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Dangerous truth

“The truth is that nothing really is true.” She walked up to him as he sat still on his knees facing the floor. From him came an aura of despair and long lost hope. Slowly she crouched in front of him and lifted up his chin with her hand. He found himself staring directly into two scarlet eyes that looked at him without hesitation and without emotion. “Nothing you see around here is actually true. This world is filled with lies to keep people happy.” She moved her face closer to his without breaking eye contact. “And as soon as you stop believing those lies and start seeing the truth, the world as it really is, everything seems to fall apart.” Her words were spoken softly, mysterious, and with care, but without feeling. Slowly she moved even closer to his face and she took in the scent of fear that was lingering around his being. “But we’re here to build it all up again. That’s all we want, David. We want to stop the lies and make a world without all of that. A world of our own. And that won’t just happen on it’s own. We have to make it happen.” She brought her lips alongside his ear and let out a soft whisper. “I want you to help me. Do you think you can do that… David?” She moved her lips towards his, but just before they met he pushed her away. “Stop it!” He stood up and rose above her. His face filled with anger and his fists clenched in a tight ball. “Your kiss is a kiss of death. I’ve seen it happen before and I know the consequences. I know I shouldn’t trust you, even though you speak of truth, because even the truth can be bent in ways filled with dishonesty. The truth isn’t all, but honesty takes us further.” She stood up as a cold, emotionless smile appeared on her lips. “Very well. And where do you see your honesty take us, David?” “Don’t call me David!” He yelled, but there was no anger in his voice. There was but place for disappointment. “Don’t call me by the name that was given to me my them. One that is marked by the very darkness of dishonesty. I would rather have no name at all, than the name that was forced on me.” He sighed but his expression showed overflowing confidence. “If you want to build a new world together with me, one that is true and honest, you will not persuade me with your mind tricks. I refuse to be your mindless slave blinded by my lingering past. I want to actively build a better future.” She stared at him with disbelief. Never did she think she would find such a strong ally in such weak surroundings. “Are you sure you won’t miss them?” He chuckled. “Of course I will. And I will never forgive you for what you did. From now on, until the day you have earned my fulland complete trust, you will have to watch your every step and move, because even I don’t know when I might strike. But I know it will be fatal. The only thing that saved you now, is that the ones I will miss were the true liars, and that was their downfall. I will overlook it for once, but never again.” For the first time her eyes softened at his harsh words and she showed a slight, but honest smile. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


The great thing about reading is that it allows your imagination to roam freely. In my head this story has a perfect background and a well thought through character descriprion, but I’m curious if it makes any sense and what story it has become in your heads ^^ In any case, have fun with finding out! I thought of this when I fell of the stairs today. Is inspiration always supposed to hurt this badly? -_- Oh and I decided to put the writers comments (I always have to include those for some reason -,-) in italics from now on, so it won’t be confused with the actual story xD (I was rereading my stories and it turned out to be pretty confusing half of the time xD)


Last week/goodbye/me being me

Hello Blogging world!

It’s been a while 😮 But I have a very good reason! Actually my reason isn’t all that good, but somehow my mind isn’t set for writing these days. Which is good, in a way, since I don’t really have time for writing. On the other hand it’s bad because I love writing and my mind is extremely empty -_- And there’s also this thingy I want to write and I still have zero inspiration for it. Why… Why can’t I be funny on command!! D: The thing is I really want to write and even if I don’t have a perfect story in my mind or anything I Have to put something on paper or else I might explode. Yes, this is what it feels like O.O Like some creepy addiction… Ok maybe not that bad but still xD

Okay so far I probably made zero sense to average people (I’m trying to avoid the word normal, because in my friend group I am perfectly normal ò.ó) (There I go jumping from one subject to the other again. Did I mention I’m easily d… Hey look a wall! It’s white o.o) (Slightly hyper right now…) So let’s start at the beginning.

