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So I went some places and saw some things…

A perfectly vague title for a perfectly vague blog. Bottom line: I went traveling for about a month and I went as far as my wallet could get me… Western Europe. Mode of transport: hitch hiking. Company: Me, myself and… Actually a lot of people!

I was going to give a very elaborate and perfectly chronological report on everything I saw and did, but I decided I’d rather talk randomly about all stuff until I feel like I’m finished. So to understand, here’s a very brief summary: I hitchhiked to Brussels with two other girls from uni, we did some tourist things, I met up with my friends and I enjoyed my last little bit of comfort zone before setting out alone. Then I went to France, I stayed in Taizé, a Christian community with international youth, for a week, then I decided to stay another week because it was awesome. In Taizé I found some awesome people to give me a ride to Switzerland, I went to Basel and Zurich for a couple of days. I continued to Austria, then Germany, then Luxembourg and from there back to the Netherlands.

What?! A girl hitchhiking alone?! Do you want to get yourself killed? Well, I’m actually surprised I didn’t die ten times over along the way.. For those who don’t know me, I’m really clumsy. I get myself into the weirdest and dumbest situations while at home, so I’m kinda proud that I made it ‘abroad’. I mean, I’m the girl that was still afraid to take a direct tram to school for 11 minutes by myself when I was 14 years old. The first time I went time I went to Brussels by myself I was terrified to take a train alone. I was nearly 18… Now I’m going hitchhiking by myself, which really isn’t that impressive but for someone that is actually scared most of the time, yeah I’m proud.

The thing I like most about this month is the things I got to learn and the people I got to know.

First of all, I’m a poor judge of character. On one hand I instantly hate 90% of the people I meet. On the other hand, I instantly trust every person I meet. So when I meet someone and hate them, I just switch off that feeling and switch to full naivety. ‘My first impressions suck, so this person must be nice, right?’ Witch hitchhiking that brought me to two completely different situations. In France, kinda close by Nancy when I was stranded without a single soul to pick me up I was walking somewhere at the lonely edge of some unknown village. About 15 minutes of walking later I see a car stop and a woman steps out and saves me from sleeping on not so comfy grass next to not so friendly sheep. Not only did she get me out of the middle of nowhere, no this women was amazing. She offers me her house to sleep in, use of her shower, she makes me a delicious salad and a fruit dessert and the next morning she personally drives me to the highway with a lunch pack with cookies and juice and fruit and a tiny quiche and cold water. I must be a very lucky person…

The second situation I won’t elaborate on too much. I stepped into a car, 5 minutes later I stepped out. Let’s just say I now know what kind of people to avoid and I got out really well, which is nice 🙂 After this interesting ride someone else picked me up. He seemed nice, so I stepped in, of course shaking like a scared puppy. He started blabbing to me in French about being a beekeeper and making wine. So I nodded and pretended to understand more than three words at the time. Suddenly this guy stops in the middle of the bushes and says in his best English ‘I want to show you my bees’. So naturally I start sweating and thinking I’m going to get raped and murdered. He steps out of the car, he takes me with him to the bushes and… He shows me his bees. Actual bees. I’ve never been so happy to see these stinging buzzing bastards. I got lucky again.

Another thing I’m really happy about is Taizé. Like I said, I came for one week and I stayed for two. As a student in cultural anthropology, as someone who is trying to figure out the meaning of life and as someone who loves music, I can say Taizé was definitely the place to be. Life in Taizé, if you’re a regular guest, basically lasts one week. You arrive on Sunday, you get an overview of the rules and activities, you make friends, you say goodbye to your friends while crying your eyes out, exchange contacts and start planning your next visit. A day in Taizé is as follows: You wake up at around 7 (or 8 in my case) and you join the morning prayer and (some) receive the Eucharist. (I did that one time for the first time! Interesting!) After that you join in breakfast with about 3000 other people (in holiday times ofc.) after breakfast you either have a kind of work or bible introduction. I started out with cleaning toilets in my first week. It was actually fun! They had this cool cleaning song that changed every day, and the people I cleaned with were pretty cool :). In the second week I was in the food distribution team. We handed out lunch to 2000 people every day for a week! That was really great, I definitely want to do that again. Also, I had a great team with great people who sang Disney songs with me and we played ukulele! After work we had the afternoon prayer and lunch. This was followed by bible introduction. First we discussed a bible text with a very big group, after which we split up in small groups to discuss a little more. With a little, I mean a lot. I love discussions, so I went full on. I had a really great small group that thought me great things about religion and weren’t afraid to defend their opinion. I really value the time I spent with them, and I’m even a little sad we don’t get to discuss like this anymore. After this it was around 5pm (or later, depending on how much we wanted to talk…) which was tea time. The tea in Taizé is a lie. It’s not tea, it’s water with sugar. But in severe heat, it’s oddly refreshing and I always really looked forward to tea time! One time, I took a friend to first aid and she got actual tea. With tea bag and all. We took a picture for the momentous occasion :). Ok back on track. After tea time you get to follow some really interesting workshops until it’s dinner time. (The last two days I joined the dinner distribution team as well, which was really cool! They were great!) After dinner you go to evening prayer and after that I would always go to Oyak. This is the place for people to hang out, get some drinks, get some guitars and sing. Yes that’s right, sing all the time. In these two weeks I sang so freaking much. In prayer we sang more classic church songs, at work I sang Disney and every song that came to mind (including a French song that a guy taught me when we cleaned toilets :)) and at night I sang at Oyak. I never stopped singing. This is also how I got to meet some really great musicians! In the first week there was a group of Germans with amazing voices and music skills, and in the second week I met two Germans who sang really new songs to me. The guy played guitar, while the girl played a kind of oriental drum while they both sang. Another guy, from Lithuania, joined and started completely improvising on his harmonica and his flute. Later I sang some classic worship songs with him as well 🙂 Man, I really really love singing. I rediscovered my passion for this in Taizé 😀

