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Day 24: Write a story that takes place 100 years in the future

Dear Diary

Dear dairy,

It is December 31, 1912. The last day of the year. I live in England, in this little room. We are hiding because we are at war. I wonder what the world will look like in 50 years, 100 years. I hope there will be a world without war, that we all could live together in harmony. I can’t imagine the possibility’s they will have. Will everyone be driving cars by then or will we fly by that time? Do we still need to work this hard for food or can we order it at home? I would love to have a time travel machine, to see it all. What would London look like? Will the Big Ben be there? Waiting for me to come home? How will the people be dressed? Did they discover a new world? A new planet with life on it? Maybe the world is destroyed, there will be earthquakes and tsunamis and I don’t know what more. I think I’m going to sleep. Whoever who will find this. Please tell me how it is in the future. I’m so curious…


Emilia Sophia

I look at the page in the diary. The rest of the pages are all blank, all except for this one. Without thinking about it I close the box I had found it in and I leave the garret with the diary in my hands. Before I realise what I’m doing, I start writing.

Dear Emilia,

Today it’s January 8th, 2013. It’s little more than a hundred years since you wrote this. Right now, the war is over. We live in a peaceful London, a peaceful Europe, but outside our borders the war still rages on. The dream of peace is still fresh in everyone’s mind even though every other thing has progressed since 100 years ago. Medicine, hygiene, transportation, technology. Everyone owns a car and mankind has flown in airplanes, and even stood on the moon. The world is automated, contacts aren’t limited to borders anymore and people all over the world find a way to communicate with each other. People have more chances to learn from each other. People live longer. I think London will welcome you if you could come. I would love to meet you, see you and know about your life as well. I read books and stories about the war, I can’t imagine how hard it must be. Bravery isn’t eagerness but something that is forced, nothing is self-evident… I hope you’re staying strong. Please write me back, I want to know more.


Alexis Jones

I put the diary in front of me. What am I doing? This makes no sense. Why would I write something in here? Maybe I’m just tired. I should get some rest.

Today I was lazy. I really didn’t feel like writing anything about this subject, so I dropped it on one of my friends. Like me, she doesn’t like obediently following all the rules, so she made something completely different than I expected. She wrote the first page of the diary, shoved the work right back to me and made me write the rest of it… We talked, things escalated.. suddenly we might be writing a novella (If I don’t quit halfway through like usual, that is -_-) Friends ^^’ Try to get away with less work, they give you much more than you expected xD If you like it, please comment with ideas, motivations, do’s or don’ts, random stuff, a theory about how doughnuts are going to take over the world… Everything ^_^

Credits to Emily Amzand


Day 23: Describe/fictionalize a childhood memory

The little white building behind is the church 😀

Picture by: Emily Amzand

An Awesome Church 

I spent a long time thinking about a childhood memory that I could write about. In my head I went back to all the little moments when I was younger. I remembered the days when I was still living in Curaçao, the house we lived in with the big back yard, the cute puppy we took care of, the baby doll my grandpa gave me for my somethingth birthday. All these great little moments in life, but none were really clear writable experiences. When I arrived at the church on Saturday, early as usual I decided to take a walk around the area hoping that if I opened myself up for it, the memories would come to me. Never did I think that huge a bomb of nostalgia would come in my way! I decided to sit down for the short time I had left to write in the exact centre of my childhood and now I know that I underestimated the power of writing in a place that means something. I highly recommend it! This way I also found that my childhood is in the church. The church family I’ve created had become more precious to me than I could ever have imagined which makes seventh day adventism for me not only a religion for me. It’s a way of life, the home of my family, the place where I can see the people in the world who are the most precious to me and where I can feel the presence of the one I love the most. My heavenly Father 😀

Ok back to the memories xD. I don’t feel like picking a specific one so I’ll just tell a bit about the area around my church and everything I remember about it with here and there some change of perspective 😀 (figuring how to write this down as I go along ^^’)

