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Day 5: Reasons To Love Rain

Day 5: Think of a random word and Google images for it. Write a story about the 7th image. 

He looked straight up at the night sky. Even in the darkest of nights the thick grey clouds stood out, covering up the skies. He shivered as cold raindrops poured on his shoulders. He was carrying and umbrella, but it was barely covering him in an attempt to keep the girl clinging to his arm safe from the cold. He glanced sideways only to see her grinning with a sparkle in her eyes. He chuckled. “You’re silly…” The girl looked up at him in surprise. “Why?!” She asked with astonishment in her voice. He chuckled again, looked away from her and meaningfully glanced up at the rain falling from the sky. “Just because…” He looked at her again. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“What…, the rain?” She asked.

“Yes.” He paused for a moment.

“The skies are sad, the world is crying. Everyone gets gloomy when it’s raining, yet you’re just standing here smiling.”

“That’s not true!” She said with an indignant tone in her voice.

“What, you mean to say that this never ending grin of yours actually means you’re not happy?” He laughed.

“No, I mean to say that the skies aren’t sad!” She looked up with a familiar sparkle in her eyes. “The skies are trying to make us happy… Think about it, when do people snuggle up together? To get warm when it’s cold! When do people gather around to talk? When they stay inside together, hiding from the rain! When do we hold each other more tightly? When you want to protect me from the rain…” She came closer to him while her thoughts seemed to wander away. After a short pause she continued. “Don’t look at the dark clouds, ok? Look at the streets. Just keep looking!”

As they walked through the city he looked for what she saw. Her eyes told him she’d seen something precious, but his mind was filled with the grey clouds above his head. Suddenly he noticed her staring at him in the corner of his eye. He looked straight forward when he saw the clouds lifting, only for a moment. He saw the light of the moon reflecting from the wet street stones. He saw the warm colours from all around him, from stop lights, from signs, from headlights… All of them reflected on the streets. Everywhere around him there was an explosion of colour. The longer they walked, the more he looked. The more he looked, the more he saw. For a moment, he faded away. He forgot the rain, he forgot the cold and he forgot the clouds that were slowly lifting. For a short moment all he could see was a painting in front of him, behind him and everywhere he looked; A piece of art more alive than he had realised before. With the soft noise of the ticking rain above his head he felt relaxed. He looked to his side and saw her familiar smile again. As if she had read his mind and knew what he had seen. He turned towards her with a soft smile on his lips. He leaned in closer and closer until they were sharing one breath. As he came near she closed her eyes. Slowly he tipped the umbrella away from him and… In a split second he took a step back and shook out the remaining rain droplets on the umbrella out over her head. “Hey!” She yelled. “You’re right!” He responded quickly, before she could continue yelling. He stared off at the beautiful play of colours in front of him, took a deep breath and held her tightly. “You’re right…” He repeated softly.


The random word I Googled was the word ‘Art’ and the 7th picture brought me to one of my all time favourite paintings! Really, this painting has it all! It has my combines my favourite season (autumn), with my favourite weather (rain … (I might have mentioned that more than a few times before in more than a few different places and occasions…)), and one of my favourite activities (walking in the rain), using my favourite colours (red, black and white)!! I think I’m gonna get myself this one or at least one of Victor Figol’s paintings because I completely fell in love with them 🙂 


So I did some stuff and saw some things…

Oh my God, where do I start??

I could start with a chronological overview of what exactly I’ve been up to all this time… But the word chronological hardly exists in my vocabulary. So good luck trying to get what I’m saying, because chances are I hardly understand half of what I’m typing either!

Starting with last night… My first rainstorm in Africa! Seriously at one point I thought the wind was just blowing a little harder than usual and within 15 minutes the porch was flooded! Normal people go hide out inside in these moments right? Well I’m never really normal, so instead I went to walk around in the rain for at least 30 minutes. One of the happiest moments for me 😀 Did I mention I LOVE rain? What I didn’t love was the fact that the power went out. Having no power here basically means two things. Being cut off from the rest of the world, and more importantly… No Fan. DO you have any idea how hard it is to sleep without a fan in Ghana? It’s so. Freaking. Hot. In the end I think I might have slept 2 hours or something, so I feel *uhum* wide awake!