What interested me most was the structure in Taizé. Somehow, people from all over the world join up and live lives as Christians, whether they had zero religious background or were born, raised and dedicated Christians. They joined together, they accepted each other. They made friends in just a week, enough to cry over the, at the end. They quickly adapted to the structure, it became their routine overnight. They functioned as members of a community, in just one week. It’s like they built up an entire life overnight and after the week ended, so did that life. I had the privilege of staying for an extra week. I watched the majority of the population in Taizé change overnight. People came and went, and I stayed during that whole awkward goodbye fase when everyone was crying goodbyes to others and I just thought, hey, I’m staying. (Not so much for the crying… I guess I’m really getting used to this whole goodbye thing!) After that I got to start up the second week by meeting new people… Again. They got all settled in while I just though, hey, I’m here already. It’s so weird how everyone just arrives and naturally follows this rhythm that ends within days. Then they go back to live their lives, maybe changed, maybe not.

I loved seeing how Taizé worked and I kinda want to go back one time. Also to participate in a weekend of silence. I did my own little day of fake silence. Not that I didn’t communicate with people, or heavens forbid that I didn’t sing. I only did it to not use my voice to communicate. And it was hard. Everyone was talking to me and I didn’t know how to respond. I learned two thing from this. First: Man, I talk a lot. Crazy. I really should talk a little less in some occasions. Second: I like being silent. I really enjoy listening to other people. Knowing that, I’m gonna start finding key things that motivate other people to talk a lot, while forcing myself to shut up for more than two seconds so I can actually know people. That’ll be interesting 🙂

I also really liked meeting the people I met. I heard new stories every day from people everywhere. In the second week I met a really nice Swedish girl. It’s too bad we only had a week, I feel like we could be good friends 🙂 I was even kinda sad to leave because of her and because of all the other friends I made and things I learned and saw in Taizé. To make it harder to leave, this girl gives me a bubble blower with a plane from Disney on it!! (I lost my bubble blower the week before and I was really sad.. Yes, a bubble blower is in my standard travel kit.) I really had a good time there, but for someone that’s allergic to routine, I think it was good to keep moving 🙂

So at this point, the real travel started. I was dropped off in Switzerland by some really nice people. I had zero planning, no idea where I was, no idea where to sleep and zero sense of direction… I made it off quite well 🙂

Up until now traveling alone has taught me two things (aside from the million other things I learned). First: You’re never alone. Really. In cars, in hostels, in the city. You meet people constantly, you’re socializing constantly, and it’s great! Second: The perfect contradiction. Sometimes you’re really alone. At some petrol stations I was waiting by myself for such a long time, constantly talking to people and seeing people, but there I was, basically on my own until some passer by showed mercy on me. Ok, it wasn’t that dramatic most of the time, but sometimes it was. One time I ended up sleeping against a wall at the petrol station, sleeping bag over my head, pretending to be a garbage bag for passerby’s. Another time I spent around 2 hours waiting for a ride when worlds cutest family (mom, dad and baby) picked me up, gave me a bed for the night, breakfast and my ride the next morning. In between the best and the worst cases it comes down to its essence. Just you. I loved it most of the time. Doing my own thing, going wherever I pleased, getting stuck in bushes near the main road because I thought it looked interesting two hours before. But I also really like having a friend nearby.

After admiring the beauty of Switzerland and Austria and feeling in heaven multiple times is continued on to Germany. About three days in advance I asked my friend where in Germany she lived, I warned her I was coming and three days later I stood at her doorstep. Or rather, I stood in a big field as far as the eye reaches that was the closest to her doorstep I could get dropped off. (confusing sentence..) Little did I know that she lives a couple miles away from the middle of nowhere. But it was great 🙂 about 10 minutes in, I realized I hardly knew anything about her. We met in Ghana, later we met again with a group of old volunteers and now here I am in Germany realizing we never talked that much. So this time we did. I quote: “We shared pee stories, now we’re friends.” Sadly I’m not going to elaborate on this hilarious story. So I ate pasta and drank coffee with an Italian family (I’m so lucky) we made music and I got to be a typical tourist!

After two days there she went with me to Stuttgart and we got to stay at her best friend’s house for the night, which was also really fun. Now comes the awesome: when I left she actually left a secret present in my bag that I could only open after she left… She gave me her cool awesome bag and her two kashaka!! I mean, who does that? Why would she… Ok let me explain why I’m so happy, I tend to break things. I’m dumb like that. So I took a bag that I severely overused during this trip and it was ripped from all sides. I was sad, because I hate breaking things, especially when I got them from Ghana. Besides that, being a big idiot, I also broke my kashaka that someone went through the effort of getting for me from Ghana! I probably used it too much… Then hero comes along and gives me the two things I really want and need, without me even asking! Plus, I got a jar of homemade jam that I’m eating as I type 🙂 again, I’m so lucky. (Fun fact: My mom likes the jam too!)

