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Day 6: My Biggest Fears

Day 6: Make a list of 5 things you’re afraid of happening to you. Then write a story in which one of them happens to your character.

There’s this moment of insanity, when you know you’re crossing a line.


“Lily, sweetie, I’m just a little tired ok? Go play over there for a bit.” She said waving her hand at the corner of the room filled with coloured boxes, toy cars, white sheets of paper and crayons. “You can draw something if you want.” Lily looked back at her with curiosity. She seemed a little paler than usual. “Is everything ok, mom? Why do you look so white?” Her mom smiled at her. “Don’t worry about it honey, I’ll be fine. Why don’t you draw me a nice picture?” Lily grabbed her mom’s hands and leaned forward to look at her more closely. “Will you feel better if I do?” Her mother gave her a weak grin. “If it’s from you, I’m sure I’ll feel a lot better.” Lily stared intensely into her mom’s eyes as if she was trying to memorize something. It took a few seconds before she suddenly jumped up and ran across the room to get her crayons.

“Mom!” She yelled as if the other side of the room was the other side of the city. The woman rubbed the side of her head with a pained look on her face. “Yeah..?” It was all she felt she was able to get out of her mouth. “I’m going to make you the best picture ever!” The woman smiled weakly again. “That’s nice, sweetie.” A few seconds of silence went by, but the more time, the more her head felt like exploding. She felt herself falling away into a blur, but she desperately tried to stop herself. Something told her that she should fight this feeling, but she didn’t know what was keeping her from what felt like a good nap coming up.

“Mom!”  Lily yelled again after a few minutes. “How do you spell your name again?”


Lily returned to her paper with unwavering concentration. Quinn could see her lips move to form the sounds of each letter. Somehow it made her feel happy to see her daughter like this. It made her relax a bit and for a moment she wanted to let it all out. Slowly she dipped into the blurry feeling she had before. Slowly she felt a blackish shadow reaching her, but it felt… easy. Comfortable.

Lily moved her head back a bit to observe her piece of art. Her mom, her dad and herself holding hands. The little red lines that formed their lips cut across their faces in a casual way. The sun was shining. They looked happy together. At the top of the paper she had written in big letters ‘FROM LILY TO QUINN’. She smiled at her achievement and looked up at her mom.

She looked up at her mom suddenly standing next to her. She looked up at her mom that wore the same smile as in her drawing… a red stripe cut unnaturally across her face. Her eyes as large as she had drawn them. She felt cold air surrounding her for just a moment. Her smile faded. “Are you okay mommy? I made this for you.” She said pointing at her drawing. Tears formed in her eyes as she felt cold hands reach for her. She took a step back to get away from the cold, but she felt trapped. For a moment her breath stopped, her heart stopped and everything stopped. Everything was now in front of her. Her mom’s soft, gentle hands like claws around her wrists. Her mom’s warm smiles like souls calling for help. Frozen in her steps she looked at her mom’s hand reaching for her throat…


I can feel myself moving. I can see myself moving. I’m doing it myself… So why can’t I stop. Stop it! Not her, no please. I love her. Why isn’t this working? Why is this so hard? I just want to let go. I don’t want this anymore. I don’t want control, I don’t want it. Why can’t I stop? I’m tired.



He observed the woman in front of him carefully. His eyes, worn down by experience, laughter and many looks of sympathy were strictly focused on her. He looked at the dark lines under her grey blue eyes. He looked at her lips that were pursed in a tight line. He looked at the crooked way she was sitting on her chair and at the black unwashed hairs hanging warily over her face. Of all the things he saw, behind all the things that could make her stunning if well taken care of, he saw only things that evoked repulsion. In her eyes he saw the one thing he had never seen before. Her eyes weren’t filled with tears, exhaustion or fear. They were filled with death. Never had he seen such emptiness and misery reflect in the mirrors to the soul. A shiver ran down his spine and he wondered. He has never been religious or spiritual in any way. He did not believe in anything but that which he could see, but for the first time in his life he could see the absence of that what was beyond understanding. Her soul.

As they sat in silence the only sound was his pencil scratching nervously across the notebook in his hands. The silence lingered between them, but she did not make any attempt to break it. She had not spoken, moved or shown any sign of recognizing his or even her own existence.

“What is your name?”

No response. For days on end he had shared that room with her, but she had yet to speak a word. Still he kept trying. Was it his own sense of pride, his curiosity or a simple need to help, he had not considered giving up on her. It was his job, and he was good at it. He trusted in himself.

