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A Brilliant Blade

The air was heavy, moist and filled with the scent of fresh blood. I was surrounded by darkness and I could hear nothing but the slicing sound of a sharp object cutting through victims like air and the noise of my own heartbeat. I don’t remember if I was frozen by fear, or by the burning pain in my legs and feet. I don’t know if I was shivering from the cold or from imposing danger stepping closer at every second. With every exhale a cloud of mist appeared before my eyes giving a bit of warmth back to my face, but with every inhale everything returned to darkness again. The only thing in my line of sight was a small stripe of light from the moon and some trees that stood as a shadow before the light. For the rest I found myself in complete darkness and silence. It could suddenly appear from every direction and my end could come before I had the chance to scream. I forced my mind to be silent and ordered my ears to hear every surrounding noise, but my own body betrayed me. I was terrified by the realisation that I was defenceless and completely at It’s mercy. There was no choice but to wait for it to happen. My end. I didn’t hear any movement, yet I knew it was quickly approaching. Suddenly, as if the time moved slower, I saw the small light of the moon touch a blade that was held up in the air. I took my precious seconds to admire the brilliant swiftness of the blade as it danced along the moonlight in my direction. The blade seemed to float in the air untouched by anything but light. As the blade moved closer time took its original speed and I stared directly into my death. With a swift slice the sword swung toward me, but as fast as it began to move, as quickly did it stop. My eyes widened, but I didn’t flinch. A deep voice whispered,

“Why didn’t you move.”

I looked at the sword as if it was the one that spoke to me. Why didn’t I move? Was it fear? Was I too frozen to object to my death? No. The moment I saw the brilliance of the blade I had accepted it.

“Because a death by your blade is better than a life in fear.”

The sword moved softly along the outline of my face and stopped against the throbbing vein in my neck, but I kept my eyes focused straight forward with an unwavering gaze.

“Do you not fear death?” The same voice asked.

“Death has nothing to do with it. Life does.”

A moment of silence followed as the sword slowly moved downward and stopped while pointing at my hands. I looked downwards and became aware of the shackles around my wrists and feet. I had forgotten their weight and the pain that came with it, but now I remembered.

“You’re a slave.”

“And you’re an assassin. In the end of the day we’re both just human.”

“But with power.” The voice sounded calm and composed. I stared at the sword and at the shackles on my wrists.

“Power doesn’t mean anything without freedom.”

The shadow sighed with approval. “Then leave with your life and your freedom.”

With a sudden movement the sword slipped through the shackles on my wrists and feet without so much as touching me. Within a moment the heavy weight I carried was lifted and the shackles fell next to me on the ground with a deafening noise. I stepped forward to see the shadows face, but I was alone.

“Freedom. Power. Life.” I spoke the words out loud and let them ring through my head as if they were foreign. I moved forward, without direction and without looking back.

I love katana’s ❤ Since I knew of the existence of such swords I loved them. The swiftness in how they move in the hands of an expert, the beauty as it slices throught something and the elagance of the user’s stances… I just love them. I watch anime’s with swordfighting in it just to admire the swords and I watched hour long documentaries on how katana’s are made just to see how people can make such perfection and I even half finished a wooden katana because I loved it so much (it’s still not finished due to annoying circumstances -_-) But until now it’s still my dream to once own a real katana or even better to help make one myself ❤ In any case I didn’t just write this because I love katana’s but also because I had the feeling I haven’t written a good story in way too long, so I’m considering to make this one ongoing too (Like way too many stories of mine now for which I currently don’t have any inspiration -_-) It’s still short, but I hope you enjoyed it ^^ 



“I don’t get it!”


“What do you mean, good?”

“You’re not supposed to get it!”

I heard a teasing tone in his voice and I felt him dancing around me as we moved forward. “So where are we going?” Suddenly I felt his finger flicking against my forehead. “Auw!”

“That’s for asking a stupid question!” I couldn’t see his expression, but I could almost swear I saw the image of his wide, mocking grin printed in my memory. “Are you at least going to tell me why I’m wearing a blindfold?” Another flick against my forehead. “Auw dammit! I guess that means No.” I rubbed the back of my hand against my forehead in an attempt to ease the pain while I tried to suppress my burning curiosity.

“So I should just completely stop asking question then, huh?” I felt his arm being flung around my shoulder and his face coming closer to my ear. “It seems like you finally got it!”

“And you know I don’t like surprises, do you?” He chuckled

“I’m well aware. That’s what makes this so much fun! You know, I’m even considering to make a few more circles around this place to make it take just a little longer…” I turned around and pushed his arm of my shoulder. “Stop messing with me!” In a small moment of annoyance I lashed out to where I heard his voice. In a failed attempt to hit his face, I smashed my hand against a cold brick wall and screamed out the pain. From behind me I heard him gasping for breath as he laughed his heart out. A deep frown appeared on my face and I immediately turned towards the wall to get a slight clue on where I was, but before I could find out I felt his hands pulling me away from the wall, making me completely clueless again. “Nu uh uh. Wall feeling is not what we’re doing today sweety.”