So after Germany I went to Luxembourg, which was really nice. The city is beautiful! It kinda surprised me how small it was, and that it had different levels. That basically meant me climbing up hills just to sightsee… I liked it from the moment I was at the top! On the way from Luxembourg to the Netherlands I got really lucky again. Someone picked me up from out of the rain, he drove me to Liège and on the way he stopped at a restaurant and got me dinner!

In this month I got to meet over a hundred nice people, I was in around 40-50 different cars, I saw 6 countries, 10 different cities, loads of amazing sights, I slept in 2 stranger’s houses, 2 friend’s houses, one friend a friend’s house, two freakishly fancy hostels, a Christian community, an occupied house and a petrol station and I got to learn around 5 extra languages to say goodnight in. I loved it 🙂

Going back home was kinda nice too, I was getting tired of living out of a backpack… Pfff, who am I kidding. It took me three seconds of being home to get bored. I need to travel, I have to! I want to go to see Great Britain, and I want to see the whole of Eastern Europe and then I want to see the whole of the world. During this month I, as always, thought a lot about the meaning of life and seeing the world and my urge to keep moving. I just decided that this is the way my life is. Maybe one day I’ll find a place that feels like I can be there for a long time and maybe one day I’ll find the person I should be. But I really think, at least for ‘me’ I will spend my life searching. I don’t want to know who I am or where I’m going. I want to see it all.

So the clue of this essay long ‘summary’ of my holiday: I get lucky a lot.

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Last week/goodbye/me being me

Hello Blogging world!

It’s been a while 😮 But I have a very good reason! Actually my reason isn’t all that good, but somehow my mind isn’t set for writing these days. Which is good, in a way, since I don’t really have time for writing. On the other hand it’s bad because I love writing and my mind is extremely empty -_- And there’s also this thingy I want to write and I still have zero inspiration for it. Why… Why can’t I be funny on command!! D: The thing is I really want to write and even if I don’t have a perfect story in my mind or anything I Have to put something on paper or else I might explode. Yes, this is what it feels like O.O Like some creepy addiction… Ok maybe not that bad but still xD

Okay so far I probably made zero sense to average people (I’m trying to avoid the word normal, because in my friend group I am perfectly normal ò.ó) (There I go jumping from one subject to the other again. Did I mention I’m easily d… Hey look a wall! It’s white o.o) (Slightly hyper right now…) So let’s start at the beginning.

Last week was my last week of school (no pun intended… but it’s a convenient coincidence :P) So I spent the whole week doing absolutely nothing for school. My last week of relaxation until euhm… May 30th when the final exams end 😮 So all I did during the classes was laugh about how this would be my last lesson of *name of class here* in high school ever, but I didn’t actually realise that it was really the last one. Actually it’s still a bit weird in my mind, but the concept is slowly growing, and I don’t like every part of it. Don’t get me wrong, for some of the teachers I couldn’t be happier if I never saw them again in my life *those who know me know exactly who I’m talking about -_-*. But I really made some good friends here and I think I’m really gonna miss them 😦 I mean little more than a year ago I was convinced that I wouldn’t miss anyone That much, but now I’m getting more used to the constant feeling of missing people I realise that I’ll have to miss even more people now :O

I’ll miss you all 😦

Aaaanyway, back to my last week. Monday was short, I did not like my Tuesday, Wednesday was my last music lesson ever 😥 I had so much fun during those lessons! And stress, but all that aside XD. I bought some stuff for the next day, I had lots of fun making cupcakes with my mom 😀 Thursday was the big day. The last day of classes (I skipped most of them ^^’) and I brought some cupcakes for a mini party at school with some friends. They also brought something, we ate way too much that day which might have been bad because we had to be at maximum pretty-ness for the school prom that night! (I still enjoyed the food though O.o)

So that night we had our prom, or well, we say Gala. Some background info about me here. I do not like dresses. I’m probably the worst dancer in history. I do not like getting lot’s of attention. I do not wear make-up. I do not like dresses. Did I mention I can’t dance? Oh and I do not like wearing dresses! Sure they look good on Other people, but I prefer good ol’ comfortable jeans, all day, every day. But since I don’t like the centre of attention, I Had to wear a dress. Not wearing one would be like totally controversial and yeah, everyone would look -_-‘ (besides, I promised one time X years ago that I’d wear one) So yeah, I wore a dress, I bought high heeled shoes (pretty! but painful O.o), I did my own make-up (first time ever) I did my own hair (It was Not easy) and I went to the gala as pretty as possible for me xD To keep a little bit of myself I wore my mangekyo sharingan contact lenses (from kakashi) to freak some people out (subtely). And yes, I danced (I probably looked like a confused cripple, but I enjoyed laughing at myself) till my feet went all dafuq are you doing you crazy person! on me xD Everyone looked so beautiful *_* But actually I prefer going to some place with like 5 friends and hear each other talk (when we’re not laughing) more than I prefer some nightclub with beer all over the floor 😛 For me this was really once in a lifetime (maaaybe twice xD)


