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The Path Of Power (part 2)

He walked up to the centre of the forest and stood still in the middle of an open spot surrounded by the trees. He sat down and closed his eyes. If he listened carefully he could hear the rushing waterfall to his left end the wind blowing through the mountains to his right. The air smelled like autumn trees and with every gust of wind the fallen leaves were blown against his cheeks. He took a deep breath and while keeping his eyes closed, he tried to take in his surroundings. In his mind he saw the droplets of water splashing from the waterfall and sparkling in the light of the sun. He kept on focussing on the rushing water, the small waves and the smooth pebbles at the bottom of the lake. His mind drifted of to the day before and the same questions arose in his mind as he had asked his mother so curiously. How do I know it’s the right one? What do I have to do after? How will it help me, and what if it doesn’t come at all? He remembered his mothers gentle smile when she patted him on his head. “Don’t worry. You’re a strong boy and tomorrow, you’ll be a strong man. Trust me, when you see him, you’ll know. Just clear your mind and listen.” So he listened. He allowed his thoughts to be blown away with the next gust of wind and he focussed solely on the sound of the falling leaves. Everything became quiet. The wind stopped blowing, the water stopped rushing and the leaves stopped falling. It was as if time stood still for him to become fully quiet. He had no idea how long he sat in the same position. His perception of time had gone away with the sound of the forest and days and minutes felt exactly the same. Suddenly the sound flowed back to his surroundings as he felt something soft brushing against his hand. He opened his eyes and stared in surprise. In front of him there was a wolf cub with the brightest blue eyes he had ever seen. It’s fur was white as the clearest snow, but along it’s body starting from the lining of it’s eyes and ending near the tip of it’s tail there ran a brown curved line of fur forming a powerful and beautiful contrast. It’s eyes were fearlessly locked on his and it’s small paws were balancing on the edge of his knee. The wolf cub was small, barely a week old at most, but already ran without its pack. Mesmerised by the cub he lifted his hands towards its head. As soon as his hands touched the soft fur the wolf started barking loudly. Immediately he pulled his hand away without interrupting his gaze towards the cub. Suddenly it jumped up and turned around to run towards the mountains. Along it’s way it stopped and turned around looking him straight in the eyes. A loud howl, unsuited for its size was heard throughout the forest and it was aimed directly at him. As soon as he heard the howl he snapped out of his mesmerised state. He took a few steps in the direction of the mountains, but then paused to look back in the direction of the waterfall. Days before he had prayed that it would be water. Soft, easy. That’s what he thought and hoped. He looked at the mountains again and let out a sigh. He knew it was idle hope. His destiny was at the mountains. He looked at the bright lights that floated above the frozen mountain tops. Maybe there was something good that could come from this. Filled with determination he followed the wolf cub to the mountains. He grinned. The mountains. Yup, I’m definitely gonna die now. There’s no going back. The cold air blew against his face and for the first time in his life, he wasn’t afraid of what was about to happen. The wide smile on his face wasn’t only because of the  hopeless situation, but because of the determination he had to see it through.


Hello everyone ^_^ It took me an awefully long time to finally contintue with The Path Of Power xD The first reason for this is inspiration -_- Isn’t it always… The second reason is that I wrote the first part of it in history class and after that I lost it. I refused to continue before finding it and today it suddenly reappeared in my agenda… You know that moment when you lose something just because you put it at a place you think you will remember so that you absolutely Won’t lose it? -_- Yeah… That’s what happened. In any case, I’m curious how this story will work out 😀 I think it’ll be a long one, but I’ll definitely try to finish it!


The Path Of Power (part 1)

The thing that you want least is the same thing that makes you the strongest. It makes you aware. It keeps you on guard. It drives you to your goals. Fear. This is how he was raised. When he was small it was his greatest weakness, but as he grew up it became his greatest strength. An undeniable part of his existence. It was engraved in his very being. His days and nights were filled with fear. That’s what they taught him. Always be afraid. Never be weak. Strength was the ultimate goal and to achieve this goal, sacrifices had to be made. They had given him comfort and then forced him to survive without. They gave him love, only to take it away. The purest form of pain comes at the time when something precious is lost. At that moment, fear reaches it’s maximum. They needed his fear for power. He needed it to protect.

The first test of power comes at a young age. He was only twelve when it began. He found himself in a forest at night. The cold wind blew against his cheeks and made him shiver to his core. There was no pleasant forest path in front of him, nor was there a safe haven to turn back to. The only thing he had to survive was his head. “Come back with a suitable weapon, or don’t come back at all.” The words of his master rung through his head. That was the test. Without any materials or help one needed to come back with the weapon that would lead his destiny. The greatest of them came back with enormous axes forged from the claw of the great bear. Others came back with small yet quick and deadly knives cut out from bones of the fox. Those who came back with nothing or with something unsuitable were never seen again. The weapon was of great importance, but in itself it wasn’t the true test. The true test was that what he feared the most, because it meant bringing out what was inside of him.

Ok, step one. Find your setting. He was shaking. He didn’t know if it was from the cold or from his fear. Correction. Step one; Breathe. You can do this.

Hello everyone! Someone kindly reminded me that I haven’t written a blog in a while… ^^’ So I thought, lets write a small intro to an ongoing story :p Who doesn’t enjoy curiosity and suspense? O:) Anyway I don’t know how regular the updates on this one will be (I know myself..) but I’ll definitely add a lot of interesting things in there so look forward to it 😀 I’ll continue as soon as I write on my laptop instead of this tiny phone xD

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