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Day 27: Story taking place during a sporting event (any sport)

My source of inspiration ^_^

The Competition

The crowd was silent as I stood face to face with his opponent. Eleven. Names didn’t matter now. This was a game of numbers and skills. A drop of sweat slowly ran from the side of my forehead, along my cheeks and fell of his chin onto the ground with a deafening noise. My breathing was heavy, yet controlled. My mind fully focused on my every movement. The ball kept bouncing from my hand to the ground and back. There were 3 people standing between me and the goal. Eleven stood right in front of me swaying from side to side to cover a larger area. I looked him straight in the eye, not losing focus for even a split second. My own teammates were relying on this single moment. In front of the goal there was an another one, Five and the third one was standing at 10 o’clock, Seven. It took one more second to determine my course of action, another second of mental preparation before the moment of truth.

With a sudden movement of swaying to my right side I alerted Eleven, still making sure not to lose eye contact and showing his full determination in his every movement. Right. The obvious side, out of reach from his opponents, but predictable. Eleven thought he could read his movements and made one fatal step to the same right side before he saw his defeat. I quickly recovered myself from my diversion and bounced the ball to my right hand while putting all my weight on my left foot. A subtle turn of 180 degrees while bouncing the ball back to my left hand left me standing with my back towards the goal staring at the big orange 11 on my opponent’s back. Without a second thought I bounced the ball with my right hand through my legs catching it again with my left hand behind my back. I turned around the ball before it had the chance to bounce back to the floor and focused my full attention on running straight at Seven. His surprised face was his downfall as my determination overruled his actions. I ran with full speed ahead towards him while he sought the help of Five with his eyes. Wrong. Just before a fatal collision I balanced my weight on my right foot again and took a gamble. Both hands on the ball. I turned my right foot so I could face the goal that was 45 degrees to my left. In the same movement I relied on the strength in my foot to make a jump. Before I took off in the air I could see the look of desperation on the face of an approaching Five. In the air I waited to throw the ball I held it for as long as I could. I felt myself falling backwards more and more and the exact moment when my body was nearly parallel to the floor underneath me I threw the ball as best as I could. Five made an effort to jump, but the throwing angle had made it an impossible block. With a hard smack I fell on the floor right in front of Seven’s feet. One second the doubt remained in my head as I stared at the ceiling. Then I heard it. The buzzing sound of a perfect goal. My friend behind me helped me up and started patting me on the back. “Great job Al, you blew us away again.” I couldn’t stop smiling at my friends who were my enemies just moments ago. A happy feeling took me over. Victory.


So I finally did the challenge about sports XD I got some inspiration from the anime kokuro no basket ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope you guys like it ^_^ Some side info, today I got a birthday present from all you bloggers world wide! My 1000th view ๐Ÿ˜€ (actually it was yesterday, but whatever XD) Thanks everyone! After this, 2 days of challenge left ๐Ÿ˜€


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