He leaned back and looked at her in a more casual manner and politely smiled at her.

“I look forward to the day when we can have a conversation over some tea.” He chuckled. She didn’t budge. He thought back to nearly a week ago, to the report that had lain on his desk when he entered his office. He had read it in a single breath of perplexity. A woman and her daughter, her husband was away from work. In the picture she had looked charming and happy. None of them had a medical history, a record or anything unusual whatsoever. They’d lived a happy peaceful life. He looked at the woman again and tried to find a resemblance between her and the picture that was taken of her only a month back. He had looked at the picture of her daughter, before and after the incident. She had been a beautiful child of around 8 years old with long black hair and a light brown complexion. Pictures of a bruised child, barely alive and broken in spirit flashed in front of his eyes as he rubbed along the temple of his head. He thought of his own daughter who had long passed that age and he felt painfully grateful. He looked over at the woman again and saw her soulless form.

“How much do you remember?” He asked no one in particular, not expecting any response. Within a moment he felt the icy fingers of death reach over to his neck and clamping around his throat. Her empty grey blue eyes were staring straight into his and even though she had not moved anything but her face he felt her aura near him as if it was attempting to draw him into hell.

“Everything.” She said with an icy, creaking voice.


So, here’s a fun fact. I figured that when I have inspiration to write something, it’s crucial for me not to stop. When I stop, it’s gone and it’ll never come back. I hate my brain sometimes. So I’m basically stuck in the stories’ world, until I’m finished with it. Tell you what; it’s not that much fun being stuck in a story filled with your greatest fears… I genuinely got small panick attacks when I imagined being Quinn. So here’s my list 🙂

  1. Losing complete control over myself and do stuff that goes against me (like insanity)
  2. Hurting/losing the people I love more than anything
  3. Getting hurt by the people I love more than anything
  4. Trypophobia… fear of holes (don’t google it.)
  5. Ginormous freaking hand or bigger sized freaking spiders that like partying in your mosquito net when you want to sleep. 

Day 5: Reasons To Love Rain

Day 5: Think of a random word and Google images for it. Write a story about the 7th image. 

He looked straight up at the night sky. Even in the darkest of nights the thick grey clouds stood out, covering up the skies. He shivered as cold raindrops poured on his shoulders. He was carrying and umbrella, but it was barely covering him in an attempt to keep the girl clinging to his arm safe from the cold. He glanced sideways only to see her grinning with a sparkle in her eyes. He chuckled. “You’re silly…” The girl looked up at him in surprise. “Why?!” She asked with astonishment in her voice. He chuckled again, looked away from her and meaningfully glanced up at the rain falling from the sky. “Just because…” He looked at her again. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“What…, the rain?” She asked.

“Yes.” He paused for a moment.

“The skies are sad, the world is crying. Everyone gets gloomy when it’s raining, yet you’re just standing here smiling.”

“That’s not true!” She said with an indignant tone in her voice.

“What, you mean to say that this never ending grin of yours actually means you’re not happy?” He laughed.

“No, I mean to say that the skies aren’t sad!” She looked up with a familiar sparkle in her eyes. “The skies are trying to make us happy… Think about it, when do people snuggle up together? To get warm when it’s cold! When do people gather around to talk? When they stay inside together, hiding from the rain! When do we hold each other more tightly? When you want to protect me from the rain…” She came closer to him while her thoughts seemed to wander away. After a short pause she continued. “Don’t look at the dark clouds, ok? Look at the streets. Just keep looking!”

As they walked through the city he looked for what she saw. Her eyes told him she’d seen something precious, but his mind was filled with the grey clouds above his head. Suddenly he noticed her staring at him in the corner of his eye. He looked straight forward when he saw the clouds lifting, only for a moment. He saw the light of the moon reflecting from the wet street stones. He saw the warm colours from all around him, from stop lights, from signs, from headlights… All of them reflected on the streets. Everywhere around him there was an explosion of colour. The longer they walked, the more he looked. The more he looked, the more he saw. For a moment, he faded away. He forgot the rain, he forgot the cold and he forgot the clouds that were slowly lifting. For a short moment all he could see was a painting in front of him, behind him and everywhere he looked; A piece of art more alive than he had realised before. With the soft noise of the ticking rain above his head he felt relaxed. He looked to his side and saw her familiar smile again. As if she had read his mind and knew what he had seen. He turned towards her with a soft smile on his lips. He leaned in closer and closer until they were sharing one breath. As he came near she closed her eyes. Slowly he tipped the umbrella away from him and… In a split second he took a step back and shook out the remaining rain droplets on the umbrella out over her head. “Hey!” She yelled. “You’re right!” He responded quickly, before she could continue yelling. He stared off at the beautiful play of colours in front of him, took a deep breath and held her tightly. “You’re right…” He repeated softly.


