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Creative Writing Challenge Take 2

So I’ve been having a really hard time writing lately (surprise surprise) And I thought back of the good old days that I wrote loads every day. So I thought, why not just go back to my writing challenge days and force myself to write creatively! One thing led to another, I looked for some new writing challenges and I found… Not this one. I found a bunch of challenges, but I always found some things that I didn’t like or just weren’t my style or whatever excuse I could make up. So this list is made by moi and a bunch of random internet people whom I stole parts of their challenges from…

Spoiler alert, I’m not gonna complete this challenge in 30 days… I know myself too well for that. It’s probably gonna be more of a 39, 48.7 or a 1 year challenge for me, but hey at least I’m trying. Let the writing begin!!

Writing challenge

Just click the picture if you can’t read it ^_^

Fun fact: my favourite west african symbol is called ‘Sankofa’. It;s the symbol of a bird that is walking forward but looking back. The literal meaning of it is look back and take. If you keep walking on, there’s no shame in going back to the past for a little bit to take what you need there. Learn from the past and walk to the future, which is kinda what I’m doing right now with this challenge right? 😛



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