First of all, there’s the church itself. On the area there are two buildings. First there is a big building complete with round arches, beautiful brown bricks and a questionable statue of something weird at the front of it. The stairs lead to the great entrance and everything about it is grand and perfect. (little bit of exaggeration ^^’) Just a couple of metres to it’s side you see a smaller building, white, squared, almost hidden away by some trees during the summer, a big brown door as entrance… You get the picture. From afar you might confuse it with a cabin, but it’s surprisingly spacious. The little white building is my church. It took me ages to figure out what the building next to it was for, but I didn’t really care either way 🙂 The church is small, but it’s home. When I enter through the big brown doors I immediately hear the sound of music. Good music. Guitars, singing, drums, awesomeness! I remember when the greed plastic chairs still weren’t replaced with the newer comfier ones and the beautiful wooden floor was still old and ugly. I didn’t care about that back then, nor do I now. Like I said, home. I didn’t go to this church from the start though. When I was twelve I followed my cousin and my brother here (the place where he met love) and I loved it. I’ve come to the area around it before though. Many, many days as scouts in the forest. The forest that seemed like it was endless. Little me. I look up to the trees, I see the forest around me, not knowing where I am or where I can go. I look at my compass and I don’t understand how it works. My friends are walking ahead of me and I desperately run towards the leader to make sure I won’t get lost. No matter what time of the year it is, I always walk through the fallen leaves and climb every tree I can, cautiously looking out so I don’t lose sight of my leader. The one time I did I spent a good time crying my eyes out for it. That won’t happen again, I say to myself. I have to get to know this forest! Ahead of me I see my biggest point of recognition. The mountain. It’s hard to climb, steep and high and at the top there is some kind of ruin. At the bottom there is a cellar. They say there are bats living inside, that they caged count Dracula in it. I’m scared of getting close, but curious at the same time. After an hour of walking through the endless fallen leaves we arrive at the field with the flagpoles. Time for our salute after a successful journey through the wild.  Older me. The journey actually took me about 20 minutes. We were very slow that day. When I look at the forest right now I see how small it actually was. It’d take effort to get lost here. The mountain is nothing more than a hill. Still these things made me feel like a true adventurer. The field with the flagpoles is where we always gathered. Right now it’s empty but if I close my eyes I remember it being covered with hundreds of tents and in the middle there is a big one with red and white stripes. Just beyond there is a little hut for some meetings and next to it the toilets. They have and shall always be dirty, because of the camping. But it’s part of the memory. The cold is also part of it and somehow when I think of the ice cold nights with my brother in a tent after saying goodnight to the rest of our family, I can’t help but feeling warm. Just beyond the hut there’s the old forest. At least… now it’s a car factory or something. The memories there just swept away by bulldozers. I loved that place so much. The snowball fights there, the lunch together, the adventures. At least there’s still some left before the hut. Little me. Early in the morning, no one is awake yet. I feel the fresh cold breath of the morning on my face. I hardly slept enough last night, I could sleep for a couple hours more. No I can’t. In about 20 minutes they’ll start hitting the pots and pans and everyone will wake up. Instead of laying in my tent I go outside. I climb a hill and rub my eyes at the same time and when at the top all I do is stare at what I see. The little kindergarten where I play sometimes. The sand where I used to dig hundreds of holes in. The children’s farm with the young goats wide awake already. I just take a breath and tae it in. I enjoy the happy moments I’m having before the Sunday ends and I’ll have to leave the camp. I won’t see my family for one more week until the next Sabbath. I smile. I can live with that. Taking my time I walk back to the tents again, thanking God for every step I take. Lazy as I am I step inside my tent again and enjoy my last 5 minutes of sleep, before some of the camp leaders make a delicious breakfast while I sleep through the noise of the pans. Older me. No matter how far away I go, how long I’m gone or when I’m coming back. In the years to come I’ll be back at this place re-experiencing some of the best moments of my life. Feeling like I’m coming home every time.

Well, this isn’t a story xD It’s just me rambling about my memories ^^’ Well, I hope you enjoyed it either way. At least I did ^^’