And this morning of course, we found out that there was no running water…  Again. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The first day I came here there was no running water, so I enjoyed some ‘great’ bucket showers… (Ok it wasn’t really that bad, just a bit different.) Side note, there’s also no washing machine here, so today I hand washed my clothes for the first time.

Hmm, let’s just take a sec to look at the differences between the Netherlands and Ghana… Maybe I should look at the similarities instead, to save time xD Ok but seriously, wauw! I expected change, lots of it. But even though I saw it coming, I’m still surprised at how different it is here. Some things are exactly as you might expect from Africa. Like the women carrying Everything around on their heads. I even tried doing that, and surprisingly, it’s not hard at all! What was a big shocker for me was everything involving public transport. If the place you have to go to is not too far away, you just take a taxi, preferably a shared one. You can share a taxi with friends, or complete strangers and you’ll end up paying about 1 cedi per person. (That’s about 30 eurocents) For the places that are a bit farther away, like a 30-45 minute bus ride you take a tro tro. Now those things are so ghetto xD It’s like this little van that fits about 16 people in it. You have enough space to sit, but don’t expect it to be anything like a normal bus, because it’s not :D. You have a lot less space for yourself. And bus times? Who needs bus times?! People we live in Ghana and here we have this little thing called Ghana time. Basically meaning when you set a time for an event, don’t expect people to show up anywhere close to the time you set. Two hours later is more like it, but I’d keep 3 hours in mind, just to be sure. I think the tro tro’s are partly to blame… They come by when they do, so don’t rush yourself too much to get on one. You have to look at the hand signs the bus guy makes to figure out where the bus is headed, and you just have to figure out for yourself where you should get off. The doors open and close manually while the bus is still driving. Makes perfect sense right? The main plus point is that it costs you only about 1 cedi! I’m liking these tro tro’s xD

Oh oh and about the fishing village! So on Monday til Thursday nights a bunch of people go to teach at a fishing village. The houses there… Man, I could never imagine myself living in such a house! But to get to my point; At the fishing village we have this street reserved for the classes. What we do is we take out some chairs and tables, we put them on the middle of the street and magically the chairs fill up with children Wanting to learn! I mean, how cool is that!! The kids are just amazing! And there are different kids every day, so you never know what you end up with. I’d be lying if I said it was easy though… I  tried to fill in for class 0 one time… I. Suck. It was awful xD The kids didn’t understand a word I was saying! So I decided to start learning Ga, the language these kids speak. I know some basic words in Ga now, but it’s pretty hard to learn for me xD

Oh, the market! So a while ago we went to the Art center, which is basically a market. The stores are all open, and everything is pretty cramped. There’s colour everywhere and more importantly, there are people that desperately want to sell things to the “Obroni’s”. because, we’re white right? That must mean we’re rich! Well… I’m not, so sorry guys… But they still tried. At one point people were literally grabbing my arms to pull me inside their shop! Sorry dude, I don’t want paintings. No thank you. Nope, we’re ok. I repeated those three sentences continuously over about a hour. O.o

Oh and my kids went dancing! Did I ever mention before that I’m secretly very bad with kids? I’m just so awkward, and they all look at me like, what are you trying to do? No I do not want to see a funny face and no I do not want to play with your teddy bear. In any case, right here I’m becoming quite the mother… Ok not completely of course, but I already feel like I would do anything to make sure these kids have a good life J And last Thursday the kids had a dance performance! It was actually a graduation for a hair dresser academy, which was really amazing in its own way! The hairstyles these people came up with, dayum O.O It was so weird that at one point the hair wasn’t even attached to their heads! They built the weirdest structures on top of their heads!