Me, awesome as alway, Amir like a freaking Boss, Romy like a lady, Claire not a good picture but like a golden ladida girl xD

The next day was the senior prank. We (as in, lot’s of people but me) built an army style course through the school and forced all the first graders to go over it with all exam students yelling at them from all sides >:D I was way too late (only 2 hours) but it was still going on of course 😀 What I do. I walk in, I observe, I get someone to smear green stuff on my face and within 5 minutes I start yelling my lungs out at those poor kids. I had my contacts in again because I could and I yelled at them how they would be long dead in a real war… I felt authority… It was awesome! My throat still hurts a bit xD. At the end of the day a couple of friends and I started climbing between the floors over the stairs and off the poles in one of the wings throughout the school. I had fun 😀 On the way back home I managed to break my bike’s saddle in a really weird way (my bag broke before, so typical -,-) and before I left home again to go sleep over at Joshua and Emily’s place I also forgot to wipe the green stuff from my face… Yeah, people looked at me as if I were an idiot xD But I couldn’t care less ^^’

How does one person write this much about herself this often? I don’t know, maybe I just find myself really interesting? Maybe I just need a diary and post it online because I have nothing better to do with my time. Maybe because I Had to post something on my blog because writing stuff had become essential for me, like a burning passion (one of many) a need that must be satisfied. I have lots of passions, and they all feel like they’re burning within me sometimes. Not all the time though, but if I feel it I Have to do it. It really feels like a fire, but it doesn’t hurt. Well, it hurts a little bit, but it’s good pain, get it? Oh great now I sound like a masochist -_- In any case, I love writing more and more and I have decided that one day I want to write a book! I just need a little time… And encouragement… and you know… inspiration xD

How to survive a Monday…

So today is Monday… Well I’m guessing about 90% of you can relate, Monday’s suck -_- Just the switch from weekend to week is too harsh for words. It’s like the world smacks you in the face telling you BAM I’m Reality and I’m here to crush your hopes and dreams. MU HA Freaking HA. Thanks a lot, Reality -_- But having to switch isn’t even the worst part. I mean a workweek of 5 days verses a weekend of 2 days, let’s face it. It is kinda fair right? WRONG. If only those freaking relative times wouldn’t high five you in the face with chair every time! Ughhhh

Just to have you know how I feel the relative times work, here are a few examples. Compare the time of my usual school week with the following. A turtle trying to moonwalk over the pacific ocean 3 times pulling forth an air balloon with the size of China that is powered by small tea candle. First of all this is impossible (just like my school week). Secondly the amount of time it would take to actually do this would pretty much equal the relative time of the first 10 minutes of class on a Monday morning. The weekend time on the other hand feels more like the time it takes for me to lose my keys in my purse (again). This is about negative 5 seconds in my case -_-

Ok I think most of you would understand by now my start of the week wasn’t that great -_- Lucky for me there are some plus sides that made me smile a bit again. First of all, half of the saranghae gang (see pictures) was having a bad day too. I found out nothing works better on a bad day than being able to freely rant about your terrible suckish lives. So I could express some of my Sugar Honey Iced Tea (madagascar reference there ^^) When I tried to do this with another friend it worked out differently in a positive way 😛 I was being annoying saying how tough my life was (exaggeration duuh) and she responded by saying I was pretty lucky, because I do stuff and I go places while she is still in the stay home with your computer face (just like me about euhm, a year ago xD). Of course I know that, but sometimes I need a little reminder xD.

Secondly I was guided through my day not only with the power of God as usual, but with the power of music. Oh music, how could I ever doubt your effectiveness? I said it before and I’ll say it again, the guy who invented headphones deserves a special place in heaven. (Googled it, it’s Nathaniel Baldwin… This guy saved lives, I’m telling ya xD)

And finally how I cheered up today. ICE CREAM. This stuff works like magic xD Let’s hope all it’s magic effects last until the end of the day 😛

So the moral of this absolutely not concise and absolutely not useful description of my day. When you’re down and low, rant, talk to friends and think about good stuff, listen to music and eat ice cream. Unless you’re having extreme depressions, in that case you’ll be like a balloon in to time and that’ll make you more depressed. Unless you rise up in the air like a real balloon and get to travel the world by keeping your stomach balloonish. In that case, take me with you. If you make a stop in Belgium, please drop me off there. Unless you go to Japan too because I really want to go there o.o Ok don’t expect me to make sense today -_- Just remember, Rant, Friends, Ice Cream xD

The rant of society

There are these days in your life when you just hate everything! You wake up with a surprisingly big smile on your face and decide to not care about a single thing all day long! Screw you world, I hate you too :D. Does anyone know that feeling? Smiling and being angry at the same time and laughing at your own anger? Here’s a short list of the things I can hate while smiling 😀

The early bird. I love my sleep and there are few who may interrupt it. And just while being in my beautiful dreamland that thing or person or whatever decides to stand in front of my window. No, not two metres to the side, not at that bridge just a few metres away where people can hardly hear you because there are no houses in front of it. No. Exactly, to the freaking centimetre in front of My window. They don’t whisper, no. They make the worst freaking noise humanly possible in front of My Freaking Window. Dear early bird, human, animal or anything that wakes me up when I enjoy the few little hours of sleep that I get. I’d kindly like you to flutter happily into a flying bullet. Thank you 😀

