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The honesty of love

She wasn’t particularly aware of her surroundings when it happened. It was on a normal day when she was wandering across the streets with nothing but her thoughts. She didn’t know where she was going, nor did she really care. The noises of the cars passing by and the excited voices of women chattering about their newest accessories were but a vague sound in the back of her mind, masked by the chaos of her thoughts. The world around her faded as the world inside overruled her being. At that point she stood at the edge of her existence, close to the point of losing herself in endless reflections. At once her thoughts were interrupted when she bumped straight into the person in front of her. She looked up and found herself staring straight into the most beautiful pair of eyes she had ever seen. The clearest blue eyes of unequalled beauty held nothing but the reflection of truth. His black short hair formed a perfect contrast with his pale skin and his near white eyes that were lined with a strong black colour. The moment she looked at him it was as if her heart had stopped beating. The longer she dared to look into his eyes, the easier her words were swept away. No longer could she think of pointless reflections or anything else for that matter. Seconds seemed like ages and her lips refused forming the words that her mind was repeating continuously from the inside. Millions of thoughts raged through her head, both softly and violent, both bitter and sweet. Her focus was gone and all she could do was stare at him in astonishment. A fluttering feeling took possession of her. Where there was once reason, there was now admiration. The man looked her in the eyes, at first surprised, but soon thereafter he showed her his most brilliant smile. He softly rested his hands on her shoulder and let his voice fill up her thoughts. “Don’t worry, I get this a lot…” Before she realised the man raised his hand to the level of his eyes. In a matter of seconds the brightest eyes known to man changed into plain black eyes that were nothing out of the ordinary. With two contact lenses in his hands the man smiled at her. Her breath returned, her heart started beating and a wide smile appeared on her face. “I’m sorry… I was just…” “Don’t worry about it. I’m used to it.” She allowed him to interrupt her. Quickly she mumbled an apology and she walked away trying to hide her rose coloured cheeks. Before she disappeared from his sight she looked back one last time. She smiled. Her mind was clear, her thoughts determined. One can fake superficial things, but one can never fake the honesty in one’s eyes. It wasn’t the colour that had left her in awe. It was the truth she had seen. It was the truth that made her fall in love.


As part of the criteria to become a member on some writing website I needed to write something about a subject of my choice in 250-500 words. Mikee suggested ‘Love at first sight’. Even though I’m really bad at writing about love I accepted the challenge XD It turned out differently than I wanted to, but that’s just typical for me XD I’m pretty proud already that I reached exactly 500 words! (and not more) One time I will write a real love story where you can really feel the love 😀 But first… Let’s keep it at this xD



He stared out of the window as the scenery flashed by. The sky was grey, the grass was grey and the sun was grey. He closed his eyes for a short moment and only listened to the ticking of the rain on the car and for a moment he felt calm. A sad kind of peace, like the silence before a storm. It felt as if something was about to happen and nature tried to warn him. He didn’t want to be warned. For a moment he just wanted to enjoy the peace, with no second thoughts. This rare feeling that was in the middle of something was precious. When someone is extremely happy, the switch to sadness hits them that much harder. For a moment, he didn’t want to switch. He didn’t want to feel extreme happiness or extreme sadness but for once he enjoyed staying in the middle. Empty. Calm. He turned of his thoughts. His hands glued to the steering wheel, his eyes focused on the empty road in front of him. He didn’t know why he was driving nor did he know his destination. Let’s get lost. He thought to himself. Let’s just get lost and not come back for however long I feel like it. Let’s wander around and let the world come to me. Let’s stop trying and let everything just go the way nature wants it to. Sometimes that’s what someone needs. A small smile formed on his lips. Why not? He clutched the steering wheel. It’s a choice he made. A decision he wouldn’t let go. The smile on his lips grew as he looked straight ahead. With his full weight he hit the gas pedal. He raced along the road and let the rush of the speed take over his thoughts. The gravity pushed him back in his seat. His shaking hands told him to stop driving, but his mind kept telling him he was ok. He drove faster every second, he ignored the scenery flashing by and he ignored the world that started spinning around him. He felt the tires starting to slip off the wet road, but he didn’t hesitate to go on. Suddenly he lost all control. The car started spinning, the grey of the sky merged with the grey of the trees and everything together formed one grey stain. He closed his eyes let himself lose control and didn’t try to regain it. He felt the car turning over many times, but his mind was somewhere else. Then it all stopped. Everything was quiet. He opened his eyes and looked surprised. He let out a small sigh. Stupid. He chuckled to himself. Things got out of hand again. He didn’t get his own mind. He didn’t understand why he did most of the things he did, but he knew he always got out alive. Something didn’t allow him to give up and that thing somehow encouraged him to try to find the edge. He stepped out of the car and looked around. He didn’t see a road anymore. There only was a calm lake surrounded by grass and a few trees. He laid down in the grass next to the lake and stared at the sky. Suddenly he felt something hitting him. “Hey… Hey dude.” He quickly stood up and looked behind him. His eyes widened in surprise. In front of him he saw a girl wearing a bright red coat. There wasn’t anything grey about her. Suddenly there was colour. Before he could speak a word she continued. “Hey, whatsyourname.. You’re sitting on my spot!” He looked around at the place where he was sitting and looked back at her again. “W.. Where did you…” “Come from?” She finished for him and she grinned. “Ah.. No where. I’m just a fantasy. A figment of your imagination!” He looked confused, but she didn’t give him the time to think and shoved him to the side and sat down on his spot. “So. What were you thinking?” She said as she got comfortable.

