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Day 6: My Biggest Fears

Day 6: Make a list of 5 things you’re afraid of happening to you. Then write a story in which one of them happens to your character.

There’s this moment of insanity, when you know you’re crossing a line.


“Lily, sweetie, I’m just a little tired ok? Go play over there for a bit.” She said waving her hand at the corner of the room filled with coloured boxes, toy cars, white sheets of paper and crayons. “You can draw something if you want.” Lily looked back at her with curiosity. She seemed a little paler than usual. “Is everything ok, mom? Why do you look so white?” Her mom smiled at her. “Don’t worry about it honey, I’ll be fine. Why don’t you draw me a nice picture?” Lily grabbed her mom’s hands and leaned forward to look at her more closely. “Will you feel better if I do?” Her mother gave her a weak grin. “If it’s from you, I’m sure I’ll feel a lot better.” Lily stared intensely into her mom’s eyes as if she was trying to memorize something. It took a few seconds before she suddenly jumped up and ran across the room to get her crayons.

“Mom!” She yelled as if the other side of the room was the other side of the city. The woman rubbed the side of her head with a pained look on her face. “Yeah..?” It was all she felt she was able to get out of her mouth. “I’m going to make you the best picture ever!” The woman smiled weakly again. “That’s nice, sweetie.” A few seconds of silence went by, but the more time, the more her head felt like exploding. She felt herself falling away into a blur, but she desperately tried to stop herself. Something told her that she should fight this feeling, but she didn’t know what was keeping her from what felt like a good nap coming up.

“Mom!”  Lily yelled again after a few minutes. “How do you spell your name again?”


Lily returned to her paper with unwavering concentration. Quinn could see her lips move to form the sounds of each letter. Somehow it made her feel happy to see her daughter like this. It made her relax a bit and for a moment she wanted to let it all out. Slowly she dipped into the blurry feeling she had before. Slowly she felt a blackish shadow reaching her, but it felt… easy. Comfortable.

Lily moved her head back a bit to observe her piece of art. Her mom, her dad and herself holding hands. The little red lines that formed their lips cut across their faces in a casual way. The sun was shining. They looked happy together. At the top of the paper she had written in big letters ‘FROM LILY TO QUINN’. She smiled at her achievement and looked up at her mom.

She looked up at her mom suddenly standing next to her. She looked up at her mom that wore the same smile as in her drawing… a red stripe cut unnaturally across her face. Her eyes as large as she had drawn them. She felt cold air surrounding her for just a moment. Her smile faded. “Are you okay mommy? I made this for you.” She said pointing at her drawing. Tears formed in her eyes as she felt cold hands reach for her. She took a step back to get away from the cold, but she felt trapped. For a moment her breath stopped, her heart stopped and everything stopped. Everything was now in front of her. Her mom’s soft, gentle hands like claws around her wrists. Her mom’s warm smiles like souls calling for help. Frozen in her steps she looked at her mom’s hand reaching for her throat…


I can feel myself moving. I can see myself moving. I’m doing it myself… So why can’t I stop. Stop it! Not her, no please. I love her. Why isn’t this working? Why is this so hard? I just want to let go. I don’t want this anymore. I don’t want control, I don’t want it. Why can’t I stop? I’m tired.



He observed the woman in front of him carefully. His eyes, worn down by experience, laughter and many looks of sympathy were strictly focused on her. He looked at the dark lines under her grey blue eyes. He looked at her lips that were pursed in a tight line. He looked at the crooked way she was sitting on her chair and at the black unwashed hairs hanging warily over her face. Of all the things he saw, behind all the things that could make her stunning if well taken care of, he saw only things that evoked repulsion. In her eyes he saw the one thing he had never seen before. Her eyes weren’t filled with tears, exhaustion or fear. They were filled with death. Never had he seen such emptiness and misery reflect in the mirrors to the soul. A shiver ran down his spine and he wondered. He has never been religious or spiritual in any way. He did not believe in anything but that which he could see, but for the first time in his life he could see the absence of that what was beyond understanding. Her soul.