The talker that wants a response. That One friend that keeps talking and talking and talking and picking your brain on everything. Dear friend. I know I have loved you many times, and I will probably love you again… After today. Today you may not expect a single word to come from my mouth so please stop asking for it because I don’t want to hear my voice today and I actually don’t wanna hear yours either but I’ll accept it because I probably love you ^_^’

The one with problems. You start with a simple how are you doing and you get a freaking life history in response with the exact dates that bf#1 said this to you so you dumped him for bf#2 who cheated on you with the guy that would later become bf#3 and #4.5 (it’s complicated) Ok. I think I enjoyed talking to you a couple of times so I’ll suck it up and listen to you, be compassionate and all that. When history class finally ended and you see my twitching pissed off face after an entire day of happy annoyance you quickly run away with a thank you. I don’t want a freaking thank you, I want a ‘what about you?’ or an ‘are you ok?’ But no. That’s too much to ask. Dear troubled person, go to a psychologist. You’ll need one when I’m done with you 😀

The greedy one. I’m not one that likes owing people so I always give them back the amount of money I lent. I hate borrowing money in the first place. If I borrowed 9,50 from you and I only have 10 to give you back. I’m not gonna fuss over the 50 cents. What am I gonna do with 50 cents? Keep it. If I borrowed 8 and I have 10. Keep the change. But if I borrowed 10,50 from you and I only have 10 to give you back, after all those times I let you keep the change, don’t go asking me for freaking 50 cents back. I’ll give it, don’t worry, but from that moment on I’ll be one of the greediest you have ever met! Dear greedy person, I hope you lose your wallet with 50 euro’s in it and never find it back. Maybe a hobo will find it and use it to make something of himself! Whatever he’ll be, he’d be better than you 😀

Ok I don’t seriously mean all this anger and the things I wish unto people. I just felt like ranting. The only thing is I’ve been thinking lately that we’re really living in a selfish community. Individualistic, not caring and so on. I want to make the world a better place, I always wanted that, but sometimes the world is making it very hard. People annoy me, I put up a wall, I annoy them, they raise their wall and so on. How on earth is this going to get better? Anyone suggestions how to improve this society? Where would you start? How can we change the world, little by little?

Saranghae Epic Weekend

Once upon a time there was a girl who was very picky with her friends. Because let’s be honest here. There are two kinds of friends. Friends, and Real friends. This girl needed the second kind, someone to trust with anything, someone to laugh with and be crazy with. This girl didn’t get one of these, but more than she expected and among them there were 5 friends. The six together called themselves Saranghae, Korean for ‘I love you’. 3 Guys: Joshua, a true gamer a.k.a. Afropunzel. Maikel, the movie/computer expert and the metalhead xD. Mike, the Asia addict and the expert on K-pop! 3 Girls: Emily, the social worker and the stressed bunny from Alice in Wonderland. Raluca, the one with the voice *-* and the crazy one. Samantha a.k.a. Turty, the random one and the youngest of them all. Common interests: Anime, Asia, Games, Movies, Faith, Cars, Music and lot’s more. Common qualities: Loving, Caring, Sweet, Evil, Mean but most of all CRAZY. Well you probably guessed the girl is me and these people are AWESOME 😀

Last weekend was in one word EPIC. One word is not enough to describe it so here it goes. For Emily’s 21st birthday she organised a party on the Saturday. Of course for us that means a party that starts on Friday morning and ends on Sunday night xD So Friday morning I dragged all my stuff to her place, we decorated, baked a Ben & Jerry’s Cake and held a sword fight with the big balloons forming 21. We got to meet another awesome/crazy person, Fien, and were random as much as possible 😀 At around half past 6 the guest from Belgium arrived 😀 Markus, Leo and Ralu 😀 I never thought I’d be the girl to jump up and down to get to hug someone but I was 😀 It was so cool to see them again!! But there was not much time so we quickly *uhum* hopped into a car with seven people *squeeeeze* and went to church for the Friday Night For You, an event organised by Emily, Maikel and Moi. Everything went great and the highlights were seeing my two awesome sisters again (they’re such good friends that they’re much more), laughing to tears when talking to them, having Ralu meet them and seeing them get along great and of course hearing Ralu singing her special in church 😀 At the end of the night we went home again and prepared for a short night, because come on.. No one actually sleeps at 12pm right?

