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Day 5: Reasons To Love Rain

Day 5: Think of a random word and Google images for it. Write a story about the 7th image. 

He looked straight up at the night sky. Even in the darkest of nights the thick grey clouds stood out, covering up the skies. He shivered as cold raindrops poured on his shoulders. He was carrying and umbrella, but it was barely covering him in an attempt to keep the girl clinging to his arm safe from the cold. He glanced sideways only to see her grinning with a sparkle in her eyes. He chuckled. “You’re silly…” The girl looked up at him in surprise. “Why?!” She asked with astonishment in her voice. He chuckled again, looked away from her and meaningfully glanced up at the rain falling from the sky. “Just because…” He looked at her again. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“What…, the rain?” She asked.

“Yes.” He paused for a moment.

“The skies are sad, the world is crying. Everyone gets gloomy when it’s raining, yet you’re just standing here smiling.”

“That’s not true!” She said with an indignant tone in her voice.

“What, you mean to say that this never ending grin of yours actually means you’re not happy?” He laughed.

“No, I mean to say that the skies aren’t sad!” She looked up with a familiar sparkle in her eyes. “The skies are trying to make us happy… Think about it, when do people snuggle up together? To get warm when it’s cold! When do people gather around to talk? When they stay inside together, hiding from the rain! When do we hold each other more tightly? When you want to protect me from the rain…” She came closer to him while her thoughts seemed to wander away. After a short pause she continued. “Don’t look at the dark clouds, ok? Look at the streets. Just keep looking!”

As they walked through the city he looked for what she saw. Her eyes told him she’d seen something precious, but his mind was filled with the grey clouds above his head. Suddenly he noticed her staring at him in the corner of his eye. He looked straight forward when he saw the clouds lifting, only for a moment. He saw the light of the moon reflecting from the wet street stones. He saw the warm colours from all around him, from stop lights, from signs, from headlights… All of them reflected on the streets. Everywhere around him there was an explosion of colour. The longer they walked, the more he looked. The more he looked, the more he saw. For a moment, he faded away. He forgot the rain, he forgot the cold and he forgot the clouds that were slowly lifting. For a short moment all he could see was a painting in front of him, behind him and everywhere he looked; A piece of art more alive than he had realised before. With the soft noise of the ticking rain above his head he felt relaxed. He looked to his side and saw her familiar smile again. As if she had read his mind and knew what he had seen. He turned towards her with a soft smile on his lips. He leaned in closer and closer until they were sharing one breath. As he came near she closed her eyes. Slowly he tipped the umbrella away from him and… In a split second he took a step back and shook out the remaining rain droplets on the umbrella out over her head. “Hey!” She yelled. “You’re right!” He responded quickly, before she could continue yelling. He stared off at the beautiful play of colours in front of him, took a deep breath and held her tightly. “You’re right…” He repeated softly.


The random word I Googled was the word ‘Art’ and the 7th picture brought me to one of my all time favourite paintings! Really, this painting has it all! It has my combines my favourite season (autumn), with my favourite weather (rain … (I might have mentioned that more than a few times before in more than a few different places and occasions…)), and one of my favourite activities (walking in the rain), using my favourite colours (red, black and white)!! I think I’m gonna get myself this one or at least one of Victor Figol’s paintings because I completely fell in love with them 🙂 


Identity (4)

“Why are you covering my eyes?” She suppressed the slight panic in her voice.

“Relax. This conversation has to stay between the both of us.”

“Everyone around here can see us why the secrecy? What are you hiding?”

“The blind can only see once their eyes have been opened. Now relax and promise me you’ll keep quiet.”

For a moment she thought back to their conversation only hours ago.

“I will decide that after I hear the contents of it.”

She thought she heard him chuckle, but without seeing it in person, she couldn’t believe her own ears.

He continued. “If you could choose between being normal and being special, which would you choose?”

She focused. His warm hands were covering her eyes taking away her most reliable tool of observation. She tried to find her orientation in the sounds surrounding them, but strangely, she heard nothing. As if the children in the park, the birds and even the wind were waiting for her to answer this question. Why was this so important? Why was being special so great? What she really looked for, what she always had looked for was reassurance. Security.

“I want to be normal.”

“Of course you do. You’ve always pretended to be, right?”

She didn’t respond.

“I understand. Being normal is easy when you start out normal. The problem is, when you start out being special, nothing is easy. Not being special and not being normal.”

“I wouldn’t know.”

“You’re a terrible liar.”

He paused for a while. Slowly she felt herself fading behind the warmth of his hands. She didn’t focus on the sounds anymore, but only listened to his voice.

“Let me show you what it’s like to be me.”

Within a second it was as if she had opened her eyes. Suddenly she saw everything. The park, her office, her home. The world. She saw a child playing with his dog surrounded by a bright green colour. A woman sitting alone on a bench engulfed by purple. She saw the brightest colours she had ever seen, and everyone she could imagine. Suddenly she saw herself standing in the park alone, staring at an empty space. Around her was the deepest black she had seen surrounding a tiny speck of white. She looked at herself again and again. A burning feeling of discomfort grew inside her. Suddenly she screamed out loud, she grabbed the hands that were covering her eyes and turned around to face him. For a moment all she saw was a black void with the two of them in the middle of it. Quickly the park they were standing in before began to reappear again as she was used to it.

“What the hell Nathan?!” She started screaming and randomly lashed out at him. Tears were running down her face and everything inside her screamed that everything she knew was wrong.

“Susan! Relax!” Nathan grabbed her wrists, gently yet firm.

She immediately stopped at his words. Her heart was beating rapidly inside her chest, but she immediately felt like she could breathe again. Before saying anything she took a few deep breaths.

“H…How do you know my name?”

“You told me.”

“I didn’t. It’s classified information. I never say my name during a case.”

“I… I just know.”

For the first time she saw a look of emotion in his expression. He was insecure as well as concerned. He was concerned about her, she could feel it. He had slipped up and suddenly, he seemed human. She thought of her own slip up just seconds ago. He had seen her tears. They had both loosened up.

“It seems your freak experiment worked. We stepped out of our comfort zone. The next stage is actual trust Nathan, and now you better give me some real answers.”

Suddenly he looked up at her with a straight face again, but this time, she saw something kind in his expression.

“Ask me anything you want.”


For the first time since… I can’t remember, I actually know exactly where I’m headed with a story! I don’t exactly know a good ending yet, but well at least I know what I’m going to write in the next part xD I hope I still have the right kinda inspiration by then… ^^’ I actually wanted to continue writing right away, but I didn’t for the purpose of a cliffhanger, since I know everyone Loves those… x’D Enjoy the wait! 😛 

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