“Then tell me what we are doing today or I’m gonna burst, come on!” For a short while I could hear nothing but my thoughts running wild. I always hated surprises, because every single time I almost die from curiosity. That’s why ever since I was little people loved surprising me whenever they had the chance. Whether it was a surprise birthday party that nearly gave me a heart attack, or a silly gift they kept a secret just to see and enjoy my reaction. After 19 years of constant surprising you’d think a person would learn… I didn’t.  “Well, if you listened to your surroundings for a while you would’ve figured it out long ago already!” I stopped to think for a while, but I still couldn’t figure it out. “Huh?” Another chuckle. “Ooh Cam, How I love it when you’re stupid! Come on, let’s walk around a bit more to see if you can figure it out!” I sighed. I realised that he wasn’t going to give me even the slightest hint before I calmed down. “Ok ok, you win. Just keep talking so I can follow your voice and don’t slam my face against a wall this time ok?” “No no… No talking. Listening. Just follow what you hear from now on!”

“Oh so you’re just going to stop talking completely?” No response… “And what if I walk into a car and get fatally injured and it’s all your fault?” Still no response. I sighed. The blindfold took away the one sense I relied on the most and I felt completely surrounded by darkness. I guess this is what blind people would feel like. I tried to focus on hearing my surroundings. Only then I noticed the soft sounds of birds chirping. It felt oddly peaceful. Around me there were only birds and a soft breeze surrounding me from all sides. I couldn’t hear cars or people chattering about their newest sales. No high heels ticking on the streets and actually, there weren’t any streets at all. The city sounds were way out of reach. Slowly but gradually I started hearing more and more bird chirping and I heard the wind playing with the leaves that were rustling against each other. I heard a rushing sound of water near me and I heard twigs and leaves cracking underneath my shoes as I walked. A little bit ahead of me I heard the same sound and a soft humming. For a moment I felt completely at peace. I followed the soft humming for a few minutes. Or hours, I don’t remember how long it took. Suddenly the humming stopped, but this time I wasn’t surrounded by only black anymore. I knew exactly where I was without even having to see it. I smiled. “You finally got it huh?” I felt his hands coming closer to my face and he tried to untie my blindfold. “Jake… This place is a three hour walk!” He laughed. “Aren’t you happy I took you here then?” The blindfold fell off my face and I opened my eyes. For a few moments I blinked against the bright light, but soon I could see clearly where we were. I was standing on a hill. Behind me and on both sides next to me there were trees that were covered with the pink of flower blossoms. In front of me I saw a clear, deep waterfall with about five deer near it drinking the water. Behind one of them I saw the little head of a baby deer eagerly drinking the fresh water. I turned towards him and smiled. “No, I’m very happy you did!” I looked at the baby deer playfully jumping around next to the water while his parents quietly watched and drank. “How did you know they’d be here right now?” His eyes showed a bright boyish sparkle as he grinned. “I’ve been watching them for a couple of weeks.”

“You walked three hours every week!?”

“Every day… And when I found out they had a baby, I just had to drag you here!” I turned around and looked at the deer again. “So that was your surprise huh?” He sat down on the ground and stretched his arms. “Nope.” I looked at him in disbelief. All my curiosity came boiling up at once again. “Then what is the surprise? Spit it out already!” He smiled and gestured me to sit down next to him. I wanted to object, but his smile was too convincing. “The surprise was, a calm and quiet day together in the forest. No stress, no distraction, just some peaceful fun.” I looked at him confused, but he didn’t look back. He grabbed his backpack and took out two sandwiched. I gratefully accepted one and stared at the nature in frontof me again.

“Thanks. I needed that.”

“I know.”


Hello Blogging world ^^ It’s been… I lost track of time xD Actually I lost a lot of things! Inspiration… Freedom… Yeah it’s exam time meaning may is gonna be a b… unkind month for me. Everyone, please, I need all the prayers I can get xD In any case I’ve been studying a lot for this stuff, so I think it’ll be fine. Only one month left and I’ll have my freedom back! Aaaanyway, the story. The main character is inspired by someone who happens to be bad with curiosity… and someone who I currently have a surprise for… You know who you are >:D Oh and about the forest and the waterfall; Every time I go to a forest or a waterfall in my stories it’s the same one. I have an amazingly clear image in my head now what it looks like and I really hope I can see a pace just like that one day *_* Yup… I fell in love with a fictional forest, a figment of my imagination… But seriously, that waterfall is really beautiful! I’ve seen it in every season and it sparkles the most during the spring when there are all kinds of butterflies and other animals dancing around it 😀 Oh and on the hill there is a log where you can sit on and build a small campfire in front of it and at night you can watch the stars there without having the city lights make it less clear. A little bir away from the hill I built my tree hut where my children will play when I get older marry and actually have kids… I love this forest xD 

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