Day 22: Write a story based on a dream you had

Treasure hunting

“Where are we going again?” She looked at me and grinned. “Buckle up. We’re going treasure hunting.” “Ehm…” My mind was a bit hazy to say the least. “Does your mom have a car?” She asked. “Eh, yeah she does.” “Well, can I borrow it?” “Sorry, I don’t think so… Why?” A big smirk covered her face as she gave me a sharp yet cheerful look. “Then we’ll just have to use this one…” Without further ado, she stepped on it and raced across the road. My eyes opened wide as I felt gravity pushing me back in my chair. With all the power I had in my neck I turned to my left to glance at her. The craziness in her eyes didn’t seem harmful. The street flashing by at an accelerating speed did. “What on earth are you doing?!” I yelled at her trying to overcome the noise of the wind blowing through my hair. Wait. Since when was this car a Cabrio? I looked to where we were heading again. My eyes almost fell out of their sockets when I saw what was ahead of us. With my last breath I yelled at her “Stop! You’re killing us!” She turned to me in what felt like slow motion and her soft whisper magically reached my ears. “Brace yourself.” The smirk appeared on her lips again and as we flew over the edge of the cliff towards the rooftops of the small town underneath us. With the happiest smile I ever saw her wearing she screamed, “I’m coming, world! Be. Afraid!” The words ringed through my ears as I saw the straw rooftop approaching me in terrifying speed. My hair was moving in every direction and without even noticing is started smiling. The smile turned in a laugh and soon I was laughing loudly like a crazy person and if anything, I can say that I enjoyed it to the fullest. Then came the collision. The unstable rooftop quickly caved under the weight of the truck. Wait. When did it become a truck? No time to think, after landing unharmed in the huge pile of straw that was conveniently at our landing place she wasted no time jumping out of the car. About 10 to 15 strange people approached us each wielding sharp swords and hooks. Out of nowhere she also pulled a sword and with a loud voice she started speaking. “Where is the map?” She yelled through the hut. One of the men stepped forward holding a roll of paper. “Are you looking for this, deary?” She jumped from the heap of straw and landed right in front of the man holding the paper. “Give it to me, you filthy…” Before she could finish her sentence her neck was surrounded with the ends of about 15 pointy swords. She had no choice but let her own sword drop to the ground. “Alright then.” She said with no remorse on her voice. “We’ll have it your way.” The stranger stepped forward and breathed his stinky breath straight into her nose. “My way includes having you without that head of yours, deary.” The last word was spoken with a mocking smile. Without realising what I did a jumped off the straw straight into two of the men killing them with the knives in my hand. Like a skilled warrior I moved onwards to kill another 3 or 4 of them and I quickly grabbed her hand. Taking another 2 down I dragged her to the exit of the hut as she kept staring at me with wide opened eyes. “Where did you get those knives?” She almost yelled at me. “Not a clue. Now let’s go! Oh and Cat…” I asked her with a questioning tone, without looking back at the hand I was dragging along with me. “…What on Earth is going on?!” “I’m not Cat.” She asked with a surprised tone. Without stopping I looked behind at the person whose hands I’d been holding. “Liz! But… Just now you were…” Suddenly the ground under my feet had disappeared and I fell into the water. Without looking where I had gone I had ran off the pier. Liz pulled my arm. “What are you waiting for Sam! We gotta go beat up some pirates!” My eyes opened wide. That’s what they were? What the… She dragged me through the water a couple of metres before I decided to swim by myself. We quickly approached a ship with a black pirated flag hanging on the mast, complete with skull and strangely enough, a straw hat on top of the skull. “Go and beat up the other pirates over there before you come back ok?” I looked around and saw the other ship she was referring to. “Trust me Sam!” Like I had a choice. With all my strength a swam towards the other ship and dived as soon as I got too close. Silently I climbed the edge of the ship. The man standing in front of he edge, blocking my view, was the first to go. I pushed my knife into his back and pulled him over the edge into the water. That surely wasn’t enough to kill him, but it’s buy me a bit of time. I looked at the blood that had come into the water and saw no struggling body coming to the surface. Wait. Are you seriously telling me that he couldn’t swim? And how come none of the other people had noticed a man being killed an the very same boat? No time to think. Without further ado I used the same strategy to kill all 5 men on board and I went to the straw hat ship again. When I tried to climb the edge again this time I felt a hand stopping me. The hand covered my mouth muffling all of my screams as I was pulled back into the ocean. Suddenly a clear voice ringed in my head. The man who had pulled me down was trying to talk to me. “Sam! Don’t be afraid. You just have to do something really important for me.” “What?” I didn’t speak, but somehow I made myself understandable underneath the water. “You have to dive. It’s the only way!” “Dive? To do what?” He let me go. Wait, he let me go? Just like that? “What’s wrong? Why are you letting me go?” “Because I’m not your enemy. Now listen to me. You have to dive! 10,000 metres underneath the sea’s surface, in order to find your destiny. Sam, you must find your destiny!” Out of breath I swam to the surface again. Liz was standing and watching over the ship’s edge. “Sam!” She yelled. “What happened?! You were gone for like 10 minutes underneath there! How’d you do that?” I grinned at her. “You crazy girl… I was about to ask you the same thing.” I climbed on top of the ship that suddenly felt oddly familiar. “So, what about that treasure?”


Ok, I spent a long time thinking about a dream I once had, since I hardly ever dream. Suddenly I remembered this one I had about 2 people I know who look a bit alike in some ways, but not at all in others. They were both in the dream, which is why suddenly the character switches 😛 Since this is one of the most strange but fun dreams I have had in a very long time I used this one. Yes most of it is actually true in my dream world, even the destiny thing. It turned out to be some sort of strange mix between Assassins Creed and One Piece… Both Epic! So yeah, I had fun that night xD.

Day 21: He or she sees their crush in a library. Describe the incident.

