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Dem little thieves <3

It is SO hard to describe the things that are going on here! I just don’t know where to start and how to write it down, which is weird since writing is a huge part of me. Even in my diary I can’t write down all the things that are going through my mind!

For now let me just introduce you guys to the kids from the orphanage that stole my heart!

Nii Nii: The First kid I got to hug in the orphanage! I just can’t get over how adorable and nice and smart this kid is! Nii Nii and I made a pinky promise together that when his hands are just as big as mine we’d meet again… I REALLY want to keep this promise  A few days ago he just ran up to me saying “I remember the promise!” Can you imagine that this almost made me cry?
Nii Nii!
Destiny: Sometimes she has quite the temper, ordering me to stand up and walk to wherever she wants me to. Of course she always remembers to say please to get what she wants xD Still, the thing she likes most is just to run up to you and sit on your lap sucking her thumb. It’s Adorable 
Grace: She has a strong character! Sometimes she has this evil look in her face that means she’s about to be a real pain in the neck, other times she just uses up all her (and your) energy running around, jumping, climbing in trees and making you catch her when she falls xD

Peter: Oh my God. Quite a violent little man at times but honestly when you give him lots and lots of love, you will get the Same amount back! He turns in to this AMAZING kid that literally does not want you to go away ever! He sat down in front of the gate to make us stay and it ripped my heart out when I had to leave anyway >,<
Isn't that just the most adorable thing you've ever seen? <3
Junior: This kid just makes me want to take care of him. He’s so sweet I want to just hold him and hug him for ever and ever! He loves reading and colouring and I don’t know how many times I saw him rolling on the ground fighting with Peter. They are really two little brothers that love and hate each other :3
Cecilia: Such a smart little girl! I’m happy I saw the before and after of her operation  I’m happy I get to see her smile over and over again ^_^ She really loves stickers and she loves annoying me with this weird Miley Cyrus like face she keeps making xD But every time I see her she gives me a big hug and when I tell her that I love her she immediately responds by saying she loves me too 
Blessing: This little girl won’t back away from a good hug! I tell her how much I love her every day I can and I just love seeing the look on her face when I say that! Actually with all of them they just brighten up when I tell them that! I just want to make sure they All know that they’re absolutely AWESOME

And then I didn’t even get to the older kids yet O.o And I still have to tell you guys about the music on the rooftop, the lack of running water, the way I celebrated Sinterklaas, the trivia night at Republic, how to clean up Ghana, plans for future projects, teaching creative arts next semester (including English writing and music and drawings :D), about my awesome roommates and… As I said, too much to describe >,< I’ll try my very best!


You are Awesome!!

Dear people telling other people that they’re any less than freaking Beautiful, please just keep your twisted little world far far away from my actual reality! And Especially from the most beautiful little kid this planet has ever seen!
This just makes me quite angry and sad and it hurts. This little kid, Nii Nii, who I love with all my heart, tells me he thinks he’s ugly because he’s black. 3 Years old! It felt like my heart got ripped out :'(. Who told him that? I will keep on telling him and All the kids here that they’re beautiful everyday, because they need some truth in their lives!
People nowadays are focused on stupid stupid things. So dumb. Am I black enough? No I should tan more. Am I white enough? Lets bleach my skin then. Am I manly enough? Am I sexy enough? Am I someone other people would like? Dear everyone. Let me tell you exactly what you are. You are Freaking. Awesome.

Oh and side note: I really really appreciate running water.image

Home is where my God is

Time for something serious. I know I’ve mentioned it before and you can pretty much count on me to mention it again, but here it goes. I LOVE GOD. Seriously. I don’t even know how to describe this. I had this dream, for years and years and I told everyone it was Going to happen and then all of a sudden I decided to stop. Yes. It came to the point where I decided to stop my Lifelong dream. Excuses like, I’m too young. There’s no money. I can’t just go. I’m scared. Well I found out you can’t really live life without being scared at least half of the time! Life begins Outside of your comfort zone and that is one of the truest quotes I know.