Last week was my last week of school (no pun intended… but it’s a convenient coincidence :P) So I spent the whole week doing absolutely nothing for school. My last week of relaxation until euhm… May 30th when the final exams end 😮 So all I did during the classes was laugh about how this would be my last lesson of *name of class here* in high school ever, but I didn’t actually realise that it was really the last one. Actually it’s still a bit weird in my mind, but the concept is slowly growing, and I don’t like every part of it. Don’t get me wrong, for some of the teachers I couldn’t be happier if I never saw them again in my life *those who know me know exactly who I’m talking about -_-*. But I really made some good friends here and I think I’m really gonna miss them 😦 I mean little more than a year ago I was convinced that I wouldn’t miss anyone That much, but now I’m getting more used to the constant feeling of missing people I realise that I’ll have to miss even more people now :O

I’ll miss you all 😦

Aaaanyway, back to my last week. Monday was short, I did not like my Tuesday, Wednesday was my last music lesson ever 😥 I had so much fun during those lessons! And stress, but all that aside XD. I bought some stuff for the next day, I had lots of fun making cupcakes with my mom 😀 Thursday was the big day. The last day of classes (I skipped most of them ^^’) and I brought some cupcakes for a mini party at school with some friends. They also brought something, we ate way too much that day which might have been bad because we had to be at maximum pretty-ness for the school prom that night! (I still enjoyed the food though O.o)

So that night we had our prom, or well, we say Gala. Some background info about me here. I do not like dresses. I’m probably the worst dancer in history. I do not like getting lot’s of attention. I do not wear make-up. I do not like dresses. Did I mention I can’t dance? Oh and I do not like wearing dresses! Sure they look good on Other people, but I prefer good ol’ comfortable jeans, all day, every day. But since I don’t like the centre of attention, I Had to wear a dress. Not wearing one would be like totally controversial and yeah, everyone would look -_-‘ (besides, I promised one time X years ago that I’d wear one) So yeah, I wore a dress, I bought high heeled shoes (pretty! but painful O.o), I did my own make-up (first time ever) I did my own hair (It was Not easy) and I went to the gala as pretty as possible for me xD To keep a little bit of myself I wore my mangekyo sharingan contact lenses (from kakashi) to freak some people out (subtely). And yes, I danced (I probably looked like a confused cripple, but I enjoyed laughing at myself) till my feet went all dafuq are you doing you crazy person! on me xD Everyone looked so beautiful *_* But actually I prefer going to some place with like 5 friends and hear each other talk (when we’re not laughing) more than I prefer some nightclub with beer all over the floor 😛 For me this was really once in a lifetime (maaaybe twice xD)


Me, awesome as alway, Amir like a freaking Boss, Romy like a lady, Claire not a good picture but like a golden ladida girl xD

The next day was the senior prank. We (as in, lot’s of people but me) built an army style course through the school and forced all the first graders to go over it with all exam students yelling at them from all sides >:D I was way too late (only 2 hours) but it was still going on of course 😀 What I do. I walk in, I observe, I get someone to smear green stuff on my face and within 5 minutes I start yelling my lungs out at those poor kids. I had my contacts in again because I could and I yelled at them how they would be long dead in a real war… I felt authority… It was awesome! My throat still hurts a bit xD. At the end of the day a couple of friends and I started climbing between the floors over the stairs and off the poles in one of the wings throughout the school. I had fun 😀 On the way back home I managed to break my bike’s saddle in a really weird way (my bag broke before, so typical -,-) and before I left home again to go sleep over at Joshua and Emily’s place I also forgot to wipe the green stuff from my face… Yeah, people looked at me as if I were an idiot xD But I couldn’t care less ^^’

How does one person write this much about herself this often? I don’t know, maybe I just find myself really interesting? Maybe I just need a diary and post it online because I have nothing better to do with my time. Maybe because I Had to post something on my blog because writing stuff had become essential for me, like a burning passion (one of many) a need that must be satisfied. I have lots of passions, and they all feel like they’re burning within me sometimes. Not all the time though, but if I feel it I Have to do it. It really feels like a fire, but it doesn’t hurt. Well, it hurts a little bit, but it’s good pain, get it? Oh great now I sound like a masochist -_- In any case, I love writing more and more and I have decided that one day I want to write a book! I just need a little time… And encouragement… and you know… inspiration xD