Strange routines

It was a large old fashioned library filled with typical oak wooden bookshelves and dusty books as far as the eye could see. Old fashioned in this case meant; there wasn’t a digitalised check in or out system to keep track of the books, no identification cards to see if you were a member and truly allowed to borrow from the school library and no computer to send you in the right direction when looking for a book. Everything happened on paper, written by hand. At the entrance of the library there was a big chalkboard lined with the same old oak wood as before. On the board you could see what genre of books could be find at what place. In every row there was a chalkboard just like this one where you could check the books you brought with you, writing down your name behind the title. Next to the entrance door you could go to the librarian to write down your name once again, proving your presence just in case they needed this bit of useless information. The librarian was one of those typical grumpy ones who would shush you if you made even a decibel more sound than the turning of a page. Dropping a book would bring you instantly into the danger zone and very likely on the red list. Lucky for him, clumsy as he usually was, he didn’t come there to read one of the library books. To be honest he didn’t even feel like being there at that hour. Nine o’clock in the morning might not be very early for most people, but for him it was almost as bad as torture. He yawned as he walked past the librarian quickly jotting down his name as she snarled at him to cover his mouth. The reason he was there was studying purposes only. He wasn’t one to study for straight A’s, but with his last grade list it might be better for him to get one or two just to be sure. It wasn’t that he was bad at learning. No, it was just his usual lazy attitude. Why straight A’s if straight C’s can get you through college just as easily? The only problem was that studying in his own home was a big no for him. The reason for that involved a twin sister and brother of 5 years old running around the house, chasing the dog and playing ‘mommy and daddy’, ‘slay the dragon’ or ‘the princess and the pirate’ all day long. No, it wasn’t the princess and the frog. Jake had insisted that he’d be the pirate since he had admired the almighty Luffy ever since he was able to think. Jenna didn’t like pirates and had insisted to be the princess. The twins were cute and amusing, but they were annoying as hell. When he really had to study, the library was the best place for him. That however, wasn’t the reason for his enthusiasm this early in the morning. He looked at his watch. 9:14 in the morning. He sat down at his usual place in the library and spread his books across the table. Of course he had no intention in starting his studies yet. Not until… 3… 2…1… There she came turning the corner of her usual book case. As usual she was perfectly punctual, a quality he wasn’t sure he liked or hated about her. His breath stopped as she started walking closer. Just 5 metres in front of him, without even looking up from the book she was holding she stopped at the usual place and turned around. The book was called “The wonders unknown to man.” At home he had a copy of it which he had read about a million times already. He could understand her interest in the book. He himself loved reading it over and over, but he didn’t quite know if that was because of the book or because of her. He stared at her profile as she was looking through the bookshelves for another book of mysteries. He wondered which one she would choose this time and whether he would decide to read it too. He looked at her scanning through the books she had read in order to find a new one  again. He saw her arm lifting to reach for a book just above her head, standing on her toes to get a little closer to what she couldn’t read. He admired her beauty and was tempted to stand up to help her. Take care of her from that day and forever. Just when he was about to stand up and walk towards her he saw an arm behind her grabbing the book that she was reaching for. The guy behind her smiled and hander her the book. She smiled back and just like that she walked out of his sight. He smiled sadly. One day he might have the courage to take that chance. He was just hoping that day wouldn’t be too late. He turned forward to his school books again and opened one of them. He leaned back and balanced the chair on two legs making himself comfortable and at the same time getting her out of his mind so he could focus again. In a moment he felt he lost his balance and started falling backwards. In a desperate attempt to grab a hold of something he grasped the air in front of them, but it was useless. With a hard smack he felt his head landing on the ground. Slowly thinking away the pain and rubbing the back of his head he opened his eyes and found himself looking straight into hers. “Wh.. wha…” He mumbles as he tried to clear his head and stop his point of gravity from spinning in all directions. She reached out to him and helped him stand up. “Everything ok?” She asked with a sweet voice, but the grin on her lips betrayed everything. “You were the one who pulled me?” He asked in surprise. She quickly glanced at the librarian and gave her an apologetic look combined with the ‘just a stupid guy again’ face as she pointed toward him. Then she quickly bowed down bringing her mouth near his ears and whispered with the voice of an angel, “You deserved it Mr. Curious Stranger.” She stood straight up again and chuckled as he was still staring at her with wide eyes. “So, are you going to tell my why you’ve been peeking at me the past few weeks?” He blushed and quickly looked away. She tried to turn in a way so she could meet his eyes again. “What, you can’t possibly think I didn’t notice that yet right?” An evil laugh came from her mouth again. She walked op to the opposite side of the table and sat down in front of him. “I was…” He said, still not daring enough to look her in the eyes. He never had felt nervous, especially not for a girl, but suddenly all his word seemed to stop. She continued talking, hardly interrupting his unfinished sentence. “Well, I was going to ask you why at least, but seeing your face… Infatuated? Enchanted maybe? Heh.” She looked at his school books and grabbed one. For minutes on end she started looking through the books, the notes and everything there was to his studying material. “So, I’m part of your routine huh?” Suddenly he looked up with a hint of security in his eyes. “Jade. You’re the beginning and end of my routine. Everything that’s in between is powered by seeing you in the morning. I might seem like a freak, maybe I am, but I won’t lie about it.” She looked to him a bit startled, stared at him for a bit and then smiled. “Well, mystery man… Now it’s hardly fair that you know my name and I don’t know yours now is it?” “Jack.” He said regaining his certainty bit by bit. “Well Jack,” She continued. “let’s make you a deal now shall we? When you pass this test with at least an A, I’ll take you and your craziness out on a little date. It’s not fair that you get to know me so well after all this time, and I hardly know you right? But you’ll have to do it without this silly little routine of yours. No more eyeing me in the mornings ok? Let’s see how far you’ll get without your bit of motivation here.” She smiled, ruffled his hair a bit and left leaving his thrown of guard and utterly surprised. Without giving it a second thought he quickly buried himself in his books determined to get that A.