Aaanyway, when the kids started dancing… I was so proud!! You could just see the looks on people’s faces when a bunch of Obroni’s pushed their way to the front to film these awesome kids! I didn’t even care at that point, I was like, excuse me, can you get out of my way real quick so I can see my babies dance? Yes, you can take all the pictures you want of me and all my whiteness, but do it After I filmed them and screamed my lungs out ok? Thank you. Ok ok, not literally, but you get my drift. I really want to be a mother later. I just have so much love to give these kids, and the more I give, the bigger the amount of love I have is! :’D

I really need to start uploading some pictures soon, because I wanna show the world all this adorableness!! 😀

I didn’t see the older kids for about 2 days and when I saw them again they all came running toward me, hugging me, yelling my name. “Sam, Sam! Look what I can do!” “You sing for me! Wion King!” Did I mention I lost my heart to them? Well I’m mentioning it again xD

Seriously, if you ever have the chance in your life to come to Ghana and to do this project, DO IT. I hear people saying “I wish I did that when I was your age.” Well guess what, I Am my age and I’m having the time of my life 😀 I love adventures like this :’)


He stared out of the window as the scenery flashed by. The sky was grey, the grass was grey and the sun was grey. He closed his eyes for a short moment and only listened to the ticking of the rain on the car and for a moment he felt calm. A sad kind of peace, like the silence before a storm. It felt as if something was about to happen and nature tried to warn him. He didn’t want to be warned. For a moment he just wanted to enjoy the peace, with no second thoughts. This rare feeling that was in the middle of something was precious. When someone is extremely happy, the switch to sadness hits them that much harder. For a moment, he didn’t want to switch. He didn’t want to feel extreme happiness or extreme sadness but for once he enjoyed staying in the middle. Empty. Calm. He turned of his thoughts. His hands glued to the steering wheel, his eyes focused on the empty road in front of him. He didn’t know why he was driving nor did he know his destination. Let’s get lost. He thought to himself. Let’s just get lost and not come back for however long I feel like it. Let’s wander around and let the world come to me. Let’s stop trying and let everything just go the way nature wants it to. Sometimes that’s what someone needs. A small smile formed on his lips. Why not? He clutched the steering wheel. It’s a choice he made. A decision he wouldn’t let go. The smile on his lips grew as he looked straight ahead. With his full weight he hit the gas pedal. He raced along the road and let the rush of the speed take over his thoughts. The gravity pushed him back in his seat. His shaking hands told him to stop driving, but his mind kept telling him he was ok. He drove faster every second, he ignored the scenery flashing by and he ignored the world that started spinning around him. He felt the tires starting to slip off the wet road, but he didn’t hesitate to go on. Suddenly he lost all control. The car started spinning, the grey of the sky merged with the grey of the trees and everything together formed one grey stain. He closed his eyes let himself lose control and didn’t try to regain it. He felt the car turning over many times, but his mind was somewhere else. Then it all stopped. Everything was quiet. He opened his eyes and looked surprised. He let out a small sigh. Stupid. He chuckled to himself. Things got out of hand again. He didn’t get his own mind. He didn’t understand why he did most of the things he did, but he knew he always got out alive. Something didn’t allow him to give up and that thing somehow encouraged him to try to find the edge. He stepped out of the car and looked around. He didn’t see a road anymore. There only was a calm lake surrounded by grass and a few trees. He laid down in the grass next to the lake and stared at the sky. Suddenly he felt something hitting him. “Hey… Hey dude.” He quickly stood up and looked behind him. His eyes widened in surprise. In front of him he saw a girl wearing a bright red coat. There wasn’t anything grey about her. Suddenly there was colour. Before he could speak a word she continued. “Hey, whatsyourname.. You’re sitting on my spot!” He looked around at the place where he was sitting and looked back at her again. “W.. Where did you…” “Come from?” She finished for him and she grinned. “Ah.. No where. I’m just a fantasy. A figment of your imagination!” He looked confused, but she didn’t give him the time to think and shoved him to the side and sat down on his spot. “So. What were you thinking?” She said as she got comfortable.

Ok sorry guys XD I started this story and halfway through, just like the guy in it I lost my destination. Any suggestions? Because I’m lost 😛 I got three words, this time from Amir, to write a story with. The words were Glue, Car and Fantasy. At least those three are in there somewhere but now only a suitable ending??? ^^’ I’m posting this because I really feel like posting something and maybe someone can give me advice?

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