The random word I Googled was the word ‘Art’ and the 7th picture brought me to one of my all time favourite paintings! Really, this painting has it all! It has my combines my favourite season (autumn), with my favourite weather (rain … (I might have mentioned that more than a few times before in more than a few different places and occasions…)), and one of my favourite activities (walking in the rain), using my favourite colours (red, black and white)!! I think I’m gonna get myself this one or at least one of Victor Figol’s paintings because I completely fell in love with them 🙂 

Day 2: How To Forget

There are two trees in particular, right at the beginning of the road, before you enter the small forest. The two trees seem just like all the others behind them, with equally green leaves in the summer and an equal coating of bright white snow in the winter. One would never walk by and stop to consider that something so seemingly insignificant would in fact be a very important part of a forgotten past. Three weeks ago about a handful of people probably walked by with their faces buried in whatever touch screen device they had in their hands at that moment. Those who did look up probably didn’t even notice that something was weird. That the leaves on the trees were rustling more than usual or that the shadows behind the trees were 3 shades darker. That the thin mist around the forest was more than just your casual low hanging cloud, and that it was masking more than just a stray dog or a wild rabbit hopping around. Three weeks ago two shadows materialized out of thin air. They walked out of the forest surrounded by a wall of silence and clothed with exhaustion. Three weeks ago we set our minds to the same simple goal. To forget.

“So, now it’s all over, will we just go back to not knowing each other?”

She had answered with a simple, “Yeah.” I don’t blame her really. Out of the two of us I think she had the hardest time. It didn’t matter who was stronger or faster, once it was dangerous, she would be the one to take the lead. “I can handle this. If I can spare you, I will.” Is what she said. I’m the weak link, I guess. I can’t keep anything in. I don’t keep secrets. That’s just not me. Or at least, it wasn’t.  Sometimes I see her walk by with some of her friends. Catching up, for old time’s sake. Laughing at the little jokes, worrying about the small things. I remember when I used to watch her. Always surrounded by people, always a part of the group. Always laughing and joking around. I remember admiring her smile from afar. It didn’t light up the skies or make flowers grow around her and it wasn’t magical or surreal, but it was quite the opposite. Her smile wasn’t devastatingly attractive, but it was painfully honest. When she laughed she looked like a clumsy 5 year old, but when you heard her laugh, you’d instantly laugh with her. I was perfectly fine with not knowing her at all if only I could just see her smile a couple of times. Now I know her I’m still amazed by her every day. How does she continue, like life has always made sense? How does she forget, as if there was nothing to remember in the first place? How does she keep smiling after years and years of forgotten history and when did her smile stop reaching her eyes? 5 Years have been erased out of the past to make a better future. Things I knew so well, friends I loved so much and a smile I learnt to care so deeply for, all gone for a world that wasn’t much to me. After everything that had happened her smile was the strength behind my every step, because that alone was undying and after one single moment even that faded away.

Three weeks later I felt myself drawn to where it all began, wishing I could go back to the dark cruel world that had become my home. So now I’m here again, staring at two trees, looking like a complete idiot. I see people walking by questioning my mental health and wondering how long a person can stare at a tree before getting tired. I used to come here feeling magic and life drawing me in. Now I’m feeling judgmental eyes puncturing the back of my head. I don’t care, I keep staring. Hoping that some sign comes to me proving it wasn’t all a dream. Not much later the sign comes in the form of a hand touching my shoulder. I look around. “Mia…”

“Hey Leo, it’s been a while…” She smiles at me. We share a long minute of painful silence, both looking back and forth from the tree to each other until Mia breaks the silence. “Let’s sit down and talk for a bit ok?” Without answering I sit down leaning against the tree and wait for her to start talking.  “They just look like trees huh?” She says. “What else would they look like?” I respond with a little more hostility in my voice than I intended. “Don’t do that.”