As they sat in silence the only sound was his pencil scratching nervously across the notebook in his hands. The silence lingered between them, but she did not make any attempt to break it. She had not spoken, moved or shown any sign of recognizing his or even her own existence.

“What is your name?”

No response. For days on end he had shared that room with her, but she had yet to speak a word. Still he kept trying. Was it his own sense of pride, his curiosity or a simple need to help, he had not considered giving up on her. It was his job, and he was good at it. He trusted in himself.

He leaned back and looked at her in a more casual manner and politely smiled at her.

“I look forward to the day when we can have a conversation over some tea.” He chuckled. She didn’t budge. He thought back to nearly a week ago, to the report that had lain on his desk when he entered his office. He had read it in a single breath of perplexity. A woman and her daughter, her husband was away from work. In the picture she had looked charming and happy. None of them had a medical history, a record or anything unusual whatsoever. They’d lived a happy peaceful life. He looked at the woman again and tried to find a resemblance between her and the picture that was taken of her only a month back. He had looked at the picture of her daughter, before and after the incident. She had been a beautiful child of around 8 years old with long black hair and a light brown complexion. Pictures of a bruised child, barely alive and broken in spirit flashed in front of his eyes as he rubbed along the temple of his head. He thought of his own daughter who had long passed that age and he felt painfully grateful. He looked over at the woman again and saw her soulless form.

“How much do you remember?” He asked no one in particular, not expecting any response. Within a moment he felt the icy fingers of death reach over to his neck and clamping around his throat. Her empty grey blue eyes were staring straight into his and even though she had not moved anything but her face he felt her aura near him as if it was attempting to draw him into hell.

“Everything.” She said with an icy, creaking voice.


So, here’s a fun fact. I figured that when I have inspiration to write something, it’s crucial for me not to stop. When I stop, it’s gone and it’ll never come back. I hate my brain sometimes. So I’m basically stuck in the stories’ world, until I’m finished with it. Tell you what; it’s not that much fun being stuck in a story filled with your greatest fears… I genuinely got small panick attacks when I imagined being Quinn. So here’s my list 🙂

  1. Losing complete control over myself and do stuff that goes against me (like insanity)
  2. Hurting/losing the people I love more than anything
  3. Getting hurt by the people I love more than anything
  4. Trypophobia… fear of holes (don’t google it.)
  5. Ginormous freaking hand or bigger sized freaking spiders that like partying in your mosquito net when you want to sleep. 

Day 5: Reasons To Love Rain

Day 5: Think of a random word and Google images for it. Write a story about the 7th image. 

He looked straight up at the night sky. Even in the darkest of nights the thick grey clouds stood out, covering up the skies. He shivered as cold raindrops poured on his shoulders. He was carrying and umbrella, but it was barely covering him in an attempt to keep the girl clinging to his arm safe from the cold. He glanced sideways only to see her grinning with a sparkle in her eyes. He chuckled. “You’re silly…” The girl looked up at him in surprise. “Why?!” She asked with astonishment in her voice. He chuckled again, looked away from her and meaningfully glanced up at the rain falling from the sky. “Just because…” He looked at her again. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“What…, the rain?” She asked.

“Yes.” He paused for a moment.

“The skies are sad, the world is crying. Everyone gets gloomy when it’s raining, yet you’re just standing here smiling.”

“That’s not true!” She said with an indignant tone in her voice.

“What, you mean to say that this never ending grin of yours actually means you’re not happy?” He laughed.

“No, I mean to say that the skies aren’t sad!” She looked up with a familiar sparkle in her eyes. “The skies are trying to make us happy… Think about it, when do people snuggle up together? To get warm when it’s cold! When do people gather around to talk? When they stay inside together, hiding from the rain! When do we hold each other more tightly? When you want to protect me from the rain…” She came closer to him while her thoughts seemed to wander away. After a short pause she continued. “Don’t look at the dark clouds, ok? Look at the streets. Just keep looking!”

