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Adventure on my way!

You know that feeling that when you have a lot to do, everything else looks interesting? “I have tons of homework tonight but oh my God, look at this wall! O.o” But when you don’t have a lot to do, the wall suddenly turns back into a regular white wall in your room that reminds me that I once had the intention of painting it…

In any case… Yeah, my vacation has started. For almost a full month now and I still didn’t write all the cool things I had in mind when I was supposed to do my homework -_- But next to my laziness, in these few weeks a lot of good stuff happened ^^. Right around the time that everyone heard they were graduating, I heard that I had to retake my worst subject in order to pass. But after buckets of tears (ok that’s not true, I’m not that much of a crybaby xD) and a self designed maths boot camp I actually passed my test! So yeah that’s the really good news, I graduated 😀 For me that meant two things, Finally freedom! And a decision that I want to tell the world about, because it’s so freaking epic 😀

Ooh! I can see my new future voluntaries house from here! xD

Dear whoever takes the time to read this blog, I’m going away ^_^ Instead of going to university next year to continue the boring life of education, I’ve decided to take a gap year to do voluntary work in Ghana 😀 The irony here is that I’m not going away from the education part at all. Instead I’m going to be an English teacher for the little kids in Ghana, putting my International Baccalaureate diploma (wauw that sounds fancy (H) ) to good use. Besides that I’m also going to volunteer in an orphanage. I am really really looking forward to these 8 months I’m going, I can’t even describe how much! The thing is that I’ve always been kind of an adventure addict and this adventure has been one of my biggest dreams my entire life ever since I knew voluntary work existed! When I was about 4-5 I found out that the world was bigger than only Curacao and I Immediately wanted to go away to explore. When I came to the Netherlands I found out this country was still too small for me. When I was 10 I heard about voluntary work and by the age of 12 I had decided the exact time I was going to take a gap year. Of course no one believed me at that time because I was young and naïve xD Actually, I’m still young and naïve. A young and naïve girl that is going to follow her dream of more than a decade! Dreams don’t always come true, but this one will, which is absolutely awesome 😀

So yeah, I’m going to Ghana by myself. I’m so curious how it will be, what I will see and how I will grow in those 8 months. The other side of the medallion though is both a bit frightening and a bit hilarious xD You see, I make a point of not being a cry baby and a strong independent person… But I’m almost 100 percent sure that I’ll cry buckets of tears for having to miss the people that are precious to me for 8 months. It’s not like they can come along for a random visit all of a sudden while I’m in the land of far far away. I’m realising more and more that going even one month without seeing people I care about in real life instead of skype is killing me. So yeah, I guess my inner cry baby will let itself go free -_-

But the buckets of tears wouldn’t only be from being homesick. You see, I have this fear of bugs… A few days ago I was cleaning my backyard that had transformed into little less than a jungle and, well, I ran inside hyperventilating and nearly crying because of the disgusting creatures I found hiding between the weeds T_T. A few weekends ago I was staying in a house with a few friends when they suddenly heard a weird squeal from upstairs. Yeah, that was me running away from a creature with awful long hairy thin legs that started jumping around me >_<. I’m getting all itchy by even writing this and I expect to survive 8 months in Ghana with creatures I don’t know crawling around me? Well, it’s for the greater good huh xD At least none of my friends would be around to film my girly screams and torture me with it for the rest of my life. I swear I’m not a girly girl but man, bugs just freak me out! I’ll find a way to deal with it there I guess… For now I’ll just look forward to one of the most awesome things I have looked forward to in my life 😀 Accra, prepare yourself ‘cause here I come 😀 So from now, excpect an addition to this blog. It will now also be my Adventure Diary ^_^ Ooh that sounds good, I’m gonna make a category for that one xD


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