“Do what?”

“Push me away.” I look at her. Honesty all across her face, but that’s all. No pain, no suffering. Just life going on.

“Last time I checked you wanted us to go back how it was.” She looks down.

“I’m sorry.” I quickly continue. “I get it, really. It’s just kinda hard sometimes and stuff just seems so easy on your side.”

“It’s not, you know. It’s not gonna get easier anytime soon, I can promise you that. But I guess it’s just better to look at it from the bright side.”

“I can’t. I just can’t. Where’s the bright side in all this? Where do you see the light, tell me because I don’t see it at all!” A small hazy edge appears just in my line of sight. The world starts fading away a little as the haze grows. I find myself looking at her without really seeing anything, as a tear slides down my cheek towards my chin. “I can’t stay strong. I can’t keep laughing. I left my family there, and here… You have people that care for you in this world, but the past I gave up to save them was all I had.”

“Leo!” She puts her hand on my knee. “We went there without knowing what we got ourselves into, but we always knew that at one point we had to go back. I know that it’s hard. I’m struggling too, but you have to try. Smile. A little longer, a little harder. Smile a little wider and a little happier. Smile more, as if you’re happy. Maybe if you keep on trying they start believing it’s real. Maybe after a while you start believing it’s real too.”

I look at her in amazement. She’s smiling at me. Again.

“When did you stop smiling like you did?” She looks surprised. “Mia, what you’re doing isn’t brave. It’s not staying strong. It’s torturing yourself. It’s not dealing with your problems, but it’s stuffing them away. It’s acting for the world but you’re building yourself a time bomb.”

“What should I do, not smile. Let the world know what happened and that I’m not ok? What good does that do, I’m not helping anyone with that!”

“You’d be helping yourself. Something you’re really bad at. I’m an emotional wreck and I can’t keep myself from crying, but you… Let me help you, Mia.”

“No thanks, I’m fine, really.” She stands up. “Don’t worry so much ok, Leo? Look at the bright side and you’ll be fine. I’ll see you soon ok?” She starts walking away, but I quickly grab her hand.

”It’s not me I’m worried about.” For a split second I think I see her crying, but she quickly pulls away.

“I’m here if you need me, Mia. Please take care of yourself.”

As she disappears into the crowd I lean back against the tree again. Her smile wasn’t real. It hadn’t been for the past three weeks. With a shadow over my head I start walking home. When a shiver runs down my spine I look back. Not everyone would see it, but for me it came natural. A cold feeling spreading under my skin gave away a hint and the shadows behind the trees formed the conclusion. Through the thin mist I could see the shadows had become 3 shades darker.



Day 2: Use the sentence “Her smile wasn’t real.”  

I don’t know why, but getting myself to write something down feels like a tough challenge lately. My mind is just completely blank, so I’m kinda glad that I at least got this far. And hey, there’s even a lesson in here somewhere, next to the whole vague, I don’t know what on earth I’m reading part 🙂  


My brain keeps me from thinking.

“So, how are you feeling?”


How am I feeling? The good answer would probably be, I don’t know.

Seriously, the biggest thing I have ever done in my life is so close that my event calendar isn’t even counting down from 2 digits anymore. 4 days. 4!!! Some people only see a number there, but I see the day that marks the start of a different life. I’m so far away from my comfort zone right now that it feels almost surreal. Well, to be honest, my comfort zone isn’t even that big. Zone is way too big a word to describe it. Maybe it’s more of a comfort cabin, somewhere hidden in the quiet place in the woods where I live with my closest friends and family 😀 Ok… I’m getting side tracked xD

Well, this sounds like it’s a bad thing… Well it isn’t. It’s exactly what I was trying to do all my life. Throw myself out there and see what version of myself comes out at the other end. Refusing to stay the same and determined to change for the better. But even though I’m doing exactly what I wanted, what I longed for all my life… I’m scared. Maybe not really scared, but nervous. And sometimes terrified. Other times overjoyed. Ok usually I’m all over the place just like this… My brain right now is just making it very hard for me to pick one feeling at the time.. That’s normal right? After years and years of being at the same place every time, sometimes with short visits to far away places, knowing that you’ll be back soon. I’ve grown used to this. The people I love are here, the people I feel so completely and utterly comfortable with are right here and instead of just looking at this awesome thing I’ve been able to acquire, I look at it saying it’s not enough. I’m leaving everything behind for something new and I don’t even know if I’m going to like it. I’m going to miss my friends and my family so much and I just know that by going away it’s never going to be the same again. First I’ll have to get used to a completely new environment where I’ll have to go through that entire process of meeting, greeting and bonding again from square one. But when I do… I am always going to feel homesick for one place, whether I’m here or I’m there. People that are dear to me will have to get used to missing me because this will certainly not be the last time. What I do has an effect on more people than just me. My family, my church, my friends here, my future friends there… We’re all gonna learn something from this. Of course it will be hard, of course it’s normal for me to be nervous. Heck I’ll probably even have few bad days there being homesick and all. But it’s all gonna be worth it.