As they walked through the city he looked for what she saw. Her eyes told him she’d seen something precious, but his mind was filled with the grey clouds above his head. Suddenly he noticed her staring at him in the corner of his eye. He looked straight forward when he saw the clouds lifting, only for a moment. He saw the light of the moon reflecting from the wet street stones. He saw the warm colours from all around him, from stop lights, from signs, from headlights… All of them reflected on the streets. Everywhere around him there was an explosion of colour. The longer they walked, the more he looked. The more he looked, the more he saw. For a moment, he faded away. He forgot the rain, he forgot the cold and he forgot the clouds that were slowly lifting. For a short moment all he could see was a painting in front of him, behind him and everywhere he looked; A piece of art more alive than he had realised before. With the soft noise of the ticking rain above his head he felt relaxed. He looked to his side and saw her familiar smile again. As if she had read his mind and knew what he had seen. He turned towards her with a soft smile on his lips. He leaned in closer and closer until they were sharing one breath. As he came near she closed her eyes. Slowly he tipped the umbrella away from him and… In a split second he took a step back and shook out the remaining rain droplets on the umbrella out over her head. “Hey!” She yelled. “You’re right!” He responded quickly, before she could continue yelling. He stared off at the beautiful play of colours in front of him, took a deep breath and held her tightly. “You’re right…” He repeated softly.


The random word I Googled was the word ‘Art’ and the 7th picture brought me to one of my all time favourite paintings! Really, this painting has it all! It has my combines my favourite season (autumn), with my favourite weather (rain … (I might have mentioned that more than a few times before in more than a few different places and occasions…)), and one of my favourite activities (walking in the rain), using my favourite colours (red, black and white)!! I think I’m gonna get myself this one or at least one of Victor Figol’s paintings because I completely fell in love with them 🙂 

Day 2: How To Forget

There are two trees in particular, right at the beginning of the road, before you enter the small forest. The two trees seem just like all the others behind them, with equally green leaves in the summer and an equal coating of bright white snow in the winter. One would never walk by and stop to consider that something so seemingly insignificant would in fact be a very important part of a forgotten past. Three weeks ago about a handful of people probably walked by with their faces buried in whatever touch screen device they had in their hands at that moment. Those who did look up probably didn’t even notice that something was weird. That the leaves on the trees were rustling more than usual or that the shadows behind the trees were 3 shades darker. That the thin mist around the forest was more than just your casual low hanging cloud, and that it was masking more than just a stray dog or a wild rabbit hopping around. Three weeks ago two shadows materialized out of thin air. They walked out of the forest surrounded by a wall of silence and clothed with exhaustion. Three weeks ago we set our minds to the same simple goal. To forget.

“So, now it’s all over, will we just go back to not knowing each other?”

She had answered with a simple, “Yeah.” I don’t blame her really. Out of the two of us I think she had the hardest time. It didn’t matter who was stronger or faster, once it was dangerous, she would be the one to take the lead. “I can handle this. If I can spare you, I will.” Is what she said. I’m the weak link, I guess. I can’t keep anything in. I don’t keep secrets. That’s just not me. Or at least, it wasn’t.  Sometimes I see her walk by with some of her friends. Catching up, for old time’s sake. Laughing at the little jokes, worrying about the small things. I remember when I used to watch her. Always surrounded by people, always a part of the group. Always laughing and joking around. I remember admiring her smile from afar. It didn’t light up the skies or make flowers grow around her and it wasn’t magical or surreal, but it was quite the opposite. Her smile wasn’t devastatingly attractive, but it was painfully honest. When she laughed she looked like a clumsy 5 year old, but when you heard her laugh, you’d instantly laugh with her. I was perfectly fine with not knowing her at all if only I could just see her smile a couple of times. Now I know her I’m still amazed by her every day. How does she continue, like life has always made sense? How does she forget, as if there was nothing to remember in the first place? How does she keep smiling after years and years of forgotten history and when did her smile stop reaching her eyes? 5 Years have been erased out of the past to make a better future. Things I knew so well, friends I loved so much and a smile I learnt to care so deeply for, all gone for a world that wasn’t much to me. After everything that had happened her smile was the strength behind my every step, because that alone was undying and after one single moment even that faded away.