The next day was the moment of truth. Well almost XD First we went to church with the 7 of us again. At 11am there was a little bit of absolute Epicness! Ralu’s radio debut!! You saw our group silently walking out of the last few minutes of Sabbath school to go absolutely completely fangirl over the ipad where we listened to Ralu’s cover of People help the people! Her full name was mentioned 3 times, her facebook page was promoted and right when the song ended the presenter let out an “Oh Yeah…” 😀 Maybe it’s too soon to say that, but in my mind I’m her biggest fan 😀 So I’m promoting her facebook page: Maria Raluca Dica & David Martens. Also take a look at her covers! This one came on the radio:

And next Saturday in the Dutch time zone at 11am go to www.radiospes.be and click Luister Live to hear her 😀 Sunday 5pm is also a possibility 😀

So enough of the promotion and to the rest of the day XD We went home again, this time with 8 people in the car (duuh there’s always room) and the party started. Saranghae had prepared an awesome surprise for the birthday girl and we didn’t hesitate to make her extra curious >:D But the surprise and the gift weren’t completely finished yet so we had to run back and forth all the time, at that time to Emm’s annoyance I guess xD. Then at night we took everyone to the perfect spot and covered Emm’s eyes while continuing preparations. Organised by Saranghae, executed by everyone and with special thanks to Ralu we bought 10 sky lanterns and send them up in the air to give Emily her own little Tangled scene. After that we let up fireworks and quickly ran home again xD (At that point I kinda forgot that’s a little bit illegal ^^’) Emily was welcomes with party poppers and we took a lot of pictures 😀 Finally halfway through the night the Saranghae gift was ready, A pillow with all kinds of sweet things from us written on it, and inside it there was a picture frame with Emm’s picture in the middle, and our pictures surrounding her 😀 It was great to see her so happy 😀 And as the cherry on top, it snowed 😀 😀 The rest of the night was basically fun games, chatting randomness, a lot more randomness and it ended around 5:30. Unfortunately for me I had to wake up at 8:30 but the rest of the group stayed until 6pm or something 😛 The saddest thing of this weekend was that it ended 😦 I can’t believe I have to go back to missing those people again >_< But it was definitely worth it! The amount of love was overwhelming!! 😀

Man I really can’t be concise with these kind of things XD But well, I don’t want to be 😀

I should be sleeping

Dear Bloggers,

It’s 4 am in the morning after a long day and here I am writing. This means, I have something on my mind and I feel like telling it, even though I’ve probably said it a lot in previous blogs too. Still, it is 4am so I don’t expect a lot of sense to come out of my head right now xD.

Anyways, a lot of stuff has been going on lately in my life. Some are bad things, some are nerve wrecking and annoying, but most of them are good. Better even, they’re great and they make me feel like jumping up and down cheering for how lucky I am. Just now I hung up after a late night skype call with an awesome person and I realised it again. I start smiling, laughing, feeling lucky, acting crazy and smiling again. The friends I have around me right now are extremely important to me, I can rely on them to make me smile whenever I see them and I trust them with the world. They’re the kind of people that give me faith in humanity and they make up for all the bad things around me. I feel so incredibly blessed I don’t even know how to describe this with words (maybe because it’s 4am…) Lately I keep repeating “Why do I deserve this?” Seriously, Father in heaven, you know me better than I even know myself… You know I’m not that good, why do you keep showering me with blessings? (not that I mind though, so You don’t have to stop or anything…) I don’t know why I deserve this, or what I did to be so blessed, but I’ve decided not to think about it too much. Instead I’m gonna take the time to thank God for this. Secondly I’m taking the time to thank my friends who are there for me whether I want them to or not xD Guys, (you know who you are) You Are Freaking AWESOME. Why? This is why:

– You’re crazy. This is one Necessary quality because hanging out with normal people is hard!

– You’re honest. If I’m a mess, don’t go telling me I look ok. That’s useless xD

– You’re reliable. I can count on you, whenever, where ever.

– You’re sweet/evil. Just the right balance between both.

– You’re you. You guys are more you than most people are, if you get what I mean xD

– You’re my friends That makes you awesome per definition.

I could make a long list of qualities, but it’s 4:30 now. Maybe it’s about time I go to bed? Thank God I have you guys and thank you for existing! I love you so very much, friends are really the family you choose for yourself! Now let’s hope this blog makes as much sense tomorrow morning as it does now ^^’ Byeee

Day 30: Story or poem about ice

Not really relevant… xD

Crazy is me

Ok, the time has finally come for the last challenge. I had many different stories in my head for this one. Being trapped in the ice, seeing nothing but white and blinding your eyes by the purity of the coldness, ice bending, snowball fights. I’m not gonna do any of that though 😛 I just don’t feel like it anymore. So I’ll tell you guys about a funny story involving a snowball fight (-ish) and ice lover and a lot of crazy people xD

Last week it was my birthday! My 18th birthday and I spent it studying for some stupid tests ^^’ A random message from Emm and Ralu made my week! They were planning an awesome 18th b-day noodle party (we’re noodle lovers yeah…) for me and anyone who I wanted to invite, because ‘we’re not just gonna let your 18th b-day go by!’ (Man I love these people!!) Now about that… I’m a person who overthinks stuff 😛 Who am I going to invite?? All my friends are strange, but are they the same kind of strange? I don’t want them to feel awkward, who on earth wouldn’t feel awkward with their (especially my) strangeness in different companies and how will they fit together. Eventually there were only a few people who I really really had to invite despite doubts and whatever 😛 Silly me xD Getting a great party and worrying about the little stuff ^^’

After so much stress during the last week which I (I’m hoping succesfully) survived it was time for partyyyy 😀 First a sleepover at my bro’s place with Ralu who decided to scare the life out of me when I was almost asleep -,- Yes, that was a late night. Then we went to church, we sang, we jammed we enjoyed the beautiful snow falling on our faces, we threw snow at each other (Oh Yeah!). I laughed so much at Ralu’s snowy hair and teased her as much as possible!