Ok sorry guys XD I started this story and halfway through, just like the guy in it I lost my destination. Any suggestions? Because I’m lost 😛 I got three words, this time from Amir, to write a story with. The words were Glue, Car and Fantasy. At least those three are in there somewhere but now only a suitable ending??? ^^’ I’m posting this because I really feel like posting something and maybe someone can give me advice?

This is Frank

This is Frank. Say hi to him…

I won’t have a long life. I know that. My kind never leads a long life. That’s why I’ve decided to lead a fulfilling one. I want adventure and excitement. I want to travel and see the world. I want to laugh in the face of danger and melt in the face of love. I will definitely live a full life. I remember when I said this to myself for the first time. Young and naive, excited to see the world yet lacking the means to do so. In my eagerness I left my home, unknowing of the dangers that laid ahead. I said goodbye to my family and my friends, the ones who were dear to me to seek fulfilment. Instead I got caught in a net of reality. I got lifted out of the water, I was fighting for every breath and I slowly felt my hopes and dreams drying up when I saw the big round eyes of the little boy who took me. I glanced at his wide smile and said goodbye to my life. If it was to end, somehow I felt happy t was at the hands of this cute little boy. He went fishing with his dad. He probably had a fun day too. My life for someone’s happiness. It wasn’t much to give but somehow I felt happy.

“David, go put that fish in the water bag!” He looked up and stopped staring at his new friend for a second. “Hey, you can’t keep him if he doesn’t breathe you know!” A hand went through his hair. He quickly jumped up with the fish in his little hands and slid it in a water bag. “Dad!” He said with a wide grin. “Look how cool he is!” His father grinned at him and nodded. “Come on little fisherman, let’s go home so we can cook it for ya!” The boy’s eyes widened and he stared with astonishment at his dad. Seconds later his dad started to laugh. “Just kidding. Tonight we dine with pizza! Your little friend here can stay in your brand new tank with the other fishes. With a satisfied smile the boy ran to his bike to cycle home next to his dad.

I saw things I never had imagined. I wanted excitement and I got more than I could ever have wished for. I still remember that day when I left my loved ones. Was it worth it? I opened my eyes again and found myself in a plastic bag. For a moment panic struck me like a raging fire. I swam around in hundreds of circles in high speed, but soon I found out nothing worked. I took a breath and I stared in front of me. What I saw was better than the lake I was born in. A beautiful spectacle of colours in front of me. The blue of the sky former a perfect contrast with the green grass and the white clouds. Everywhere around me there was nature. Never had I seen the sea so blue. Never did I know there were creatures that could fly and never did I know the comfort of confinement. I came to his home. I was fed everyday, he talked to me every night and in between I could watch people coming back and forth through his room. Thanks to this boy I found out life doesn’t have to be dangerous or continuously exciting to be fulfilling. The image of this little boy playing on the ground with his little toy train will never leave my mind. The simple things matter. Even in the short life of a fish like me.

Guys… I really don’t know what sense this story makes XD Let’s just say it’s a fish teaching us something about life. In my mind the fish’s name is Frank, so say hi to him ^_^ The inspiration was… I asked Leo to give me three words to write a story with. The words were Fishes, Bike and Train. And this is what came out of it. It happens more often that I make little sense so it’s ok I guess ^^’

A fictional activity in the life of a lazy student

It’s not just a lack of inspiration. It’s a lack of everything that encourages you to do something. Everything that seems to give you hope of getting even a single step further in this temporary, meaningless existence. Every time you sit in front of your computer, your paper or whatever, maybe your ipad to type out something that seems of even the slightest of value, you feel your energy, your will and everything positive draining outside of your head. It’s not only for writing a story, but also for an essay, a paper, something funny to say or a clever response to someone’s witty remarks. Sometimes I can see why people find this so nerve wrecking. The only thing you feel like doing is sleeping or just randomly scrolling through meaningless, empty pictures on the internet. Every two or three pages of boredom a silent laugh escapes your mouth, your face lights up for only a small second before returning to it’s plain, emotionless state of drained will. Maybe describing this feeling will help, maybe writing it down using as many overused adjectives and the broadest vocabulary you have at your disposal, might form a plausible solution for the recurring feeling of unwillingness that continuously keeps possessing your mind. Maybe your brain will find a way to understand what you want instead of falling into this ongoing obstinacy, persisting on the emptiness in thoughts and actions. It might form a plausible solution… But it doesn’t. Writing down my feelings, sure, in these cases words come flowing out of my mind with the quick yet smooth flow of a fast river after the rainfall on a summer day. Yet when I want to write down an interesting story, filled with incredible plot twist an in depth and thoughtful story line and outstanding character development, my mind leaves me standing in the cold as it had done so many times. What will it take for a human brain to follow the will of it’s owner? Are the two intertwined, or are they, as I feel like it is the case right now, separate things functioning at own will? No, the will of a person cannot function without the brain, but the brain of this person is also dependant on the owner’s will. At the moment, none of them is listening to me and I’m left… Empty.