Euhm… I started this story not knowing where I was going with it and I nded it not knowing where I went xD I’m confused about it too, because seriously, what girl decides to go on a date with her stalker after throwing him off a chair for fun?? But well, I don’t feel like re-writing it and confusion can be fun too ^_^ Oh yeah, and thumbs up for the One Piece reference 😀

Day 20: Use these words in a story: grandfather, photo album, post office, and folder

New year’s eve

This is what he does every last day of the year, ever since his 18th new years eve. Some people go out to party and celebrate a new beginning. Others just want to be with their families at the dinner table enjoying the precious time they have together once every year. There are people who prefer to sit in the quiet of their homes with the sounds of the fireworks from feet or maybe miles away ringing in their ears. He was one of those people. He looked at the glass cookie jar in front of him and saw the little decorations. A crooked glossy chocolate chip cookie was on it’s way to the mouth of a little boy with grey eyes and 4 fingers on both his hands. One of his hands was bigger then the other and his eyes were perfectly round. It was clear that the little work of art was made by a child. The boy in the drawing had been him all those years ago. He smiled when he opened the jar and grabbed a cookie. It was home made. His mother always told him that the best cookies were made at home, with the heart of a loving mother. He chuckles as he remembered asking whether mommy’s heart was really inside the cookie. He took a bite and tasted the love that had made it delicious. A big bang from one of the fireworks close by echoed through the living room as the dog started whining and ran towards his trusted basket in the corner of the room. “Poor thing, he must be terrified.” He looked up over his left shoulder and saw where the voice was coming from. It belonged to a woman standing behind him. Her eyes had the same grey colour as his and they matched perfectly with her long grey hair. The wrinkles next to it betrayed her old age, but they also showed how much she had been laughing through the years. With one of her hands she touched his shoulder and in the other she was holding a thick, brown folder. After gently pinching his shoulder she smiled, walked around the couch and sat down next to him. She opened the folder and spread the pictures inside of it across the table. At least a hundred pictures with countless memories were showed in front of his eyes and the time had come to store them properly. He opened the drawer of the wooden table and took out a dark red photo album. He had chosen the album himself and purposely took a red one. Red was her colour and it was also his father’s colour. “We should watch the fireworks after this.” She said. He looked at his mother and smiled. “Of course we will, I know how you love them.” He took a handful of pictures in his hands and started looking through them. They weren’t arranged on date yet so all the memories came out of order. On the first picture he saw himself as a young boy. He wore a wide smile and in his hands he was holding a big red fire truck. Next to him his grandfather was squatting down, wearing a smile just as wide as his. It had been his 7th birthday and as always, his grandfather had spoiled him with gifts. He still remembered going to the restaurant with his family, having to dress up in a fancy suit for the occasion. When the arrived he was admiring the beauty of the building, the perfect work with decorations and the beautiful set up. A stunning waitress led them to their table and he tried to copy his fathers glances at her. After repeatedly glancing at her legs, exactly mimicking his fathers expression, he still couldn’t understand why the waitress’ legs were so different from his. He even walked up closer to her o stare for a while where after he asked his father loudly through the restaurant, “Daddy, why do you keep looking at her legs all the time? Are they more special then mom’s?” He chuckled as he remembered the blush on his father’s face and the annoyed way his mother shoved him after that. When they arrived at their seats in the furthest corner of the restaurant he saw his grandfather’s gift waiting for him on his chair. He smiled at the memories and stuck the picture in the photo album one by one. He looked at a picture of him standing in front of the post office with his uniform on. His first job. He remembered the hell he had to go through to deliver the mail every single day, no matter what the weather looked like and no matter how heavy the bags. He remembered swearing that he would never go through that again and never again after that month of delivery, did he touch the uniform of a mail man. He came across memories of his first day at high school, his graduation, his engagement and his marriage. His first child. A beautiful daughter. Suddenly he came across the picture of his 18th new year’s eve. He looked at his fathers smile. It was the last picture they had of that smile. He smiled back. That was a long time ago. A memory buried in the past. It was a very good memory though. After all these years he didn’t hold a grudge against death, as he knew it was inevitable. His mothers hands touched the hand he was holding the picture with. She smiled at him. “It’s almost twelve. We should go outside.” They stood up and walked towards the door holding each others arms close. The most spectacular and eye catching fireworks were sent up into the air and despite the cold air outside, he felt warm from the inside. With the new year he always felt the mixed feelings. He felt sad for all the memories that had gone, but not forgotten. The ones that could never be re-experienced. But he also felt happy, for the new memories to come. This is how he spent his new year’s eve. His house wasn’t filled with family and laughter. All those years ago he had decided that his new year would be opened with only his mother. That was what mattered, he and his mother together at every new beginning. The essence of his New Year.