Sunday evening Emm was back in Holland from Israel, we laughed we had fun and enjoyed until the moment of truth… My friends meeting my other friends. Man I can make a fuss about little things! They’re all crazy! All the same kinda crazy! The kind I like 😀 Man I love those people! A stranger recently told me, “I’m surrounded by other crazy people, who make me feel like the happiest person on this blue little planet. I love them more than words can say :)” I couldn’t agree more! Though when there was pie smeared all over my face disappearing from my nose only after half a night… I had my doubts… (Nahh, I didn’t, I got payback immediately ^_^)

Just a little detail to the awesome day… I was so proud of myself, the snow was almost gone and I had yet to fall in the winter. Might I finally survive a winter without falling? I opened the door. Ralu came storming at me pushing all the possible ice in my face, Mikee right behind her shoving his ice filled hand right after it. My eyes opened wide, I started running behind Ralu who was surprisingly quick considering… The steps were really slippery -,- I slided over them, I fell… Hard. Thanks guys… Just thanks…

I noticed I can talk a lot about myself 😛 Well this was my ‘story’ about ice XD With this I’ll end the 30-day/3 month challenge! It gave me lots of inspiration and now I’m looking forward to see my writings continue! Thanks, all you awesome readers! And again special thanks to my crazy friends (Emm, Ralu, Josh, Maik, Rome, Mir, Mikee, Claire, (even though she couldn’t come)! Yes they needed to be mentioned xD) who make my crazy life much and much crazier than I had ever expected. Crazy is fun! Crazy is me.

[Oh I almost forgot to mention, thanks to these people I had a proper b-day party for the first time in hmm, let’s say about 5 years, maybe 6 xD thanks again!!]

Day 26: Write about the 30th picture on your phone or computer. Write about the story behind it, or make up the story behind it.

Awesome 3

Awesome 3

The teaser princess

Well, since my phone had been broken way longer then I have planned it to be -,- and I don’t like pictures that much so I hardly have any on my computer… I decided to take my camera out of my bag to see what uselessness I have on there 😛 To my surprise there were more than 30 pictures! But I didn’t like the first one that much (just a pic of the big Ben xD, ok it’s awesome but I didn’t feel like it) I counted in reverse order and came across this one.

What you see right there is a sign of epic friendship! I don’t even know where to start XD I’ll keep the boring details of how we met for myself and I’ll just talk about the picture 😛 It is made by a friend of mine, (the guy in the bottom) who happens to be an epic artist!!! It was made for the girl at the top for her birthday, as a surprise and I asked him to make it (I’m in the middle ofc). I remember showing it to a friend of mine and the first thing she told me: “Hey Sam… Since when are you white?” O.o Oh yeah… I forgot…

Anyways 😛 It was her birthday and we decided to be sweet to her for a change… We filled an envelope with cute drawings a letter to her and some more cute random stuff to surprise her. She deserved it a little because we had another surprise for her… We kept it a secret from her for 2 months and it turns out.. She’s not that good with curiosity >:D Which only makes me want to surprise her more and tease her as much as possible! Well, friendship with me is based on 3 things, Randomness, Teasing and a little bit of Sweet 😀 There’s probably more, but for now I know there’s gonna be a lifetime of teasing, fun and more teasing between us xD.

Two Little Butterflies

I looked at the little box in my hands and smiled. It was a little heart shaped jewellery box made from silver. The lid was covered with beautiful little decorations each made with the utmost of care and in the centre there were two words engraved in round curling letters. Best friends. I held the little box tightly and close to me, making sure it would never fall and desperate not to break it. “Are you sure it’s ok?” I asked her not letting my eyes leave the box for even a second. “No. It’s not ok.” She responded. Before I knew it she grabbed the box out of my hands, not even paying attention to whether it was breakable or not. My eyes opened wide as I followed the box being thrown up in the air and caught again in one of her hands. When I tried to grab the box she kept holding her hand up in the air, just out of my reach. When I noticed that it didn’t work I looked at her only to see a wide grin on her face. She lowered her hand again and handed me the box. “Come on Sarah! Be a bit more careful!” I yelled. “First of all, of course it’s ok! Did you really think I’d give you the box if it wasn’t?” Before I could respond she went on talking. “Secondly, come on. It’s silver, it’s pretty hard. It’s not gonna break that easily you silly! And finally, how long am I going to have to wait till you finally open the damn thing, Jen?” I looked at her in surprise. “You mean there’s more? But that’s…” “Open it, Jenna! Man, are you Ever going to stop talking?” I smiled. That’s why she was my best friend. She said exactly what she wanted to, no matter what anyone else though. But inside, I knew she had the best things she could wish for in a friend. Slowly I opened the box revealing two blue necklaces inside. Two amazing blue butterflies with perfect symmetry and perfect beauty. They almost looked like the real things except for the metal attached to them. “Om my, thanks S!!” Without letting the necklaces go I jumped in her arms to give her a big hug. “Thanks!” She smiled foolishly. “Come on, let’s put them on!” I turned around and let Sarah put the necklace around my neck. Suddenly when I looked down at the necklace, the butterfly began to fly! The wings started flapping and the butterfly was free in the air. With astonishment I looked at the beautiful creature, only held back at by the steel of the necklace holding it in place. I looked at Sarah with wide opened eyes. “What is…?” Before I could finish my sentence I saw that her necklace was doing the same thing. “It’s magic Jen! Can you believe it? It’s real magic!” We looked at each other for a few seconds in silence. The only sound was that of the flapping of wings. Suddenly we started laughing and laughing until we couldn’t breathe anymore. We flew up in the air together with out butterflies and flew along the heavens together. Then it hit me. It being the ground. What the… I stood up from the ground with a headache looking at my bed. Seriously Sam? Butterflies? I spent the rest of my day with a  headache and the urge to laugh uncontrollably everytime I saw a butterfly.

