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Goodbye – Chapter 1

“What’s her name?”

“I don’t know.”

“Where did you meet her?”

“I don’t know.”

“Where did she go?”

“I don’t know!”

“…” She released a sigh from her mouth and looked at her brother. “Well, what Do you know??” Jay looked her in the eyes. Never before had he felt so determined, but never before had he felt so unknowing. “I met her 8 years ago in Africa.” Her eyes widened. “Jay, are you seriously going…” “Sarah!” The sudden interruption had surprised her. “I’m going.” His lips curled up into a soft smile. He raised his hand and put it on her shoulder. “Don’t worry S. I’ll be fine.” Her eyes looked worried and if he waited any longer, he was sure tears would come flowing out. “Africa is big! You don’t know where she is, how on earth do you plan to find her?” He started grinning. “Hey sis… Are you worried?” With an evil smile he ran his fingers through her hair, messing it up as much as possible. “Or are you just afraid you might get lonely?” With a crestfallen face she looked him in the eyes. “C’mon J. I’m serious. Why would you go through this all? Why now?” He sighed again. There was no easy way out of this. He had to tell her, but he didn’t know where to start. “It’s just… I’ve been dreaming about her every night. Everyday I’m afraid I might forget and I see her in front of me again… She looked afraid S. I might not know a lot anymore, but I remember that she was very dear to me. The dreams… Every time I see the Rose shining just a little bit I remember. I just need to see her, one more time!” He looked at his sister in the hopes she would understand. He know his story was incoherent, but he just needed her to understand, more than anything. “What if she doesn’t remember you anymore?” He looked to the ground and sighed. “I don’t care. I just have to go.” She stood up and took his hand. “Listen, Jay. You have to do what feels the best, but just promise me one thing ok? Promise me you’ll think it through. I don’t want you to get hurt.” He smiled. Sarah might be his little sister, but at times she was too wise for her age. That’s why he loved her so much. He couldn’t stand leaving her behind alone. That was the hardest part of going. He looked at his little sister and remembered…

It was already 8 years ago. A poor boy was walking around the streets with the ripped clothes of a man at least 3 times his age. His wild black hair was clearly in need of washing and one could see that his fragile body was at a breaking point due to the lack of food. People walking by only noticed the smell that came off his body and the pathetic look of a beggar. Once in a while a kind by passer would look sympathetic and worried at the young boy who had met a tragic fate. Relieving their guilty conscience they’d hand him a few coins to buy bread and walk away never to be seen again. If they looked underneath his tangles hair they would have seen two, determined bright blue eyes of a boy who’d never back down from anything. Behind the dirt there was a boy who stood strong in any situation life threw at him. It was in those days he found one of these situations. With great surprise he saw a young little girl laying comfortably on the bench that was his usual sleeping spot. In a short moment he saw that the girl was in the same condition as he was and in that very same moment he had decided he was going to take care of her. There was something about her sleeping face that made him feel truly at home for the first time since long. Her long blond hair was covered with dirt and her clothes were torn and clearly too cold. Something about this broken image touched him. What he saw in front of him wasn’t pain. It was true beauty. He used his only blanket to cover her up. Before he fell asleep on the grass he touched her cheek. “Sarah.” From that moment the 14 year old boy and the 10 year old girl were family.

The time had come he had to leave her. Something in him begged to search for the owner of the Blue Rose. He couldn’t stay any longer, but his biggest regret was saying goodbye. The girl on the bench, his precious sister. “Goodbye sis…” Goodbye forever. But he didn’t say that.