The Path Of Power (part 2)

He walked up to the centre of the forest and stood still in the middle of an open spot surrounded by the trees. He sat down and closed his eyes. If he listened carefully he could hear the rushing waterfall to his left end the wind blowing through the mountains to his right. The air smelled like autumn trees and with every gust of wind the fallen leaves were blown against his cheeks. He took a deep breath and while keeping his eyes closed, he tried to take in his surroundings. In his mind he saw the droplets of water splashing from the waterfall and sparkling in the light of the sun. He kept on focussing on the rushing water, the small waves and the smooth pebbles at the bottom of the lake. His mind drifted of to the day before and the same questions arose in his mind as he had asked his mother so curiously. How do I know it’s the right one? What do I have to do after? How will it help me, and what if it doesn’t come at all? He remembered his mothers gentle smile when she patted him on his head. “Don’t worry. You’re a strong boy and tomorrow, you’ll be a strong man. Trust me, when you see him, you’ll know. Just clear your mind and listen.” So he listened. He allowed his thoughts to be blown away with the next gust of wind and he focussed solely on the sound of the falling leaves. Everything became quiet. The wind stopped blowing, the water stopped rushing and the leaves stopped falling. It was as if time stood still for him to become fully quiet. He had no idea how long he sat in the same position. His perception of time had gone away with the sound of the forest and days and minutes felt exactly the same. Suddenly the sound flowed back to his surroundings as he felt something soft brushing against his hand. He opened his eyes and stared in surprise. In front of him there was a wolf cub with the brightest blue eyes he had ever seen. It’s fur was white as the clearest snow, but along it’s body starting from the lining of it’s eyes and ending near the tip of it’s tail there ran a brown curved line of fur forming a powerful and beautiful contrast. It’s eyes were fearlessly locked on his and it’s small paws were balancing on the edge of his knee. The wolf cub was small, barely a week old at most, but already ran without its pack. Mesmerised by the cub he lifted his hands towards its head. As soon as his hands touched the soft fur the wolf started barking loudly. Immediately he pulled his hand away without interrupting his gaze towards the cub. Suddenly it jumped up and turned around to run towards the mountains. Along it’s way it stopped and turned around looking him straight in the eyes. A loud howl, unsuited for its size was heard throughout the forest and it was aimed directly at him. As soon as he heard the howl he snapped out of his mesmerised state. He took a few steps in the direction of the mountains, but then paused to look back in the direction of the waterfall. Days before he had prayed that it would be water. Soft, easy. That’s what he thought and hoped. He looked at the mountains again and let out a sigh. He knew it was idle hope. His destiny was at the mountains. He looked at the bright lights that floated above the frozen mountain tops. Maybe there was something good that could come from this. Filled with determination he followed the wolf cub to the mountains. He grinned. The mountains. Yup, I’m definitely gonna die now. There’s no going back. The cold air blew against his face and for the first time in his life, he wasn’t afraid of what was about to happen. The wide smile on his face wasn’t only because of the  hopeless situation, but because of the determination he had to see it through.


Hello everyone ^_^ It took me an awefully long time to finally contintue with The Path Of Power xD The first reason for this is inspiration -_- Isn’t it always… The second reason is that I wrote the first part of it in history class and after that I lost it. I refused to continue before finding it and today it suddenly reappeared in my agenda… You know that moment when you lose something just because you put it at a place you think you will remember so that you absolutely Won’t lose it? -_- Yeah… That’s what happened. In any case, I’m curious how this story will work out 😀 I think it’ll be a long one, but I’ll definitely try to finish it!