How do I know that? I just do. Because having said my doubts, my worries and all of the difficulties out loud, I also realize that what I’m doing has an effect on more people than just me. Not only am I going to help children build a better future for themselves, give them the love they deserve and the happiness they want, I’m showing myself and all the people around me one very important thing in life. If you want something really bad, go get it. Just follow your dreams, fight for it and get it. Anything is possible, but no one ever said it would be easy. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be a boring struggle. The bigger the fight, the better the reward! I’ve always said it’s impossible to change the world by yourself, but it’s not impossible to try anyway 🙂

All the preparations are done. I’ve had 10 injections, I’m bringing 40 pills, I have my visa, my vaccination passport, my normal passport, my flight ticket, my suitcase, my camera, my laptop, some school supplies for the kids, actual experience! *cough* half a lesson teaching English at my old school *cough*, all the addresses I need, all the phone numbers, my common sense, of course my awesomeness and as cheesy as it might sound, I have God going with me 😀 I’m ready! The nerves have to make place for something better now. Excitement!! 😀

The closest image I could find to what I kinda feel like xD

The honesty of love

She wasn’t particularly aware of her surroundings when it happened. It was on a normal day when she was wandering across the streets with nothing but her thoughts. She didn’t know where she was going, nor did she really care. The noises of the cars passing by and the excited voices of women chattering about their newest accessories were but a vague sound in the back of her mind, masked by the chaos of her thoughts. The world around her faded as the world inside overruled her being. At that point she stood at the edge of her existence, close to the point of losing herself in endless reflections. At once her thoughts were interrupted when she bumped straight into the person in front of her. She looked up and found herself staring straight into the most beautiful pair of eyes she had ever seen. The clearest blue eyes of unequalled beauty held nothing but the reflection of truth. His black short hair formed a perfect contrast with his pale skin and his near white eyes that were lined with a strong black colour. The moment she looked at him it was as if her heart had stopped beating. The longer she dared to look into his eyes, the easier her words were swept away. No longer could she think of pointless reflections or anything else for that matter. Seconds seemed like ages and her lips refused forming the words that her mind was repeating continuously from the inside. Millions of thoughts raged through her head, both softly and violent, both bitter and sweet. Her focus was gone and all she could do was stare at him in astonishment. A fluttering feeling took possession of her. Where there was once reason, there was now admiration. The man looked her in the eyes, at first surprised, but soon thereafter he showed her his most brilliant smile. He softly rested his hands on her shoulder and let his voice fill up her thoughts. “Don’t worry, I get this a lot…” Before she realised the man raised his hand to the level of his eyes. In a matter of seconds the brightest eyes known to man changed into plain black eyes that were nothing out of the ordinary. With two contact lenses in his hands the man smiled at her. Her breath returned, her heart started beating and a wide smile appeared on her face. “I’m sorry… I was just…” “Don’t worry about it. I’m used to it.” She allowed him to interrupt her. Quickly she mumbled an apology and she walked away trying to hide her rose coloured cheeks. Before she disappeared from his sight she looked back one last time. She smiled. Her mind was clear, her thoughts determined. One can fake superficial things, but one can never fake the honesty in one’s eyes. It wasn’t the colour that had left her in awe. It was the truth she had seen. It was the truth that made her fall in love.