Three weeks later I felt myself drawn to where it all began, wishing I could go back to the dark cruel world that had become my home. So now I’m here again, staring at two trees, looking like a complete idiot. I see people walking by questioning my mental health and wondering how long a person can stare at a tree before getting tired. I used to come here feeling magic and life drawing me in. Now I’m feeling judgmental eyes puncturing the back of my head. I don’t care, I keep staring. Hoping that some sign comes to me proving it wasn’t all a dream. Not much later the sign comes in the form of a hand touching my shoulder. I look around. “Mia…”

“Hey Leo, it’s been a while…” She smiles at me. We share a long minute of painful silence, both looking back and forth from the tree to each other until Mia breaks the silence. “Let’s sit down and talk for a bit ok?” Without answering I sit down leaning against the tree and wait for her to start talking.  “They just look like trees huh?” She says. “What else would they look like?” I respond with a little more hostility in my voice than I intended. “Don’t do that.”

“Do what?”

“Push me away.” I look at her. Honesty all across her face, but that’s all. No pain, no suffering. Just life going on.

“Last time I checked you wanted us to go back how it was.” She looks down.

“I’m sorry.” I quickly continue. “I get it, really. It’s just kinda hard sometimes and stuff just seems so easy on your side.”

“It’s not, you know. It’s not gonna get easier anytime soon, I can promise you that. But I guess it’s just better to look at it from the bright side.”

“I can’t. I just can’t. Where’s the bright side in all this? Where do you see the light, tell me because I don’t see it at all!” A small hazy edge appears just in my line of sight. The world starts fading away a little as the haze grows. I find myself looking at her without really seeing anything, as a tear slides down my cheek towards my chin. “I can’t stay strong. I can’t keep laughing. I left my family there, and here… You have people that care for you in this world, but the past I gave up to save them was all I had.”

“Leo!” She puts her hand on my knee. “We went there without knowing what we got ourselves into, but we always knew that at one point we had to go back. I know that it’s hard. I’m struggling too, but you have to try. Smile. A little longer, a little harder. Smile a little wider and a little happier. Smile more, as if you’re happy. Maybe if you keep on trying they start believing it’s real. Maybe after a while you start believing it’s real too.”

I look at her in amazement. She’s smiling at me. Again.

“When did you stop smiling like you did?” She looks surprised. “Mia, what you’re doing isn’t brave. It’s not staying strong. It’s torturing yourself. It’s not dealing with your problems, but it’s stuffing them away. It’s acting for the world but you’re building yourself a time bomb.”

“What should I do, not smile. Let the world know what happened and that I’m not ok? What good does that do, I’m not helping anyone with that!”

“You’d be helping yourself. Something you’re really bad at. I’m an emotional wreck and I can’t keep myself from crying, but you… Let me help you, Mia.”

“No thanks, I’m fine, really.” She stands up. “Don’t worry so much ok, Leo? Look at the bright side and you’ll be fine. I’ll see you soon ok?” She starts walking away, but I quickly grab her hand.

”It’s not me I’m worried about.” For a split second I think I see her crying, but she quickly pulls away.

“I’m here if you need me, Mia. Please take care of yourself.”

As she disappears into the crowd I lean back against the tree again. Her smile wasn’t real. It hadn’t been for the past three weeks. With a shadow over my head I start walking home. When a shiver runs down my spine I look back. Not everyone would see it, but for me it came natural. A cold feeling spreading under my skin gave away a hint and the shadows behind the trees formed the conclusion. Through the thin mist I could see the shadows had become 3 shades darker.



