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I’m still alive!

Ok. I have internet, my laptop is charged, there is electricity and I have 2 and a half hours left before the fishing village and my stomach is filled with bananice and fried yam. There are absolutely no excuses left for me to not write my blog, so sit back for a minute and enjoy this long update! 😀 So much has happened in the past weeks and I want to tell you guys all about it!

On the 20th I celebrated successfully walking around this earth for 19 full years! In the morning I did exactly what I wanted to do on my birthday. I didn’t want to celebrate it with lots of gifts and grand parties that last for a few hours and then end. I’ve never been the kind of person to give parties for my birthday anyway, so I asked God to give me one single thing; the opportunity to give back. God gave me exactly what I wanted. At the beginning of this month we found an orphanage in need of help. They needed a new place to stay, since they weren’t able to pay the rent anymore. They needed a house suitable for children to be children. Two weeks later, we found the perfect house! A beautiful, huge garden to run around, nice rooms, two showers, a living room, a kitchen. On my birthday we started cleaning up the house and painting the walls! On my birthday I helped give kids a new home <3. In the evening of course I still went out to get some delicious cake and milkshakes and ice cream xD Of course I missed my family and friends like crazy that day, but I am so freaking lucky to have all these nice people around me to celebrate it with! And the best part comes now: The day after, when I went to school my kids ran at me and loaded me with handmade birthday cards and presents!! A shell necklace, a juice box wrapped in lined paper with “Auntie Samantha” on it. Now I’m not that emotional about things that aren’t sad. I never cry for movies, and when I’m happy I prefer laughing, but for once I had to hold back my tears. I could’ve sat there sniffing for ages! This continued for 2 schooldays after my birthday!


Fast forward to last Monday. Exactly one week after we started working on the house for the new orphanage the kids moved in! Their smiles were so completely genuine. They ran up to us, they hugged us and they wouldn’t let us go! Again I felt like crying. (Seriously, what is this country doing to me O.o) So the next d my roommates Elise and Elin and I went for a sleepover! Well… “Sleep” So as some of you might know I am not really that good with babies. I’m afraid that if I hold them wrong I might break them. Then when they’re just sitting at a safe distance so I can’t possibly do anything wrong I can’t say any more than “Ehm… Hi, baby…. ‘Sup?” That’s how awkward I am with kids. So the first night when I try to help some small kids out I have to change 4 diapers. I never knew that kid’s diapers are the worst possible smell in the world. After changing their diapers though, it turns out I still love them like crazy!! So in between changing diapers and switching the lights on and off dozens of times, we tried to get a liiiittle bit of sleep. We shared a room with 8 kids, one of them sleeping on our mattress one of them with her leg over Elin xD Never did I know that one single 2 year old could take up 2 full mattresses! This little girl has the habit at night to just roll over to every corner of the mattresses multiple times; taking up all the space I had to sleep. (The floor is quite comfortable though). The next morning at around 5 we ‘woke up’ and went to see what we could do to help around the house. Bathe some kids, mop the bathroom, do the dishes, help give them breakfast. They really do need some help in the mornings! And let me just take a moment to talk about Patience:

Mary and Patience

Mary and Patience

Patience is a little girl, about 11 years old I think, and she is truly amazing! At 5 in the morning she wakes up to help me change Na’s diaper. She goes and helps around the house without anyone asking her to do it. Starting early in the morning she cleans up the bathroom without asking for so much as a thank you! She is so selfless. She doesn’t require special attention; she just does things because it’s the right thing. She’s not the only one! Some of the kids at this orphanage are so caring; they make sure everyone is treated equally, the little kids get to go first, ‘don’t help me, help her!’ It literally melts my heart. Yes, I literally feel like my heart turns into a pile of mush and that my blood circulation stops working for a full night of staying there even though that’s physically impossible. So that morning after helping out a bit we dragged our sleep deprived faces home in high speed (and I mean, we were literally running because it was pancake day at home). We went to school for about an hour before we all collapsed on our beds, knockout for the rest of the day xD It was so worth it!! I can’t believe that sleep deprivation can make me feel so genuinely happy. Just like collapsing on a couch and falling asleep with a child napping on your lap is by far the best feeling in the world ❤