As part of the criteria to become a member on some writing website I needed to write something about a subject of my choice in 250-500 words. Mikee suggested ‘Love at first sight’. Even though I’m really bad at writing about love I accepted the challenge XD It turned out differently than I wanted to, but that’s just typical for me XD I’m pretty proud already that I reached exactly 500 words! (and not more) One time I will write a real love story where you can really feel the love 😀 But first… Let’s keep it at this xD

A fictional activity in the life of a lazy student

It’s not just a lack of inspiration. It’s a lack of everything that encourages you to do something. Everything that seems to give you hope of getting even a single step further in this temporary, meaningless existence. Every time you sit in front of your computer, your paper or whatever, maybe your ipad to type out something that seems of even the slightest of value, you feel your energy, your will and everything positive draining outside of your head. It’s not only for writing a story, but also for an essay, a paper, something funny to say or a clever response to someone’s witty remarks. Sometimes I can see why people find this so nerve wrecking. The only thing you feel like doing is sleeping or just randomly scrolling through meaningless, empty pictures on the internet. Every two or three pages of boredom a silent laugh escapes your mouth, your face lights up for only a small second before returning to it’s plain, emotionless state of drained will. Maybe describing this feeling will help, maybe writing it down using as many overused adjectives and the broadest vocabulary you have at your disposal, might form a plausible solution for the recurring feeling of unwillingness that continuously keeps possessing your mind. Maybe your brain will find a way to understand what you want instead of falling into this ongoing obstinacy, persisting on the emptiness in thoughts and actions. It might form a plausible solution… But it doesn’t. Writing down my feelings, sure, in these cases words come flowing out of my mind with the quick yet smooth flow of a fast river after the rainfall on a summer day. Yet when I want to write down an interesting story, filled with incredible plot twist an in depth and thoughtful story line and outstanding character development, my mind leaves me standing in the cold as it had done so many times. What will it take for a human brain to follow the will of it’s owner? Are the two intertwined, or are they, as I feel like it is the case right now, separate things functioning at own will? No, the will of a person cannot function without the brain, but the brain of this person is also dependant on the owner’s will. At the moment, none of them is listening to me and I’m left… Empty.

People underestimate to what extent procrastination can be practised in the life of a lazy person. We are expected to function at our best for years on end, we are given small breaks in between and we have to live with small moments of recovery before our full potential is to be engaged again. Full potential. For some people, this is fiction. Some people can not simply bring up the will for it. Is it a genetic disorder? Can we blame it on something easy as that? Should lazy students just be forgiven if they don’t work as hard as the rest? This would be unfair compared to their peers, it is not something I encourage even though I’m stuck in the same downward spiral as many of us might be able to relate to. On the other hand, is it fair to let some people work harder to reach the same level, due to their unsupportive genetically set information? Maybe some people just can’t work as hard as others to reach the same goal, even though they have the potential to. But this doesn’t mean anything. In the world we live in, everyone is tested according to the same rules. Is it possible to turn there rules around? Disregarding the fairness in this matter, we simply don’t have a choice now. There is no use complaining. That’s why people like this, including me, should just try to work harder to reach something, disregard their laziness and undertake action. I’ll try to get myself out of this drained feeling, because I have to prove that there’s more than that to me. If I can do it, anyone can. Now just try xD

Well, as usual this came out a lot different than I expected it would xD I was randomly chatting with Emily, and we decided to give each other the assignment to write something about ‘A fictional activity in the life of a lazy student’. Well, I started writing about my writer’s block and somehow this came out of it xD I don’t know how much sense it makes, but later when I re-read it maybe I will 😛

Day 30: Story or poem about ice

Not really relevant… xD

Crazy is me

Ok, the time has finally come for the last challenge. I had many different stories in my head for this one. Being trapped in the ice, seeing nothing but white and blinding your eyes by the purity of the coldness, ice bending, snowball fights. I’m not gonna do any of that though 😛 I just don’t feel like it anymore. So I’ll tell you guys about a funny story involving a snowball fight (-ish) and ice lover and a lot of crazy people xD

Last week it was my birthday! My 18th birthday and I spent it studying for some stupid tests ^^’ A random message from Emm and Ralu made my week! They were planning an awesome 18th b-day noodle party (we’re noodle lovers yeah…) for me and anyone who I wanted to invite, because ‘we’re not just gonna let your 18th b-day go by!’ (Man I love these people!!) Now about that… I’m a person who overthinks stuff 😛 Who am I going to invite?? All my friends are strange, but are they the same kind of strange? I don’t want them to feel awkward, who on earth wouldn’t feel awkward with their (especially my) strangeness in different companies and how will they fit together. Eventually there were only a few people who I really really had to invite despite doubts and whatever 😛 Silly me xD Getting a great party and worrying about the little stuff ^^’

After so much stress during the last week which I (I’m hoping succesfully) survived it was time for partyyyy 😀 First a sleepover at my bro’s place with Ralu who decided to scare the life out of me when I was almost asleep -,- Yes, that was a late night. Then we went to church, we sang, we jammed we enjoyed the beautiful snow falling on our faces, we threw snow at each other (Oh Yeah!). I laughed so much at Ralu’s snowy hair and teased her as much as possible!