Day 2: Use the sentence “Her smile wasn’t real.”  

I don’t know why, but getting myself to write something down feels like a tough challenge lately. My mind is just completely blank, so I’m kinda glad that I at least got this far. And hey, there’s even a lesson in here somewhere, next to the whole vague, I don’t know what on earth I’m reading part 🙂  


Identity (4)

“Why are you covering my eyes?” She suppressed the slight panic in her voice.

“Relax. This conversation has to stay between the both of us.”

“Everyone around here can see us why the secrecy? What are you hiding?”

“The blind can only see once their eyes have been opened. Now relax and promise me you’ll keep quiet.”

For a moment she thought back to their conversation only hours ago.

“I will decide that after I hear the contents of it.”

She thought she heard him chuckle, but without seeing it in person, she couldn’t believe her own ears.

He continued. “If you could choose between being normal and being special, which would you choose?”

She focused. His warm hands were covering her eyes taking away her most reliable tool of observation. She tried to find her orientation in the sounds surrounding them, but strangely, she heard nothing. As if the children in the park, the birds and even the wind were waiting for her to answer this question. Why was this so important? Why was being special so great? What she really looked for, what she always had looked for was reassurance. Security.

“I want to be normal.”

“Of course you do. You’ve always pretended to be, right?”

She didn’t respond.

“I understand. Being normal is easy when you start out normal. The problem is, when you start out being special, nothing is easy. Not being special and not being normal.”

“I wouldn’t know.”

“You’re a terrible liar.”

He paused for a while. Slowly she felt herself fading behind the warmth of his hands. She didn’t focus on the sounds anymore, but only listened to his voice.

“Let me show you what it’s like to be me.”

Within a second it was as if she had opened her eyes. Suddenly she saw everything. The park, her office, her home. The world. She saw a child playing with his dog surrounded by a bright green colour. A woman sitting alone on a bench engulfed by purple. She saw the brightest colours she had ever seen, and everyone she could imagine. Suddenly she saw herself standing in the park alone, staring at an empty space. Around her was the deepest black she had seen surrounding a tiny speck of white. She looked at herself again and again. A burning feeling of discomfort grew inside her. Suddenly she screamed out loud, she grabbed the hands that were covering her eyes and turned around to face him. For a moment all she saw was a black void with the two of them in the middle of it. Quickly the park they were standing in before began to reappear again as she was used to it.

“What the hell Nathan?!” She started screaming and randomly lashed out at him. Tears were running down her face and everything inside her screamed that everything she knew was wrong.

“Susan! Relax!” Nathan grabbed her wrists, gently yet firm.

She immediately stopped at his words. Her heart was beating rapidly inside her chest, but she immediately felt like she could breathe again. Before saying anything she took a few deep breaths.

“H…How do you know my name?”

“You told me.”

“I didn’t. It’s classified information. I never say my name during a case.”

“I… I just know.”

For the first time she saw a look of emotion in his expression. He was insecure as well as concerned. He was concerned about her, she could feel it. He had slipped up and suddenly, he seemed human. She thought of her own slip up just seconds ago. He had seen her tears. They had both loosened up.

“It seems your freak experiment worked. We stepped out of our comfort zone. The next stage is actual trust Nathan, and now you better give me some real answers.”

Suddenly he looked up at her with a straight face again, but this time, she saw something kind in his expression.

“Ask me anything you want.”


For the first time since… I can’t remember, I actually know exactly where I’m headed with a story! I don’t exactly know a good ending yet, but well at least I know what I’m going to write in the next part xD I hope I still have the right kinda inspiration by then… ^^’ I actually wanted to continue writing right away, but I didn’t for the purpose of a cliffhanger, since I know everyone Loves those… x’D Enjoy the wait! 😛 

Identity (3)

“My own sister? …What if everything you think is wrong. What if all the evidence is actually just a trick to fool you and me?”