So God came along asking me, Hey Sam, why aren’t you following your lifelong dream? Didn’t you promise me all those years ago that you would?
“Yeah… I know…, but I’m not ready yet! Maybe in a few years?” Nope! I Am in Ghana. God Himself sent me here and right Now is the time to do what I’ve always planned on doing. So I started reading my Bible. (With a little motivation from an awesome roommate) Something I’ve neglected more than I’d care to admit. But you know what? Another continent, another mindset! I found it makes me very peaceful! 90% of the time I spend here my thoughts are all over the place. I have this huge cloud with millions of thoughts, all crammed into this little space in my head wanting to burst out. But when I read my Bible, they get sorted out along the way and one main thing gets left behind. Love. I love Ghana, I love the children at the orphanage, the children at the fishing village, I love music, I love the sea, I love volunteering, I love music and I love making people happy. But most of all, I love God. He gave me this opportunity and I came so close to wasting it. But when this guy wants something, it happens. “Hmm, so you think you’re gonna stay at home and study? That’s cute, let’s go to the other side of the world instead ok? Oh you’re gonna go. You just don’t know it yet.” And that’s only the start of it. I know now that I actually CAN travel the world and experience different things. And now I know I can, I’m absolutely sure that I will!

I most definitely escaped routine xD

I absolutely love it here! Of course I can’t really say that Ghana feels like home to me yet. I’m like this really inconsistent person. Every few days I have huge ups and equally huge downs, and I see a new part of myself each and every day. Sometimes it’s scary as flush sometimes it’s amazing! And all of the times it most definitely is completely and totally different! But even though I’m not at “home” I am where God wants me to be, giving all the love I have to kids who need and deserve it. And when I think of it, does “home” get any better than this, right here with God by my side? I think I’m actually the freaking luckiest person in the world right now. My words and writings might still be all over the place right now but my thoughts are getting more and more straightened out. Why am I here? Because God wants me to be. For now that’s all I need to know.

(But seriously God, a small hint would be great… xD No pressure though, you do know what’s best and all…)

So I did some stuff and saw some things…

Oh my God, where do I start??

I could start with a chronological overview of what exactly I’ve been up to all this time… But the word chronological hardly exists in my vocabulary. So good luck trying to get what I’m saying, because chances are I hardly understand half of what I’m typing either!

Starting with last night… My first rainstorm in Africa! Seriously at one point I thought the wind was just blowing a little harder than usual and within 15 minutes the porch was flooded! Normal people go hide out inside in these moments right? Well I’m never really normal, so instead I went to walk around in the rain for at least 30 minutes. One of the happiest moments for me 😀 Did I mention I LOVE rain? What I didn’t love was the fact that the power went out. Having no power here basically means two things. Being cut off from the rest of the world, and more importantly… No Fan. DO you have any idea how hard it is to sleep without a fan in Ghana? It’s so. Freaking. Hot. In the end I think I might have slept 2 hours or something, so I feel *uhum* wide awake!

And this morning of course, we found out that there was no running water…  Again. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The first day I came here there was no running water, so I enjoyed some ‘great’ bucket showers… (Ok it wasn’t really that bad, just a bit different.) Side note, there’s also no washing machine here, so today I hand washed my clothes for the first time.