Happy New Year everybody 😀 I have a lot of reasons to love the year that has gone by, but I’m also happy to make a new beginning again. I’ve been blessed so many times last year and this year I trust it will be even more! For this challenge I thought to stick to the time of the year a bit. With the given words I tried not to take the obvious way out again, but it still seems a bit standard 😛 But for a change, I don’t mind because I kinda like it ^^. Hope you did so too and again, the best wishes for 2013 😀

Day 19: Write an obituary for a historical figure

Jesus Christ – 37 AD.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth has passed away at the young age of 33. He died on Friday on Mount Calvary by crucifixion after being falsely accused of blasphemy.

Jesus Christ was born in the city Bethlehem to the virgin Mary and his earthly father was Joseph, but he has always been the only son of God. He lived his life as a wanderer together with his 12 apostles and he was teaching the word of God to the people. In his life he has performed many life changing miracles which have a great effect on our lives until this day. We can still turn to him for inspiration, motivation and guidance. He will always be an example to us and we are encouraged to follow in his footsteps as best as we can.

Even though a good friend and an example has passed away there will be no time to mourn, because as he predicted his own death, he has also predicted his rise from the grave. In only three days our Saviour will come back to us where after he will go to his place besides his heavenly father again in order to prepare a place for us.


Well, this was a bit weird to do XD Jesus Is an historical figure but it’s still kinda weird to write an obituary, for anyone I guess 😛

Day 15: Write about a stranger you see. Either their back-story or what they are thinking in the moment you see them.

The travelling stranger

He clenched the train ticket in his hands and looked anxiously at the train in front of him. He could choose not to step inside and to stay behind. He never wanted to leave, he never even learnt how to. But he knew he had to. He stepped into the train and looked back at al that he was about to leave behind. The woman looking at him was holding the hands of their five year old son. The little boy kept on pulling her arm repeating the same question over and over. “When is Daddy coming back?” In her other arm she was holding a two year old girl who’s face was covered in the tears that were flowing out of her eyes. The woman had no free hands to wave him goodbye with. All she could do was nod in his direction. Her mouth whispered the soundless words, their last ‘I love you.’ In her eyes he saw the tears she was desperately trying to push back while he was trying to do the same thing. He waved at her as he saw the doors closing in front of him and he kept on waving until she was completely out of sight. He looked at his ticket and read the letters that pointed out his destination again. He spent his entire journey feeling uncomfortable and anxious about following the right way. He must have asked at least ten times whether he was travelling in the right direction. People who felt sorry for him were kind enough to help him on his way. “Where are you going? Who is going to pick you up? Can you find the rest of your way?” No. I’m lost, I don’t know if I can go on like this. That’s what he wanted to say, but he didn’t. Of course he appreciated their help and their concern, but he didn’t want the pity. They couldn’t help him anyway. “My friend will come. Is this Utrecht?” There was no friend. There was someone, but he was no friend. The person who came to get him took him by the arm and led him through the unknown city. They didn’t speak. They couldn’t understand each other and neither of them was willing to try. They arrived at a big grey building filled with people like him. People who left their families, just like him. People who were willing to give up everything for that one little thing in life we all yearn for. Money. To feed the ones they would never be able to see again. His life had ended at that moment, in order for his loved ones to have one. “We arrived. This is your new home.” It would never be home, because his heart wasn’t in it. He had left his home behind in Serbia, for good.

Hey guys! Well, this was an awfully depressing story… Which is why it’s also a bit shorter than usual. When I was getting back home from Brussels I met this stranger in the train. He was looking anxious all the time and he told me he was coming from some country starting with an S. (I forgot…) I wanted to help him, but I couldn’t talk with him because of language difficulties >.< I just had a feeling he wasn’t that happy and I’m praying for him his journey ended a lot happier than the guy in this story… Well, it’s also important to think about less good things sometimes right? To be able to enjoy all the Blessings we’re having in our lives even more (that sounds kinda mean… Well, you know what I mean XD) Well, with this story I did the day 15 I left open a while ago ^_^