“I know what I saw. The evidence doesn’t lie, Nathan. No normal person could have done it.”

“So you already think it’s me, right? Black and white. I just so happen to be the dark and you just so happen to be the light.”

“It’s not my choice! All you need to do is to prove that you are normal.”

“I am normal.”

She let out a sigh and looked away. It’s not my choice. She lied to herself over and over. Something about telling that story loosened it up in her. Something that she had been locking away for all too long. Feelings. Why this story? It was just another case. But something about it felt different. She looked up at him again. It was him. It was HIM. Everything inside her screamed that he was the one. The suspect, the criminal. The thing that was different about this case.

“You don’t believe me.” He continued.

“How can I?” She asked.

“What makes us so different? Our world is black. The only difference is that you pretend that you stand in the light and society believes you.”

She sighed again.

“Just make them believe that you are normal.”

For a moment he paused. He looked straight into her eyes for at least a full minute. She looked straight back at him. She tried to show him confidence, stability and control, but he saw straight through her act. Somewhere deep behind her lies he saw an honest heart. A true heart, covered up, surrounded and buried beneath the lies that were given to her. Sure, one time her world was white. But that was a long time ago. Now all he could see was the blackness that took control. He saw the darkness floating around her, surrounding her completely and somewhere inside he saw the light fighting a pointless battle. He saw what other people couldn’t see and he thought what other people couldn’t think. He knew that he would be the one to win that battle. He would take the darkness away from her. Not because he wanted to, but because he had to.

“I can’t.”

“You have to.”

“But I can’t” They both fell silent for a while before he continued.

“How long do I have left?”

“5 days.”

“We have to find the real one.”

“Who says I want to help you?”

“I do.”

She looked away. Why on earth would she try to help him? He was the one. She could feel it. There was something off about all of this. About him, his thoughts, his lack of emotions. About the crime scene, about the blood and about that cross. Even about her boss with his grey suit and even about her. Something was very wrong.


“You don’t trust me”

“No I don’t”

“I don’t trust you either.”

He stood up in front of her and reached out his hand to her.

“Before we do this, we need to have some trust.”

“And how do you propose we accomplish that?”

“It’s simple.” When she didn’t grab his hand he reached out himself and pulled her up from the bench. With a quick move he stood behind her and he held his hands over her eyes. Startled by him she tried to get away, but she found out she couldn’t move.

“Calm down.” He said.

“Let me tell you who I am.”


Finally! Inspiration! 😀 I feel like I’m getting a bit stuck with this story, but somehow I hope I can make something up xD At least I’m glad I wrote something again, even though it’s not that much 😛 Maybe I should start a challenge again to get myself to write more. Then again, maybe I should wait a year before I do that xD In any case, I hope people can enjoy this a bit ^_^ 

Identity (2)

Grey in colour

It’s pretty hard to find a picture like this 😮 So I made one myself xD

“Why are we here.” They were walking around in a park. Everywhere around them there was bright sunlight, children were playing and birds were fluttering around. To him it seemed so far away from the prison he had been in for the last few days. He liked the change of pace, but his expression revealed nothing of his thoughts.

“It’s rare for you to ask questions.” She replied to him with another fake smile.

“We’ve been walking around for two hours and 13 minutes without you speaking. That is rare too.”

She chuckled. “Things can change.”

He sighed. He considered replying to her meaningless words. Change. No such thing existed in his world, nor did it in hers. But he saw no use in his reply. Instead he examined her again, as he had done so often already. For once her hair hung loose on her shoulders instead of in a tight bun. Her glasses were replaced by contact lenses and she was wearing white instead of the usual dark colours.

“You look different.” He said monotonously.

“I’m surprised you noticed.” She said. “I’m different when I’m outside of the project.”