How to survive a Monday…

So today is Monday… Well I’m guessing about 90% of you can relate, Monday’s suck -_- Just the switch from weekend to week is too harsh for words. It’s like the world smacks you in the face telling you BAM I’m Reality and I’m here to crush your hopes and dreams. MU HA Freaking HA. Thanks a lot, Reality -_- But having to switch isn’t even the worst part. I mean a workweek of 5 days verses a weekend of 2 days, let’s face it. It is kinda fair right? WRONG. If only those freaking relative times wouldn’t high five you in the face with chair every time! Ughhhh

Just to have you know how I feel the relative times work, here are a few examples. Compare the time of my usual school week with the following. A turtle trying to moonwalk over the pacific ocean 3 times pulling forth an air balloon with the size of China that is powered by small tea candle. First of all this is impossible (just like my school week). Secondly the amount of time it would take to actually do this would pretty much equal the relative time of the first 10 minutes of class on a Monday morning. The weekend time on the other hand feels more like the time it takes for me to lose my keys in my purse (again). This is about negative 5 seconds in my case -_-

Ok I think most of you would understand by now my start of the week wasn’t that great -_- Lucky for me there are some plus sides that made me smile a bit again. First of all, half of the saranghae gang (see pictures) was having a bad day too. I found out nothing works better on a bad day than being able to freely rant about your terrible suckish lives. So I could express some of my Sugar Honey Iced Tea (madagascar reference there ^^) When I tried to do this with another friend it worked out differently in a positive way 😛 I was being annoying saying how tough my life was (exaggeration duuh) and she responded by saying I was pretty lucky, because I do stuff and I go places while she is still in the stay home with your computer face (just like me about euhm, a year ago xD). Of course I know that, but sometimes I need a little reminder xD.

Secondly I was guided through my day not only with the power of God as usual, but with the power of music. Oh music, how could I ever doubt your effectiveness? I said it before and I’ll say it again, the guy who invented headphones deserves a special place in heaven. (Googled it, it’s Nathaniel Baldwin… This guy saved lives, I’m telling ya xD)

And finally how I cheered up today. ICE CREAM. This stuff works like magic xD Let’s hope all it’s magic effects last until the end of the day 😛

So the moral of this absolutely not concise and absolutely not useful description of my day. When you’re down and low, rant, talk to friends and think about good stuff, listen to music and eat ice cream. Unless you’re having extreme depressions, in that case you’ll be like a balloon in to time and that’ll make you more depressed. Unless you rise up in the air like a real balloon and get to travel the world by keeping your stomach balloonish. In that case, take me with you. If you make a stop in Belgium, please drop me off there. Unless you go to Japan too because I really want to go there o.o Ok don’t expect me to make sense today -_- Just remember, Rant, Friends, Ice Cream xD

Our Dark Secret (Part 5)