Ok this story is the product of boredom ^_^ I asked 2 of my friends give me the first thing you think about, and I’ma write a story about it. They gave me Butterflies and Best Friends. Thanks guys ^^’ mushy stuff… You all know how good I am at that -_- Not. Well I did it anyway 😀

Day 13: Begin with “I thought I saw…”

Christmas Romance

“I though I saw a shooting star.” It was a chilly December night when I was sitting next to him on the rooftop. Together we looked at the view of all the lights shining through the pure white snow around us. I remember endlessly gazing at the perfect starry sky when I felt his warm hands touching mine. On an impulse I pulled my head away and stared at him. His grey-blue eyes revealed a short moment of hesitation but a wide smile quickly brightened up his face. “Your parents are going to kill you if they find out, you know.” I said with an equally wide smile. “By the way, how Did you manage to sneak out? I know how much your parents values spending Christmas eve together as a family.” He turned away and put an a semi-serious look on his face. “I told them the truth.” He cleared his throat and put up a deep and manly voice. “Father, mother. I am 18 years old now and even the society considers me a grown man. Therefore I am allowed to make my own decisions and the first one I’ll make is to visit my best friend Jessica during this Christmas Eve.” He glanced playfully in my direction before he received a smack to the back of his head. I smiled at him evilly. “Come on Jason, what did you really do?” Still feeling the back of his head he softly replied. “Ok, ok. I told them I had to go get some snacks in order to properly celebrate Christmas.” Without waiting for my response he quickly continued. “But I did it to be with you! I couldn’t just let you be alone during Christmas eve!” I looked away and tried to push away the memories. I wasn’t alone. I would never let myself feel down. “Thanks Jase, you’re great.” I quickly forced a smile on my face and looked at him again. Before I noticed he had covered my entire face with a hand full of snow and my nose felt like it was freezing off. “You!! I’m gonna get you back for that!” I filled the palms of my hands with as much snow as I could, but before I could throw it at him, he grabbed my hands. “Stop Jess!” He grinned evilly. “Now you wouldn’t want us to slip and fall of the rooftop, now would you?” I let out a deep sigh. That bastard was right. “I’ll get you back later, remember that!” I yelled out. With a sudden movement he leaned into me and I prepared for the worst. To my surprise he didn’t do anything special. He simply touched my chin with his hands and turned my face upward to the sky. “For now, just look at the sky. Maybe you’ll see another shooting star.” His hands felt warm and without noticing it, my heart started beating. He was a great friend… Right? “There’s another one!” He said. “Make a wish.” His voice suddenly softened. I felt his stare when I closed my eyes to make a wish. When I opened my eyes again he kept staring at me. The look in his eyes wasn’t teasing, or mean. It was sweet. My heart started beating again as I looked into his eyes. I didn’t understand it then. “Shouldn’t you make a wish too?” He smiled and looked at me without pause. “Jess… You should know by now right?” I did. I knew, but I couldn’t say anything. The light of the passing cars were flickering on his face. The light in his eyes shined brighter than before and yet again, I felt my heart beating. “I love you Jess. You are my wish.” I felt like my lips had frozen against each other and my heart was dropping out of my chest. “I…” Before I could finish my sentence he leaned closer to me. I felt the warmth of his breath nearing my face as I closed my eyes. For a small moment our lips touched. The world around me began spinning and I felt myself slipping away. Suddenly I opened my eyes to realise what was going on. The world hadn’t been spinning around in my imagination. I had literally been slipping away. Desperately I tried clutching the edge of the rooftop before falling on top of Jason in the soft snow. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry! Jason did I hurt you?” I tried searching for his face that had been covered by snow when I heard a chuckle. When I turned around I faced a wide smile. Suddenly we both burst out in laughter. Minutes on end we couldn’t stop laughing. Jason gave me a big hug from behind and said, “Jess, you will never be able to hurt me.” I buried myself in his arms even more. “First of all, because you’re weak! But most importantly…” He brought his lips to my ears and softly whispered. “The person I love can never hurt me. I love you Jess.”  The snow around me was cold, but all I felt was his warmth surrounding me. My best friend… and more.

Hello everyone! I’m in a Christmas mood 😀 Today I decided to write a love story, which was surprisingly hard because this was my first love story ever. I’m not good with writing love stuff, but I wanted to challenge myself! It still lacks some romance I think >,< But I’m trying 😛 Tell me what you think and please, if you have tips, write them down! I’m open for all criticisms! Again special thanks to my writing coach! What on earth would I do without all these awesome friends that keep helping me out? I’m a Blessed girl!!

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