Hmm, let’s just take a sec to look at the differences between the Netherlands and Ghana… Maybe I should look at the similarities instead, to save time xD Ok but seriously, wauw! I expected change, lots of it. But even though I saw it coming, I’m still surprised at how different it is here. Some things are exactly as you might expect from Africa. Like the women carrying Everything around on their heads. I even tried doing that, and surprisingly, it’s not hard at all! What was a big shocker for me was everything involving public transport. If the place you have to go to is not too far away, you just take a taxi, preferably a shared one. You can share a taxi with friends, or complete strangers and you’ll end up paying about 1 cedi per person. (That’s about 30 eurocents) For the places that are a bit farther away, like a 30-45 minute bus ride you take a tro tro. Now those things are so ghetto xD It’s like this little van that fits about 16 people in it. You have enough space to sit, but don’t expect it to be anything like a normal bus, because it’s not :D. You have a lot less space for yourself. And bus times? Who needs bus times?! People we live in Ghana and here we have this little thing called Ghana time. Basically meaning when you set a time for an event, don’t expect people to show up anywhere close to the time you set. Two hours later is more like it, but I’d keep 3 hours in mind, just to be sure. I think the tro tro’s are partly to blame… They come by when they do, so don’t rush yourself too much to get on one. You have to look at the hand signs the bus guy makes to figure out where the bus is headed, and you just have to figure out for yourself where you should get off. The doors open and close manually while the bus is still driving. Makes perfect sense right? The main plus point is that it costs you only about 1 cedi! I’m liking these tro tro’s xD

Oh oh and about the fishing village! So on Monday til Thursday nights a bunch of people go to teach at a fishing village. The houses there… Man, I could never imagine myself living in such a house! But to get to my point; At the fishing village we have this street reserved for the classes. What we do is we take out some chairs and tables, we put them on the middle of the street and magically the chairs fill up with children Wanting to learn! I mean, how cool is that!! The kids are just amazing! And there are different kids every day, so you never know what you end up with. I’d be lying if I said it was easy though… I  tried to fill in for class 0 one time… I. Suck. It was awful xD The kids didn’t understand a word I was saying! So I decided to start learning Ga, the language these kids speak. I know some basic words in Ga now, but it’s pretty hard to learn for me xD

Oh, the market! So a while ago we went to the Art center, which is basically a market. The stores are all open, and everything is pretty cramped. There’s colour everywhere and more importantly, there are people that desperately want to sell things to the “Obroni’s”. because, we’re white right? That must mean we’re rich! Well… I’m not, so sorry guys… But they still tried. At one point people were literally grabbing my arms to pull me inside their shop! Sorry dude, I don’t want paintings. No thank you. Nope, we’re ok. I repeated those three sentences continuously over about a hour. O.o

Oh and my kids went dancing! Did I ever mention before that I’m secretly very bad with kids? I’m just so awkward, and they all look at me like, what are you trying to do? No I do not want to see a funny face and no I do not want to play with your teddy bear. In any case, right here I’m becoming quite the mother… Ok not completely of course, but I already feel like I would do anything to make sure these kids have a good life J And last Thursday the kids had a dance performance! It was actually a graduation for a hair dresser academy, which was really amazing in its own way! The hairstyles these people came up with, dayum O.O It was so weird that at one point the hair wasn’t even attached to their heads! They built the weirdest structures on top of their heads!

Aaanyway, when the kids started dancing… I was so proud!! You could just see the looks on people’s faces when a bunch of Obroni’s pushed their way to the front to film these awesome kids! I didn’t even care at that point, I was like, excuse me, can you get out of my way real quick so I can see my babies dance? Yes, you can take all the pictures you want of me and all my whiteness, but do it After I filmed them and screamed my lungs out ok? Thank you. Ok ok, not literally, but you get my drift. I really want to be a mother later. I just have so much love to give these kids, and the more I give, the bigger the amount of love I have is! :’D

I really need to start uploading some pictures soon, because I wanna show the world all this adorableness!! 😀

I didn’t see the older kids for about 2 days and when I saw them again they all came running toward me, hugging me, yelling my name. “Sam, Sam! Look what I can do!” “You sing for me! Wion King!” Did I mention I lost my heart to them? Well I’m mentioning it again xD

Seriously, if you ever have the chance in your life to come to Ghana and to do this project, DO IT. I hear people saying “I wish I did that when I was your age.” Well guess what, I Am my age and I’m having the time of my life 😀 I love adventures like this :’)

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