I really liked this picture! Support the artist and visit the page 😀

My father. I turned around only to see the man who was following us. He walked up to us with an eerie calm posture. He took large slow steps in our direction and he looked at me with self satisfied confidence. Nothing in his manners looked as if he was in a rush to take us away from the group of faceless people. Somewhere inside I started to realise that I wasn’t at the right place, but I refused to give into my thoughts. With the last bit of hope I had I tried to tell the man again what was going on. Without really listening he pushed me aside and walked up to the man behind me. My head started hurting and my vision blurred. “Nonsense! This is just all a bad joke. I’m not kidnapping these children.” A bad joke. I looked at my thin, emaciated body, covered with bruises and my feet soaking in blood. This wasn’t a bad joke. This was real. He would see it to if only he had eyes to do so. “I didn’t kidnap these girls. They are merely part of the plan.” For a moment he looked at me. What I saw wasn’t desperation. He didn’t try to talk himself out of anything, but he seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He grinned at me. The faceless man started to chuckle. “Which one?” “The older one.” I knew I had to leave. Something really bad was about to happen. In the corner of my eyes I saw another faceless one stretch out his arms in the direction of the girl. Suddenly all energy flowed back to my body. It didn’t take me one thought to kick him in the stomach. I ran up to the girl, grabbed her arm and started to run. Our path was immediately blocked by the river. The people responded quickly and within seconds we were surrounded. I turned my head to the river and decided. Quickly I lifted the girl in my arms and jumped into the river. Moments long I didn’t think about anything but the water around me. I swam with all my strength dragging the girl with me through the water. We were being followed by exactly 10 faceless men. I don’t know when I had the time to count, but somehow I knew it. The adrenaline inside me made me push forward with all my might. I hardly noticed us arriving at the other side, nor did I realise what I was doing when I pulled the girl up besides me on the land. All I could think of was run and protect. Still soaked in our clothes we ran up on the hill in front of us and took cover behind the trees. The thoughts in my head started running wild when I saw the people approach our hiding place. I looked around to see if I could find anything that could save us. As quietly as I could I tried to sneak up the hill  and right at the top I found exactly what I needed. A really broad tree trunk was held back by only a few small rocks and it’s own weight. I looked at the path that the trunk could follow and I knew what had to be done. The faceless people were quick, so I didn’t waste a second to think about it. I knew that if I did, I would regret it. Quickly I removed the rocks that held back the tree trunk. “You!” I yelled at the girl who responded in frightened surprise. “Help!” I signalled her to come over and we started to lean against the tree trunk. The faceless people were no less than 10 metres away from us when it started to roll. I followed it’s track as it rolled over a stone edge in the hill and it was launched above their heads. At least four people were hit in the head by the wide trunk and everywhere I looked I saw red. For a few precious seconds I stood still and I stared at the panic. Four people… I killed them all. I looked again and again and after a few moments I realised what I felt. It was so easy. Something inside me felt relieved and almost… Happy. A small smile formed on my lips as I kept watching at what happened. Suddenly I felt something pulling my shirt and I looked down to see the desperate eyes of the little girl looking up at me. I looked at the men again and saw that they were moving. I came back to my senses and I turned around. Quickly we ran down the other side of the hill and I almost cried out when I saw it. A few metres away from the foot of the hill I saw a huge rock wall coming closer. Behind us the men had almost caught up. With no other option we ran up to the wall until we had no where else to go. With only a few metres between us I tried to suppress my desperation and think clearly. I looked at the little girl and lowered my face to her level. “Hey, what’s your name?” She looked at me surprised but in spite of her confusion she whispered her name. “Alice.” I sighed. The men had already surrounded us. “I’m Sarah. Listen, Alice. Close your eyes and stay behind me. What ever you do, don’t open them or move from this spot until I call your name. Promise me that okay?” I grabbed her shoulder and looked her in the eyes. She slightly nodded and closed her eyes. I stood up again, straightened my back and faced the men. “Why are you doing this?” My voice sounded loud, clear and confident. I wasn’t, but I wasn’t about to let them find out. One of the men stepped forward. He had no special features and looked exactly the same as the rest of them. “You weren’t kidnapped. You were just brought here to fulfil your purpose.” The answer only arose more questions. “What purpose? Why?” The man laughed. An evil grin appeared on his face. “It’s like a game. We bring you here, we make you suffer, we laugh and enjoy and at the very end only the strongest one remains. Having lived to see all the other die, that’s true pain. That one gets to live to hear the truth. You are the strongest one, girl. Soon you’ll get to suffer one last time to see that little girl there die too. After that you are given a choice, join us or become our sacrifice. It’s harmless really. You were never meant to lead a normal life anyway. Chosen by birth…” My head became silent. That’s it. They’re just freaks. They deserve it. My heart grew cold as ice. “Who chose me?” I didn’t get an answer. Six faceless men were approaching me from all sides. No one is going to die anymore. Not for me, not ever. I will protect her. Rage darkened my eyes. I launched myself at one of the men and pushed my hand in his neck. From all sides the men were pulling at me to keep me away, but I kept pushing. The man stopped moving and I started to kick and punch all the people around me. I fought for my life. I fought for hers. My hands were covered in blood and one by one I saw the men die because of me. And it felt… Good. Somewhere in between a wide grin started growing on my face as my vision faded away more and more by the redness in my eyes. Before I knew it there was only one left. The man moved quickly, grabbed me and held me in a lock. I struggled and fought, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t break free. Some of my own sense started coming back and I could only think of her again. I started to yell. If he won, she would die. “Alice!” She opened her eyes. Everywhere she looked she saw blood and death. Tears started running down her face. “Alice! Run!” She looked up at me. “I can’t…” “Run and never come back! This is our secret! Whatever you do don’t come to find me, ever! Promise me you won’t!” She doubted. “But…” “Promise me!” I screamed at her. Loudly crying the girl ran away towards the hill. “I… Promise!” I kicked the min in his stomach and bit his arms. I did everything possible to stall him as much as possible and minutes later the girl was gone. I had broken free from his arms, but I saw no chance to run. I smiled and let out a relieved sigh. She was safe. I looked at the man and the energy started flowing out of my body. All the will I had before started to disappear without a trace. A grin appeared on his face as he approached and slowly he started showing more human features. “No more running now sweety…” Something in his voice sounded familiar. The rage in my eyes made room for a clear view. The man in front of me did have a face. It was my father. Confusion could be seen in my expression, but before I had the chance to talk he did. “Why? You want to know that right? Well, like we said. It’s just for fun. You were made for our amusement from the very start. Why do you think your colour was always purple? Are you starting to remember already?” Flashes of my memories appeared in my head. I saw my father, holding my hand, leading me to that basement and giving me something to drink. “Make me proud.” He had said. I looked at him as rage started to blind started to blind my eyes again. Without thinking I pushed my foot forward into his stomach. I threw him on the ground and I started hitting. “18 years! You raised me to be killed for 18 years long!” Tears ran down my face, but I didn’t stop. My fists started hurting, but I didn’t stop. Even when his body stopped moving I kept on hitting him. Somewhere in between, right before my body collapsed from exhaustion, I lost myself. Forever.