The Forest of All Seasons


“What do you see?” Such a simple question, but he knew there was a deeper meaning behind it. There always was one. He looked around. She had taken him to a dense forest near the city. From the small cliff they were standing on they had a perfect view on the sparkling waterfall in front of them. He knew she could see it too, so why would she have asked? “What do you mean?” He looked besides him only to see her abruptly turning away from him. With baby steps she walked towards the empty spot in the grass, in the middle of the fire blooms. When she crouched, she directed her full attention to the stick in front of her. Gently pushing off the insects on the little piece of wood she picked it up. Without looking away for a single second she beckoned him to come closer. Every step in her direction his suspicion raised. “What do you mean?” He asked again, his voice trembling and his posture insecure. Her evil smile was quickly followed by a hard hit to the head with the piece of wood she’d just picked up. “Auw!” He impulsively raised his hand to the spot that’d been hit. “What did you do that for?!” She released an innocent chuckle from her lips. “You idiot! Just answer the question!” With an annoyed tone in his voice he responded. “I see a waterfall!” Another hit to the head. He turned around to look at her face. She was enjoying this way to much! A wide grin covered her face and the innocent sparkle in her eyes didn’t betray her real mean nature in any way. “You really think that is the answer?” She was right. He never thought that was the answer. With her it was always something different than he had in mind. She always managed to surprise him with her unique way of thinking and she always tried to force her thoughts on him. He didn’t mind. He took another glance at her innocent smile and turned his head to the waterfall. A deep breath. “I see nature at work. I see the wind blowing through the trees and the leaves slowly falling on the water. I see the ripples expanding to the rivers and the water flowing away towards the lake at the foot of the mountain. I see an endless circle of beauty and peace.” He turned at her again. For a split second he could see a softness in her face that he’d never seen before. Only a split second he saw the gentle smile that would warm his heart for years. It took away his reflexes for just a moment, when her evil grin suddenly appeared again. Before he knew it he felt the stick behind his ears again. “What is it this time??” He shouted. “You think too much!” She responded. “Look again, and get it right this time!” She pointed her finger towards the waterfall again. Slowly he tried to follow the direction of her finger until he saw it. There in the middle of the lake there was a small pebble, or maybe it was a little piece of glass shining brightly enough to catch his eye. After examining it for a few seconds he noticed that the glass was changing it’s colour. “Is it the glass??” She released a chuckle from her lips and clapped in her hands. “Finally! Now go and get it for me!” He looked at her in surprise. “What? But it’s in the middle of the lake?! I didn’t bring extra clothes!” His eyes widened when she slowly started pulling him back. After a few steps the glance in her eyes changed from teasingly funny to determined and truly joyful. Pulling him with her she started running full speed ahead to the edge of the cliff, forcing him to jump. With a brilliant dive she landed in the water where he clumsily fell next to her. “Now go search for it!” She pushed him ahead of her. “What? Thanks to you it’s probably gone already!!” She laughed. “I don’t care! Go find it!” He examined her one last time. She was clearly being serious. He grinned. There was no use in trying to convince her.

Hours felt like minutes while searching in the water together with her. Suddenly the familiar glistening caught his eyes again. “There! I found it!” Forgetting all about his wet clothes he quickly rushed over to the piece of glass. When he picked it up he saw the glass was actually a small, shiny piece of rock. The changing of the colours intrigued him. Next to him she was looking at the rock. “Give it to me.” She said. Her mouth was smiling but her eyes looked sad. Something in him refused to give the rock to her. Somehow he knew it would change. Everything would. He was right.



“Please, come back ok?”

An invisible force stopped him from moving. Without uttering a word he looked at her. He wasn’t planning on ever leaving. Her smile was playful, but he couldn’t get over the look in her eyes. Without waiting for his response she reached out her hands to take the rock from him. Unable to refuse he handed it to her and suddenly it started giving of a bright blue light. He looked at her again, her eyes were shining like he’d never seen before. The light quickly expanded until he was surrounded completely. A surreal image appeared before his eyes as the forest suddenly started changing. The green leaves on the trees started falling and the beautiful waterfall started freezing. Before he had the time to process it the rocks were covered with snow. He quickly turned around to look at the rest of his surroundings. In front of him the forest looked like it would in the winter, but behind him the trees had ¬†changed into the beautiful cherry blossoms of spring. The ground was covered in the red and yellow leaves and from underneath the leaves slowly all kinds of animals emerged. Rabbits, deer, elephants, lions and many more animals started walking around him and treated him as one of their own. This very moment, he experienced the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He couldn’t explain it, he had no reason to believe his own perception, but at that very moment he experienced happiness like never before. He couldn’t help but smile at the beautiful image he saw in around him. Everything was at peace, the four seasons, the animals and him. Everything was in harmony with the rest and he was a part of it. He looked at her again. Her eyes were calm. He couldn’t utter a word and continued staring. “Do you believe in God Jay?” She looked him straight in the eyes. He turned away. “I don’t know.” She put her hand on his shoulders. He had one last look at the forest. From that day he named it ‘The Forest of All Seasons”. She gave him the little rock. “This is the Blue Rose. It’s yours.” She smiled, turned around and started walking away. Without looking back she said: “Please Jay. Don’t forget.”

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