting. Instead of staying behind I want to walk as close to the edge as I can. Centimetre my centimetre I approach until I come dangerously close to the point of no return. When I reach the max I open my eyes and feel the wind on my cheeks. I stand up straight and look at what I accomplished. I look at the breathtaking view, breathe in the purest air of excitement and look straight in the eyes of what I have overcome. And what I see, it’s perfection. It’s nature as it was meant to be. Different than I saw at home, different than a picture or a story. What I see is truth, freedom and more mystery. I want to see the edge. I need to. But I won’t step over it. The border will remain one I cannot cross, but I will always see. One day I will need more than that mystery. Slowly I’ll creep back to where I was, the place with security and trust. I will say goodbye to the stunning view and to the danger. Goodbye, but not adieu. One day the border wont mean danger anymore. One day I’ll step across the line, with the security I will not fall. Extraordinary will be me. I never was average. There is no space for it in this world.


Hi everyone! First I wanted to write something random on the missing spacebar of a computer, but it turned out a bit differently. If you’re planning to ask me for an explanation for this story-ish creation, don’t come to me πŸ˜› I don’t get it myself either! Well… I kinda get it for me, but it’s completely open to your own interpretation. It’s not really about space, but the word space is in there at least xD Enjoy figuring it out ^_^


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8 thoughts on “Day 29: Story about space

  1. Sasuke on said:

    impressive πŸ™‚
    sometimes we have to take risk to see how far we are from the old one.
    and that’s life,continuous growing and learning.

    looking forward for more :))
    i love this one! ❀ kudos!

  2. ok name changed πŸ˜€

  3. : ) When the sea sounds more Blue πŸ™‚ Nice one. Are you a risk taker Samantha? I know that everyone does, but how do you see yourself comparing to the average.

    • Hmm. I like risks, as long as they don’t interfere going over the actual edge of morals and values. For the rest of the things I would like to live more free than other people. I want defy common laws such as gravity and not follow the paved roads of life, but rather the more difficult ones that give freedom and excitement as well as important life lessons. Well, that’s the philosophical approach xD

  4. Sometimes we just don’t know the edge of morals and values. What should be the standards ?

    • That depends on your morals and values I guess. For us the 10 commandments are pretty important ones; honour your God and honour your neighbours. If everything we do is with this in mind I don’t think it’s possible to go over the edge. Even when we do we can rely on God keeping us up when we fall. For the non-religious people, it’s different of course.

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