Sunday evening Emm was back in Holland from Israel, we laughed we had fun and enjoyed until the moment of truth… My friends meeting my other friends. Man I can make a fuss about little things! They’re all crazy! All the same kinda crazy! The kind I like 😀 Man I love those people! A stranger recently told me, “I’m surrounded by other crazy people, who make me feel like the happiest person on this blue little planet. I love them more than words can say :)” I couldn’t agree more! Though when there was pie smeared all over my face disappearing from my nose only after half a night… I had my doubts… (Nahh, I didn’t, I got payback immediately ^_^)

Just a little detail to the awesome day… I was so proud of myself, the snow was almost gone and I had yet to fall in the winter. Might I finally survive a winter without falling? I opened the door. Ralu came storming at me pushing all the possible ice in my face, Mikee right behind her shoving his ice filled hand right after it. My eyes opened wide, I started running behind Ralu who was surprisingly quick considering… The steps were really slippery -,- I slided over them, I fell… Hard. Thanks guys… Just thanks…

I noticed I can talk a lot about myself 😛 Well this was my ‘story’ about ice XD With this I’ll end the 30-day/3 month challenge! It gave me lots of inspiration and now I’m looking forward to see my writings continue! Thanks, all you awesome readers! And again special thanks to my crazy friends (Emm, Ralu, Josh, Maik, Rome, Mir, Mikee, Claire, (even though she couldn’t come)! Yes they needed to be mentioned xD) who make my crazy life much and much crazier than I had ever expected. Crazy is fun! Crazy is me.

[Oh I almost forgot to mention, thanks to these people I had a proper b-day party for the first time in hmm, let’s say about 5 years, maybe 6 xD thanks again!!]

Day 29: Story about space

The Extraordinary

There is no space for average. That space is meant for extraordinary. I never wanted average. It never really suited me. I always wanted more. When I learned about the space the world has, I wanted to see all of it. No, I didn’t want to. I had to. I have to. I learned about nature, but around me it was average. I learned about the trees, the flowers, the sea the sky, but everyday it got more normal. I was wondering if the sky somewhere else would be completely different, whether the grass would smell more green or the sea would sound more blue as soon as I moved to another sky. I never wanted regular, I always wanted change. The ends of the world had much more to offer, than the home that I had known so well. I wanted to see everything, live everywhere. Smell the flowers in Australia, swim in the seas of Africa and taste the cold air of Alaska. I wanted everything in my own mind. No pictures, no stories, only my own experience. No, I was never suited for normal. The world is too big for normal and when you go beyond, you find much more space. Too much to stay the same. Change is good, but change is scary. That is what makes it good. I don’t like a comfort zone, the edge is much more interesting. Instead of staying behind I want to walk as close to the edge as I can. Centimetre my centimetre I approach until I come dangerously close to the point of no return. When I reach the max I open my eyes and feel the wind on my cheeks. I stand up straight and look at what I accomplished. I look at the breathtaking view, breathe in the purest air of excitement and look straight in the eyes of what I have overcome. And what I see, it’s perfection. It’s nature as it was meant to be. Different than I saw at home, different than a picture or a story. What I see is truth, freedom and more mystery. I want to see the edge. I need to. But I won’t step over it. The border will remain one I cannot cross, but I will always see. One day I will need more than that mystery. Slowly I’ll creep back to where I was, the place with security and trust. I will say goodbye to the stunning view and to the danger. Goodbye, but not adieu. One day the border wont mean danger anymore. One day I’ll step across the line, with the security I will not fall. Extraordinary will be me. I never was average. There is no space for it in this world.