People underestimate to what extent procrastination can be practised in the life of a lazy person. We are expected to function at our best for years on end, we are given small breaks in between and we have to live with small moments of recovery before our full potential is to be engaged again. Full potential. For some people, this is fiction. Some people can not simply bring up the will for it. Is it a genetic disorder? Can we blame it on something easy as that? Should lazy students just be forgiven if they don’t work as hard as the rest? This would be unfair compared to their peers, it is not something I encourage even though I’m stuck in the same downward spiral as many of us might be able to relate to. On the other hand, is it fair to let some people work harder to reach the same level, due to their unsupportive genetically set information? Maybe some people just can’t work as hard as others to reach the same goal, even though they have the potential to. But this doesn’t mean anything. In the world we live in, everyone is tested according to the same rules. Is it possible to turn there rules around? Disregarding the fairness in this matter, we simply don’t have a choice now. There is no use complaining. That’s why people like this, including me, should just try to work harder to reach something, disregard their laziness and undertake action. I’ll try to get myself out of this drained feeling, because I have to prove that there’s more than that to me. If I can do it, anyone can. Now just try xD

Well, as usual this came out a lot different than I expected it would xD I was randomly chatting with Emily, and we decided to give each other the assignment to write something about ‘A fictional activity in the life of a lazy student’. Well, I started writing about my writer’s block and somehow this came out of it xD I don’t know how much sense it makes, but later when I re-read it maybe I will 😛

Two Little Butterflies

I looked at the little box in my hands and smiled. It was a little heart shaped jewellery box made from silver. The lid was covered with beautiful little decorations each made with the utmost of care and in the centre there were two words engraved in round curling letters. Best friends. I held the little box tightly and close to me, making sure it would never fall and desperate not to break it. “Are you sure it’s ok?” I asked her not letting my eyes leave the box for even a second. “No. It’s not ok.” She responded. Before I knew it she grabbed the box out of my hands, not even paying attention to whether it was breakable or not. My eyes opened wide as I followed the box being thrown up in the air and caught again in one of her hands. When I tried to grab the box she kept holding her hand up in the air, just out of my reach. When I noticed that it didn’t work I looked at her only to see a wide grin on her face. She lowered her hand again and handed me the box. “Come on Sarah! Be a bit more careful!” I yelled. “First of all, of course it’s ok! Did you really think I’d give you the box if it wasn’t?” Before I could respond she went on talking. “Secondly, come on. It’s silver, it’s pretty hard. It’s not gonna break that easily you silly! And finally, how long am I going to have to wait till you finally open the damn thing, Jen?” I looked at her in surprise. “You mean there’s more? But that’s…” “Open it, Jenna! Man, are you Ever going to stop talking?” I smiled. That’s why she was my best friend. She said exactly what she wanted to, no matter what anyone else though. But inside, I knew she had the best things she could wish for in a friend. Slowly I opened the box revealing two blue necklaces inside. Two amazing blue butterflies with perfect symmetry and perfect beauty. They almost looked like the real things except for the metal attached to them. “Om my, thanks S!!” Without letting the necklaces go I jumped in her arms to give her a big hug. “Thanks!” She smiled foolishly. “Come on, let’s put them on!” I turned around and let Sarah put the necklace around my neck. Suddenly when I looked down at the necklace, the butterfly began to fly! The wings started flapping and the butterfly was free in the air. With astonishment I looked at the beautiful creature, only held back at by the steel of the necklace holding it in place. I looked at Sarah with wide opened eyes. “What is…?” Before I could finish my sentence I saw that her necklace was doing the same thing. “It’s magic Jen! Can you believe it? It’s real magic!” We looked at each other for a few seconds in silence. The only sound was that of the flapping of wings. Suddenly we started laughing and laughing until we couldn’t breathe anymore. We flew up in the air together with out butterflies and flew along the heavens together. Then it hit me. It being the ground. What the… I stood up from the ground with a headache looking at my bed. Seriously Sam? Butterflies? I spent the rest of my day with a  headache and the urge to laugh uncontrollably everytime I saw a butterfly.

Ok this story is the product of boredom ^_^ I asked 2 of my friends give me the first thing you think about, and I’ma write a story about it. They gave me Butterflies and Best Friends. Thanks guys ^^’ mushy stuff… You all know how good I am at that -_- Not. Well I did it anyway 😀

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