Hello everyone! It took me a long time to finish this final part, baucause I wanted so much to happen in it 😛 But finally! I finished it 😀 I’m actually really proud of myself for this because this is the first time I actually pushed through and I finished my very first short story! (One that’s short and not tiny, and doesn’t leave more questions than anwsers, that is xD) I think this will be the first of many, because ever since I started this blog, I’ve started to discover my passion for writing more and more 😀

Strong Black Eyes

Her eyes were black as the night. It wasn’t simply dark brown like I had seen so often in those parts, but her eyes were a deep strong black. She pulled my shirt to grab my attention. Her gaze pierced my mind as she kept staring up at me, without a single bit of confusion in her mind. For a moment I was stunned. Her dark brown skin formed a powerful contrast with the plain white shirt they had given her. I crouched down to lower my eyes to her level and I tried not to be overwhelmed by her doubtless look. Her little fingers were still tightly clenching my shirt. Her hands were covered in dirt, she wore no shoes and the only things that covered her up were the shirt and a black pair of shorts. Not hers, but ours. She was expected to give them back soon enough and she would be forced to go back to where she came from. Her appearance was that of the people that were considered trash. She had nothing to be proud of, nor would she have a reason to maintain her pride. Pride was useless in the place where she was going. Most people of her kind had already given up. I had seen many men burst out in tears and collapse on the ground into a heap of useless dead weight in front of the eyes of their sons and daughters. It was pathetic. That was what I was supposed to think. Beings that weren’t worthy of the title of humans. Lowly third rate slaves that could be easily disregarded. I looked at the little girl in front of me. She seemed different. She had something that no one else that he’d seen there had. Something even my kind severely lacked. She had dignity and pride. She had confidence and she had courage. She didn’t care about what was about to happen to her. Her fate wasn’t the most important thing on her mind, so she accepted it with confidence. I looked back at her, almost intimidated by that confidence. A girl that was at least half my age had the power in her eyes to intimidate my with a simple stare. I refused to show her my confusion and more importantly, I couldn’t allow anyone else to see it. “Soldier!” I looked away from the girl and quickly stood up to face my sergeant. A saluted in the right position and greeted him without directly looking at him. “Yes sir!” I stared into the space as I felt the face of the sergeant closing in on mine. “What do you think you’re doing!” Without hesitation he yelled into my ear. He continued by spitting a threatening whisper in my ear. “If I see you crouching for that filth again you can spend the night in their cage, soldier.” His tone was filled with despise. “Sir yes sir!” I yelled. Not out of willingness, but out of obligation. In the corner of my eyes I saw the girl staring at the sergeant. Still no doubt, no hesitation, but rather there was anger. The same despise my people had for her, she showed to the sergeant. He turned his head sideways and faced the girl. He was long and towered above her in a threatening way. When she didn’t look away he spat in her face and he walked away. I watched as she wiped the spit from her face. I wanted to crouch down again and apologise, but I couldn’t. A looked down at her and she looked up at me, but her eyes made me feel small. She stretched out her fist in my direction. Slowly she opened her fist and revealed a small purple stone with a smooth surface. I looked at her confused. For the first time I heard her voice. “Familia.” I looked at the stone again and back at her. I didn’t understand, but she stared at me with such a powerful look that I felt like I had to try. Something told me that whatever she wanted to tell me, it was very important. She grabbed my hand and pushed the stone into my palm. Then she pointed to the forest behind me. “Sawa mbele.” I was still confused. I wanted to ask her more, but she walked away before I could. Her back was moving away from me. Not bent forward, but straight up. Straight. Sawa. I had learnt some of their words. I turned around to look at the place she pointed out. Sawa. Without thinking I started to walk, the stone tightly clenched in my fist. If anyone saw me I knew it would be seen as high treason. But no one did.

