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Six Colours

The 6 Sages

“Stop messing around!” Kate was silenced by Mike’s sudden scream. “Just stop it. You keep saying you’re bored by the normal things in life, that you want something special, something unique. Well cheers to you, you’ve got it now.” His voice became serious, his expression dark. “We’ve stumbled across something… Big, and we’re at the center of it. You are. You’re the key, Kate, and you know it. It’s not about the project anymore, it’s not about getting you about this regular life and it’s not about being unique. Right now you’re the only one that can get us out of this mess. Or rather, before getting out of it, you’re the one that can bring us deeper into it, to find the way out. Don’t think it’s gonna be easy, ’cause it’s not.” Kate was sitting and staring at him in silence. An air of guilt surrounded her. Slowly she felt herself starting to shake and she quickly looked down at her knees. I have to do this alone. A warm hand un her shoulder woke her from a daze. “It’s the same for you huh?” She looked up to his piercing blue eyes. Not too long ago the only thing she could read in them was a teasing playfulness. Now it was different. There was an overwhelming determination. She was amazed how much simply the look in his eyes could change his entire being. “You don’t care about the boredom anymore either.” She looked down again and vaguely shook her head. “Kate, I’m scared too, but we’re not alone. If this is our destiny, we’re gonna get through it, and if we can get through it, we can do it with a smile. Let’s keep smiling, together.” He took her hand and a shiver went down her spine. A wide but confident grin covered his lips. With her hand still wrapped inside his own he led her to the book. As soon as they touched it she felt an ice cold chill spreading through every nerve of her fingers. Feel the energy. Heat the energy. She glanced at Mike one more time. The sight of him somehow calmed her, gave her security. The energy rush through her. It felt as though all her senses were sharpened. She could feel the softest breath of air brushing against her cheeks, feel the slightest bit of energy flow out of her and see every detail of everything around her. The energy she felt started flowing out of her like leaking flames. The hair on her arms stood straight up. She felt afraid, but Mike’s warm, steady hand calmed her down. Times ages and dimensions merged together in taking away the differences and making one whole. Suddenly the flames exploded in different colours and spread across the room taking different shapes. The blue flame surrounded Mike. He shivered for a second, but forced himself to be steady. The shapes emerged from the fading fire. The room was filled with Seven of them. The magician and the Six sages.

Woohoooow 😀 Today during history I FINALLY broke through my writer’s block 😀 The story of ‘The Untitled’ (haven’t figured out a title yet xD) is finally starting to take a form in my head! This is a part of it way too far in the story, meaning I’m not there yet, but I don’t like chronology anyway xD But I’m looking forward to getting there! That’s why this story probably makes a lot more sense to me than it does to you right now 😛 Anyway, enjoy XD


The Untitled – Prologue

She knew that she shouldn’t do it. She knew the consequences. She knew the rumours about  what happened to people like her. People who had the desperate urge to search for the unknown. People who couldn’t stop themselves in their journey’s, blindly following their curiosity. They all met the same ending. It all started with Jonathan Grey. He was the first to know. The last time he was seen alive was the night that marked the Beginning. The night they first started this mess. Three days later, he was found. At least what was left of him. His body was deformed to such extent, that the two people whom he cared about most, had to turn away their faces in horror. These two people were the only ones who he had ever opened up to. Only they could have managed to give this man an understanding of true love. They loved him unconditionally and he had learnt to love them back. Maybe it was this love that made matters worse. Not before long, they were found. The same horrible way. No witnesses, no clues. Some say that they were the ones that gave this curse it’s power. All she knew was that at some point in that night the curse became her future. It had always and would always lead life for her.  It wasn’t a choice. It was destiny.

“I can end this.” She said to herself. “I will end this alone. I have to.” She desperately tried to seem confident, afraid that the tears that were burning in the corners of her eyes didn’t betray her true feelings. She took another deep breath, to calm herself. It didn’t work. She didn’t expect it to. Who could stay calm in this situation? The only thing she could do was to clear her mind. Focus. The first step was easy. Just open the book. She tried to ignore the shaking of her hands. She felt something wet running down her cheeks. Was she crying? In the past couple of days she had cried so much that she didn’t even notice it anymore. ‘Damn it, stop shaking!’ A wise man once said that if you want to survive, you should know when to tell yourself the truth and when to lie. “Come on, you’ve opened the book before!” Truth. “So you can do it  again.” Lie. It’s just one of the ways to live her life.

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