Day 18: A story set in a ghost town

How I imagine the fire elf ^_^

The Phantom Ten

“Hey girl… Hey girl!” He moved a little closer. “Hey! You there?” At that point he was sitting right in front of her nose. “I know you can see me! C’mon, talk to me!” The little elf hopped onto her school book as she was still trying to ignore him. He anxiously hopped from one page to another shifting his weight for his left leg to his right and back. “Come on! Play with me! I’ll keep talking to you if you don’t, you know.” She stubbornly tried to stare at the whiteboard in front of the classroom. “How come you can see me? Your friends can’t. They’re your friends right? These people? Then why are you sitting all the way in the back? Are you even listening? Why are you pretending you can’t see me? I saw you looking at me just now for sure. And why…” Suddenly she lifted the book the little elf was standing on and she closed it with a smack. “Sidney! I know this class might not be very interesting to you, but you need to pay attention to pass your year! Now open your book again and read page 62!” Her history teacher was used to these little interruptions from her during the class, but lately he was getting more and more annoyed over it. With a sigh she decided to listen and she opened her book again. “So, Sidney. That is your name!” The little elf jumped up out of her book again, to her great annoyance. “If you’re wondering…” He continued. “If you try to squash me inside the book, I’ll just phase right through it again!” He grinned boyishly and said with a proud voice, “That’s because I’m a citizen of the Phantom Ten, the ghost town of the other realm.” That slightly grabber her attention and for the first time she looked straight at the bright green eyes of the little elf. “You see, we might call it a ghost town, but it’s a bit different from what you might think. There are many different kinds of ghosts besides the souls of the dead. I for example, am a proud fire elf, from the red quarters of the Phantom Ten. The dead ones live in the boring grey quarters. I came to the human world today because I was bored. Usually it’s not that interesting here because humans can’t see me.” He quickly hopped onto her nose and looked her in the eyes again. “Which leaves the question why you can…” He leaned forward more and started closely inspecting her. “It must have something to do with your beautiful violet eyes!” Suddenly she stood up pushing her chair backwards and smashing her hands against the table. “Shut up!” The little green eyes stared back in surprise. “Sidney!” This time the history teacher looked really on edge. “This was the last time, if you don’t want to listen, just pack your bags and leave!” With death in her eyes, Sidney looked at the elf. She set her chair straight again, packed her bags and left the classroom.

“Sidney, wait!” She walked past him without even looking. “Shut up.” The helpless little elf had nothing else to do but to follow her. “Come on, I don’t know how you got these eyes, but…” “But nothing. I don’t want you or anyone else speaking about this anymore, just leave me alone.” He desperately started pulling her shoulder in the hope she would turn around. “But now I know about this you have to…” “I don’t Have to do anything. Leave!” She interrupted him again. She turned around ready to smash the elf to the side, but she found herself looking straight into a pair of big green eyes. A man’s hand was laying on the shoulder the elf previously touched and a soft deep voice started speaking. “You have to come with me Sidney. I’m taking you.” A deep red glow started covering the place where he touched her shoulder and in just moments they were entirely engulfed in the glow. The streets of her hometown started fading away before her eyes. Suddenly all she could see around her was the red mist. The streets were light and clearly visible, but a dark aura surrounded them. She looked at the hand that was still touching her shoulder and followed it with her eyes. His arm, his shoulder and eventually up to his face where her violet eyes met his green ones. She saw a hint of guilt in his expression and yet there was also a little bit of relief and hope. “Welcome Sidney… To the Phantom Ten.”

Well, this is yet another to be continued story. It didn’t really follow the challenge to have the setting In the ghost town, but I’m getting there 😛 Fun fact, this story was entirely written while travelling with public transport. This made me realise that the back of a travel ticket is not enough for my creativity and I should at all times bring paper and a pen when I go outside! I hoped you enjoyed 😀

