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The value of a smile


So this is Cecilia. Today she came back from the hospital where she had surgery on her neck. The smile on her face when we told her she was beautiful! ❤ ❤ ❤
I feel like a better person when I have one of these kids hugging me or sitting on my lap :')


Oops, I’m in Ghana!

Finally! A laptop! Now just to see how on earth I describe my first days here without boring everyone xD

So I got this grand goodbye at the airport, complete with pictures, hugs and tears and the moment I left I felt like going back. Come on, I’m 18, I can’t just go run off to Ghana. Well I did O.O The moment I was in the airplane and I saw Africa from out my window I decided I definitely absolutely wanted to be here and I haven’t really worried that much about anything since I arrived!

So the next morning I went to the orphanage right away. Oh. My. God! The kids there stole my heart and I don’t think I’m ever getting it back… At day one I felt like I never ever wanted to leave Ghana again. I love these kids so much I feel like taking one with me. Maybe I can just take them with me as hand luggage in the plane, and arrive at home like “Oops, sorry mom, I just had to adopt one. So what’s for dinner?” Ok I know I can’t, but a girl can dream! This little guy, Nii Nii, when he first saw me he jumped straight into my arms and for the first half hour I was Not allowed to put him down! “No! Cawwy me!” Later I also found out that he’s very smart! He even wrote my name already :’). Then there’s Destiny, this little girl with a heart of gold. Sure she can be a pain, they all can be a pain for that matter, but I love her with all my heart ❤ Actually I love all of them. Doesn’t matter if they are annoying, I just have a lot of love to give 😀 This one kid, Gideon, came up to me the day I met him asking “Maybe if you want I would like it if we could be friends…” Are you kidding me? I would LOVE being your friend!! :’D

Destiny ❤

So besides going to the orphanage I also did some other awesome stuff! Saturday we went to a Ghananian wedding! And at the wedding I wore… A skirt xD I borrowed one, but I might buy one here for myself too 😛 Those who know me know, I don’t ever wear skirts. Well, I came here for change, so let the change begin! Oh about that wedding, obviously we kinda stood out. Like, Hey this big group of white people I have never met before came to eat my food and look at me dance… But no one minded that! What they did do of course was shamelessly take pictures of us xD Oh that’s another thing. In the Netherlands, I’m black, or at least something that’s similar, but here in Ghana, I’m  one of the white people… That’s weird xD That in itself attracts a lot of attention. On the streets there are always a lot of people greeting us and asking how we’re doing. What they said about Ghana, it’s all true! The people are really nice! They genuinely care about how you’re doing, and they’ll stop you on the streets just to talk for a bit! 🙂

In a few minutes I’m going to the fishing village to teach for the first time! I’m really looking forward to it 😀 In these 8 months I’m going to enjoy everything to the fullest and I’m not going to let anything bring me down! Actually there’s a lot more to tell about everything, but that’s too much to write. The main idea is I LOVE IT HERE!




My brain keeps me from thinking.

“So, how are you feeling?”


How am I feeling? The good answer would probably be, I don’t know.

Seriously, the biggest thing I have ever done in my life is so close that my event calendar isn’t even counting down from 2 digits anymore. 4 days. 4!!! Some people only see a number there, but I see the day that marks the start of a different life. I’m so far away from my comfort zone right now that it feels almost surreal. Well, to be honest, my comfort zone isn’t even that big. Zone is way too big a word to describe it. Maybe it’s more of a comfort cabin, somewhere hidden in the quiet place in the woods where I live with my closest friends and family 😀 Ok… I’m getting side tracked xD

Well, this sounds like it’s a bad thing… Well it isn’t. It’s exactly what I was trying to do all my life. Throw myself out there and see what version of myself comes out at the other end. Refusing to stay the same and determined to change for the better. But even though I’m doing exactly what I wanted, what I longed for all my life… I’m scared. Maybe not really scared, but nervous. And sometimes terrified. Other times overjoyed. Ok usually I’m all over the place just like this… My brain right now is just making it very hard for me to pick one feeling at the time.. That’s normal right? After years and years of being at the same place every time, sometimes with short visits to far away places, knowing that you’ll be back soon. I’ve grown used to this. The people I love are here, the people I feel so completely and utterly comfortable with are right here and instead of just looking at this awesome thing I’ve been able to acquire, I look at it saying it’s not enough. I’m leaving everything behind for something new and I don’t even know if I’m going to like it. I’m going to miss my friends and my family so much and I just know that by going away it’s never going to be the same again. First I’ll have to get used to a completely new environment where I’ll have to go through that entire process of meeting, greeting and bonding again from square one. But when I do… I am always going to feel homesick for one place, whether I’m here or I’m there. People that are dear to me will have to get used to missing me because this will certainly not be the last time. What I do has an effect on more people than just me. My family, my church, my friends here, my future friends there… We’re all gonna learn something from this. Of course it will be hard, of course it’s normal for me to be nervous. Heck I’ll probably even have few bad days there being homesick and all. But it’s all gonna be worth it.

How do I know that? I just do. Because having said my doubts, my worries and all of the difficulties out loud, I also realize that what I’m doing has an effect on more people than just me. Not only am I going to help children build a better future for themselves, give them the love they deserve and the happiness they want, I’m showing myself and all the people around me one very important thing in life. If you want something really bad, go get it. Just follow your dreams, fight for it and get it. Anything is possible, but no one ever said it would be easy. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be a boring struggle. The bigger the fight, the better the reward! I’ve always said it’s impossible to change the world by yourself, but it’s not impossible to try anyway 🙂

All the preparations are done. I’ve had 10 injections, I’m bringing 40 pills, I have my visa, my vaccination passport, my normal passport, my flight ticket, my suitcase, my camera, my laptop, some school supplies for the kids, actual experience! *cough* half a lesson teaching English at my old school *cough*, all the addresses I need, all the phone numbers, my common sense, of course my awesomeness and as cheesy as it might sound, I have God going with me 😀 I’m ready! The nerves have to make place for something better now. Excitement!! 😀

The closest image I could find to what I kinda feel like xD

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