I pushed away the leaves from my path and made a way around all the stones. I tried to keep walking straight ahead, but it felt like I was going nowhere. I couldn’t look in front of me for more that 2 steps, because my eyes were blocked my the countless trees. I had the feeling I was wandering without a purpose and the goal was too far for me to reach, but every time I wanted to turn around and give up, I saw her eyes. She didn’t beg me, nor did she order me to go to the place I didn’t know. She just trusted me to and somehow I felt like I had to. With only my sense of direction to rely on I continued forward. I pushed more leaves away and I found myself staring at a village. It only took a few steps for me to be surrounded by black men with spears. I should be afraid, but I wasn’t. At this point I was supposed to escape and tell my kind where they could find the village. Were they to find out that I didn’t I would be murdered for high treason. I looked at the men and tried to simulate the confidence I had seen before in her eyes. I wasn’t about to betray them. But how could she have known? I opened my fist and showed them the purple stone. For a few long seconds they stared at it and soon after they lowered their spears. One of them walked up to me an grabbed my arm. He led me to a small but decent house in the middle of the village. The wood that made up the house didn’t look like anything I had seen before in those parts. It was lighter than the trees surrounding the village and darker than the wood we had used for out boats. The surface of every wall was smooth even though their methods ofwoodworking were outdated. The inside of the house was small. There was just enough space for a simple bed with straw on it and a chair that stood beside it. The house was cleaner than he would have expected and to his surprise everything was colourfully decorated. Everywhere he looked he could see little wooden carved statues and purple and blue beads. A woman stood up from the chair and looked at him with suspicion in her eyes. Her gaze reminded him of the little girl. Full of confidence and power and no hesitation. The man that held my arm gave me a nudge. “Show yake.” Without thinking I showed her the purple stone. She immediately took it from my hands and examined the stone carefully. For a split second she looked up to me and I saw a hint of a tear glistening in her eyes. She quickly turned around, straightened her back and walked up to the bed. Only then I noticed a small boy laying on the bed with his eyes closed, his chest barely moving. He was 5 years at the max, I was guessing younger. The woman laid the stone on his chest and mumbled some words I couldn’t understand. Her hands started shaking as the chest of the boy started moving up and down more regularly. Before I could see more I felt a blindfold being put over my eyes. I didn’t resist, but I followed him to an unknown place. I walked for a long time without seeing where I was going, but I didn’t ask questions. After a while we stopped moving. I felt his face coming closer to my ears as he whispered. “Asante… Thank you.” The blindfold was taken away and I saw my own camp again. I turned around to look at the man one last time, but he had already gone.

To this day I don’t know what happened back then. I don’t really care what did, but I learnt an important lesson. That kind has real people. You can always trap them in some way, but they’ll only be slaves if they allow you to. Freedom is something that is really hard to grasp, but that girl who had a firm grip on it held it with her until the end of her life. I never followed orders against freedom again.


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