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And when I say countdown, I literally mean a countdown. As I said before, I am going to Ghana for 8 months! And I’m leaving in about 58 days 18 hours and 36 minutes. Ok ok, I don’t know the exact time I’m leaving yet, but this is my best guess for now.

So since I’ve been radio silent for the past weeks I’m gonna tell something about my journey to the unknown. First if all I must say I underestimated the preparations! Here is a short summary of everything I had and still have to do:

– Contact Dream Africa Care Foundation to tell them I’m coming to Ghana 😀

– Contact the Dutch health bureau or however you call that in English to see what vaccinations I need and what they will cost me.

– Contact another health bureau where they have a cheaper Rabies vaccination,

– Find out they’re turning me into Swiss cheese with a total of 11 vaccinations and a Mantoux test.

– Desperately call my insurance and finding out they pay every vaccination, except for the most expensive ones.

– Take a picture of myself for my passport.

– Take apart every thing in the house to find my old passport so I can get my new passport.

– Actually go and get my passport.

– Talk to the nice steward in church to help me arrange a cheap flying ticket.

– Call the embassy of Ghana and ask them, pretty please can I just have a visa for an entire year instead of just half a year?   

– Go on a wild shopping spree to get everything I need (Including an impregnated mosquito net, an anti mosquito cream thing with DEET in it, and lots of shorts for it will probably be hot.

– Study on how to teach English!

– Give about 2 or 3 tearful goodbye parties

– Be excited as flush O.O 😀

Yeah I think that’s pretty much it for now 😛 Well my list keeps on expanding though but I think it will do ^^. I’m really really excited to go to Ghana, but I’m more excited to just be there xD Here in NL I can slowly feel my wallet being drained and I just pray that there’s enough left to get there! Also I’m desperately searching for a job, because apparently no one wants an employee who leaves in 2 months. Before they said it was because they didn’t need anyone and before that I just didn’t have enough experience xD Well I will keep praying until I get to Ghana and I’ll keep believing that God will provide 😛

Another awesome thing about this all is that it’s making me feel so independent. Ok everyone who knows me also knows that I can be a tad… *uhum* childish xD  But here I am planning the biggest trip of my life all by myself 😀 Hehehe. Look at me, I got my first 4 vaccinations and here I am feeling all grown up 😛 I’ll get back on this subject the day before I leave and then I’ll see if I really managed to do this by myself xD For now I’ll just keep imagining how awesome this is going to be *_*


Only about 58 days 18 hours and 2 minutes left 😀 LETS DO THIS


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