Another update following soon! And with soon I mean as soon as inspiration feels like it again xD

(Special thanks to Elin and Elise again xD Elin takes time to make these beautiful pictures of these gorgeous kids and Elise takes time to save them on her computer and post them to her blog. Then I take time to steal the URL and post them on my blog… (go visit Elise’s page while you’re at it! http://akinforamission.tumblr.com/ it’s 100% worth it))


Day 30: Story or poem about ice

Not really relevant… xD

Crazy is me

Ok, the time has finally come for the last challenge. I had many different stories in my head for this one. Being trapped in the ice, seeing nothing but white and blinding your eyes by the purity of the coldness, ice bending, snowball fights. I’m not gonna do any of that though 😛 I just don’t feel like it anymore. So I’ll tell you guys about a funny story involving a snowball fight (-ish) and ice lover and a lot of crazy people xD

Last week it was my birthday! My 18th birthday and I spent it studying for some stupid tests ^^’ A random message from Emm and Ralu made my week! They were planning an awesome 18th b-day noodle party (we’re noodle lovers yeah…) for me and anyone who I wanted to invite, because ‘we’re not just gonna let your 18th b-day go by!’ (Man I love these people!!) Now about that… I’m a person who overthinks stuff 😛 Who am I going to invite?? All my friends are strange, but are they the same kind of strange? I don’t want them to feel awkward, who on earth wouldn’t feel awkward with their (especially my) strangeness in different companies and how will they fit together. Eventually there were only a few people who I really really had to invite despite doubts and whatever 😛 Silly me xD Getting a great party and worrying about the little stuff ^^’

After so much stress during the last week which I (I’m hoping succesfully) survived it was time for partyyyy 😀 First a sleepover at my bro’s place with Ralu who decided to scare the life out of me when I was almost asleep -,- Yes, that was a late night. Then we went to church, we sang, we jammed we enjoyed the beautiful snow falling on our faces, we threw snow at each other (Oh Yeah!). I laughed so much at Ralu’s snowy hair and teased her as much as possible!

Sunday evening Emm was back in Holland from Israel, we laughed we had fun and enjoyed until the moment of truth… My friends meeting my other friends. Man I can make a fuss about little things! They’re all crazy! All the same kinda crazy! The kind I like 😀 Man I love those people! A stranger recently told me, “I’m surrounded by other crazy people, who make me feel like the happiest person on this blue little planet. I love them more than words can say :)” I couldn’t agree more! Though when there was pie smeared all over my face disappearing from my nose only after half a night… I had my doubts… (Nahh, I didn’t, I got payback immediately ^_^)

Just a little detail to the awesome day… I was so proud of myself, the snow was almost gone and I had yet to fall in the winter. Might I finally survive a winter without falling? I opened the door. Ralu came storming at me pushing all the possible ice in my face, Mikee right behind her shoving his ice filled hand right after it. My eyes opened wide, I started running behind Ralu who was surprisingly quick considering… The steps were really slippery -,- I slided over them, I fell… Hard. Thanks guys… Just thanks…

I noticed I can talk a lot about myself 😛 Well this was my ‘story’ about ice XD With this I’ll end the 30-day/3 month challenge! It gave me lots of inspiration and now I’m looking forward to see my writings continue! Thanks, all you awesome readers! And again special thanks to my crazy friends (Emm, Ralu, Josh, Maik, Rome, Mir, Mikee, Claire, (even though she couldn’t come)! Yes they needed to be mentioned xD) who make my crazy life much and much crazier than I had ever expected. Crazy is fun! Crazy is me.

[Oh I almost forgot to mention, thanks to these people I had a proper b-day party for the first time in hmm, let’s say about 5 years, maybe 6 xD thanks again!!]

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