Hi everyone! First I wanted to write something random on the missing spacebar of a computer, but it turned out a bit differently. If you’re planning to ask me for an explanation for this story-ish creation, don’t come to me 😛 I don’t get it myself either! Well… I kinda get it for me, but it’s completely open to your own interpretation. It’s not really about space, but the word space is in there at least xD Enjoy figuring it out ^_^

Day 27: Story taking place during a sporting event (any sport)

My source of inspiration ^_^

The Competition

The crowd was silent as I stood face to face with his opponent. Eleven. Names didn’t matter now. This was a game of numbers and skills. A drop of sweat slowly ran from the side of my forehead, along my cheeks and fell of his chin onto the ground with a deafening noise. My breathing was heavy, yet controlled. My mind fully focused on my every movement. The ball kept bouncing from my hand to the ground and back. There were 3 people standing between me and the goal. Eleven stood right in front of me swaying from side to side to cover a larger area. I looked him straight in the eye, not losing focus for even a split second. My own teammates were relying on this single moment. In front of the goal there was an another one, Five and the third one was standing at 10 o’clock, Seven. It took one more second to determine my course of action, another second of mental preparation before the moment of truth.

With a sudden movement of swaying to my right side I alerted Eleven, still making sure not to lose eye contact and showing his full determination in his every movement. Right. The obvious side, out of reach from his opponents, but predictable. Eleven thought he could read his movements and made one fatal step to the same right side before he saw his defeat. I quickly recovered myself from my diversion and bounced the ball to my right hand while putting all my weight on my left foot. A subtle turn of 180 degrees while bouncing the ball back to my left hand left me standing with my back towards the goal staring at the big orange 11 on my opponent’s back. Without a second thought I bounced the ball with my right hand through my legs catching it again with my left hand behind my back. I turned around the ball before it had the chance to bounce back to the floor and focused my full attention on running straight at Seven. His surprised face was his downfall as my determination overruled his actions. I ran with full speed ahead towards him while he sought the help of Five with his eyes. Wrong. Just before a fatal collision I balanced my weight on my right foot again and took a gamble. Both hands on the ball. I turned my right foot so I could face the goal that was 45 degrees to my left. In the same movement I relied on the strength in my foot to make a jump. Before I took off in the air I could see the look of desperation on the face of an approaching Five. In the air I waited to throw the ball I held it for as long as I could. I felt myself falling backwards more and more and the exact moment when my body was nearly parallel to the floor underneath me I threw the ball as best as I could. Five made an effort to jump, but the throwing angle had made it an impossible block. With a hard smack I fell on the floor right in front of Seven’s feet. One second the doubt remained in my head as I stared at the ceiling. Then I heard it. The buzzing sound of a perfect goal. My friend behind me helped me up and started patting me on the back. “Great job Al, you blew us away again.” I couldn’t stop smiling at my friends who were my enemies just moments ago. A happy feeling took me over. Victory.


So I finally did the challenge about sports XD I got some inspiration from the anime kokuro no basket 😀 I hope you guys like it ^_^ Some side info, today I got a birthday present from all you bloggers world wide! My 1000th view 😀 (actually it was yesterday, but whatever XD) Thanks everyone! After this, 2 days of challenge left 😀

Day 26: Write about the 30th picture on your phone or computer. Write about the story behind it, or make up the story behind it.

Awesome 3

Awesome 3

The teaser princess

Well, since my phone had been broken way longer then I have planned it to be -,- and I don’t like pictures that much so I hardly have any on my computer… I decided to take my camera out of my bag to see what uselessness I have on there 😛 To my surprise there were more than 30 pictures! But I didn’t like the first one that much (just a pic of the big Ben xD, ok it’s awesome but I didn’t feel like it) I counted in reverse order and came across this one.

What you see right there is a sign of epic friendship! I don’t even know where to start XD I’ll keep the boring details of how we met for myself and I’ll just talk about the picture 😛 It is made by a friend of mine, (the guy in the bottom) who happens to be an epic artist!!! It was made for the girl at the top for her birthday, as a surprise and I asked him to make it (I’m in the middle ofc). I remember showing it to a friend of mine and the first thing she told me: “Hey Sam… Since when are you white?” O.o Oh yeah… I forgot…

Anyways 😛 It was her birthday and we decided to be sweet to her for a change… We filled an envelope with cute drawings a letter to her and some more cute random stuff to surprise her. She deserved it a little because we had another surprise for her… We kept it a secret from her for 2 months and it turns out.. She’s not that good with curiosity >:D Which only makes me want to surprise her more and tease her as much as possible! Well, friendship with me is based on 3 things, Randomness, Teasing and a little bit of Sweet 😀 There’s probably more, but for now I know there’s gonna be a lifetime of teasing, fun and more teasing between us xD.

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