Day 17: Use time travel in a story

A far away England

My head was spinning around in circles, even though I was perfectly still. My stomach turned around inside me, but I didn’t feel nauseous. A soft yet persistent tingling spread around my body, while my thoughts drifted away into a thousand new realisations. It felt as if a cold, formless hand came closer to me and gripped my soul, to pull it away from my being until I completely disappeared. Suddenly I found my consciousness again. I woke up in a place unknown to me, still it felt familiar. I looked around to see where I was, but my eyes couldn’t get used to my surroundings. It was already dark outside, about the same as when I left my world. My world? Was I in another world now? Suddenly I heard the sound of hooves quickly coming closer to me. The ground started shaking and in a panic I couldn’t figure out where to jump to. As I felt danger approaching, I saw a carriage emerging from a thick white mist, the thing that had been blurring my sight. Just before the carriage hit me I closed my eyes and clenched my wrists. But instead of dying there on that spot, I felt a warm strong hand pulling me away from the streets onto the steps. “Watch out where you sit around milady, with the severe smog we’ve had these times you can’t be too careful.” I found myself looking into the dark eyes of a handsome stranger. He wasn’t like the men she had seen around at home. He was dressed up like a gentleman, complete with hat and a fancy jacket. “Wh…What is this place?” I asked as I quickly loosed myself from his grip. “Well we’re in London of course, are you new here?” London! That was where I lived, I hadn’t gone away after all… But I looked around and saw no points of recognition. Gazing through the thick smog the only figure I could clearly see was the man standing in front of me. “You’re clearly a bit confused, miss..” The man stretched out his hand to help me up. “Tess. And you might be?” I asked as I pulled myself up on his hands. “Jonathan. Pleased to meet your acquaintance, Tess. Might I interest you in a cup of tea, to help you clear your mind?” From that moment I gratefully followed Jonathan through the England that I didn’t know. I was surprised how easily he could find his way through the smog, with only the help of dim street lights. When he opened the door to his house I suddenly realised why I couldn’t recognise my home town. The room was decorated in an antique way, yet the furniture looked new. On the chair in the living room there was an old lady, clothed in an old fashioned, wide dress. I looked at Jonathan again with questioning eyes. “Good evening. Tess, I’d like you to meet my mother.” I came closer and politely shook her hand. “I found this lady confused in the streets and I though a cup of tea might help her clear her mind.” He explained to the lady. She stood up and examined me closely. “Oh dear, what happened? Do you even have a place to go back to? You’re welcome to use our guest room if you can’t find your way.” She sounded concerned, but it didn’t get to me. I couldn’t focus my mind normally as I was still trying to figure out where I was. “Excuse me sir, ma’am, might I ask what date it is today?” Jonathan and his mother exchanged a look of confusion. “It’s the 25th of September milady.” Jonathan responded. “What year?” I quickly replied. “It’s the year 1888.” My face darkened. I had arrived at the same day, but 124 years earlier. “Could I take you up on the offer of staying in the guest room?” I asked the lady. “Of course dear, are you all right?” “I’m…” I couldn’t finish my words. The next thing I remembered was waking up in an unknown bed. I had to get out of there. I had to go back to my time. Fast. I started panicking, my mind was full with thousands of thoughts. My heart was beating wildly inside my chest and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I have to go. In an instant I stood up and sneaked down the stairs of Jonathans house. I softly opened the front door and I started running, without even seeing whereto. A loud scream penetrated my ears when I ran straight into a brick wall. I could’ve hit myself in the head a million times for my stupidity. Damn it, I should’ve watched my steps! But I couldn’t focus on the pain in my head as I heard footsteps coming closer. I looked to my side, about 5 metres away from me I saw a young girl. She couldn’t have been older then 17 years, yet she was scantily clad. Behind her I saw the shadow of a man. My eyes widened at what I saw from there. The screams of the girl gradually became softer, but the pain in her voice was clear. I could see the man holding a sharp knife and I could see the blood flowing out of her. I knew his name. He was the villain of 19th century England. Jack the Ripper. I couldn’t take my eyes off him and I couldn’t make a sound, until I started throwing up. The dark eyes of the Ripper turned in my direction. I couldn’t make a move as he came closer. “Tess.” I recognised his voice and he knew my name. “You should’ve stayed in bed Tess.” The warm hands held my arms again as I saw Jonathan approaching me with his knife. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t scream. My head started spinning around in circles, but I was perfectly still as his knife started piercing my throat. My stomach started turning around while I wasn’t nauseous. I thanked God for this strange feeling as I started disappearing right in front of Jack the Ripper’s eyes. I regained my consciousness as I was sitting against a brick wall in the East of London. The streets were clearly visible and well lit by the street lights. I looked around me and I saw my home again. A moment of joy was quickly interrupted by a humming noise. To my left I saw a vehicle floating over the street in high speed. I looked in front of me and saw the hologram of what seemed like a billboard, saying: “Family trip to the moon, available from the 25th of September 2058. I started laughing while gently slamming my head against the only brick wall left in London.

Ok the end was just a little random, but at least I finally came up with another story for the actual challenge! Special thanks to my writing coach (again!!) because he came up with the Jack the Ripper idea 😀 And thanks to my grammar nazi friend who showed me those errors I so often make (I don’t double check anything xD) Oh yeah, since it’s almost Christmas the chances are that I won’t be able to write this week 😦 But the bright side is, I’m going to have a lot of fun ^_^ Happy Holidays everyone!!

Day 16: Go to iTunes, put your music on random. Write a story about the first song that comes up. (250 words or less)

Glittering clouds – Locusts 

I don’t know who I am, but I know who I was. One moment I am me, or at least, I think I am me. The other moment I fade and become someone else. I can’t predict who I’ll become, nor do I know if I become someone I want to be. You remember the past me. I was an Angel when we met. I warned you about me, but you refused to let go. You buried yourself in the black feathers of my wings and you gave me your warmth. I warned you, but you stayed with me until the Angel was supposed to fall. If you don’t step away from me I could drag you down with me. I don’t want you to follow me into the darkness. You’re too important to fall, but you don’t care. The deeper I fall the harder you pull. The more you pull, the more I start depending on you. Then you pull me over the edge and we start walking on the clouds together. Aren’t you afraid of the next time I’ll change? The next flash, the next fall? Will you keep pulling me up when I fall and will we keep walking on these clouds forever? Slowly I notice the deep black of my wings fading and the pure white of your heart replacing it. The more you care, the more I wonder why. Slowly I start realising that there is no why. There is only a because. Because love has no why.

I know this story makes sense in my head, but in yours it might be ultimately vague, but well, I guess that’s my thing… In my head, this matches the song very well 🙂 I did this in 253 words! It’s still over the limit, but I’m proud of myself that I managed to get it this close 😛 Hope you guys like it whether you get it or not 🙂 See ya next challenge! Oh yeah, since I don’t have iTunes, I just put my youtube playlist on shuffle and this one came out ^_^

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