“No.” His response was immediate and clear. “You’re not different, you lóók different. Your eyes are the same, but now you’re hiding it.”

She looked up and acted surprised, but it was clear she wasn’t. At this point she was determined to stay in control.

“Why do you know these things?” She asked him with true interest. “Why do you know who I am?”

“Observation.” He said. “Observation can bring a person a long way.”

“Observation is not enough. I’m sure it requires a special talent. Something that was in you from the day you were born. Something that makes you different from the average person.”

“I am no different from anyone.”

“Are you really not?”

His eyes narrowed for a split second, but as quickly as the hint of emotion came, it disappeared.

“Why do you want to know these things?”

She sighed. For a moment it looked as if she was considering something, but he could see in her eyes that things were going exactly as she had planned. It frustrated him, but he held the same expression. The one thing he could have was the control of his own actions. She signalled him to sit down on one of the benches.

“You’re asking me to tell you classified information, Nathan.”

“You are asking me to reveal myself to someone I do not know. My questioning you seems perfectly reasonable.”

“You talked more to me today than the two days before.”

“I speak when I deem it necessary.”

“Why is that?”

“Explain the relevance of your questioning. Do not treat me like an unknowing factor in your investigation while your true purpose was clear from the start. I refuse to be guided along your lines willingly.” His monotonous voice didn’t change, but she could hear that the coldness in it had grown. She knew that he had given her the control she had at that point, and she knew that he was ready to take it back at any point. It bothered her that she had no real control from the start. This was a game of power that she was not allowed to lose.

“This conversation must stay between the both of us.” She said.

“I will decide that after I hear the contents of it.”

She sighed again. “Very well, I’ll tell you what you need to know.”

Hello bloggers ^_^ I’m ashamed of myself… 😦 It’s been a full 24 days since I last wrote something down that made sense and now I finally did it, it’s a vague story that really didn’t add anything to the plot line 😦 At least it’s something though… I hope that the next part of this story will be a bit less vague 😛  Well we’ll see. I think it’s gonna be two blogs on one day for me today, because a lot happened and since I use my blog as a diary… (is that weird?) I’ll have to tell some things ^_^ Until the next blog 😉


“I am no one. Just an ordinary person with ordinary qualities. You could walk past me every day without turning your head or even realising I was there at all. There’s nothing that separates me from you or from another random stranger.”

“That’s not what I asked”

Their voices were monotonous, emotionless, strictly formal. Both of them were cold in their actions and none showed a hint of inferiority towards to the other.

“Well what did you ask?”

“I asked who you are. What’s your name. What’s unique about you.”

Without flinching he answered.

“Nathan Green. 19 year old male, in my second year of university. I study maths, but that hardly distinguishes me from anyone else.”

“Any hobbies?”

“Why are you asking me this?”

“There’s no need for you to know.”

“I want to know.”

“Any hobbies?”

“I want to know.”

“Answer me or you will be put in confinement again. Last time. Any hobbies?” She tried to take control, but he refused to give it. Every word was stressed, but he remained unimpressed.

“I like music.”

“What kind of music?”

“I’ll go back to my cell.”

“Protective confinement!” She corrected him.

“Prison.” He replied.

He turned his back towards the woman in front of him and he walked back showing as little emotion as when he first arrived.

“How did it go?” The woman turned to her superior and let out a sigh. Without answering she turned to the cup of coffee on her desk and picked it up. Slowly sipping her coffee she turned around the words in her head and thought of the right way to express them. She looked at the superior in front of her. He had small eyes that were hidden behind the big frame of his glasses. He was dressed up in a grey suit with a slightly darker tie. Every inch of his suit was at exactly the right place. Even his hair was brushed tightly back into a perfect model. The only thing about him that wasn’t formal and strict were his eyes that were staring at her, burning with curiosity. Without a word she put the coffee cup back on the table. For a few seconds the only sound that filled the room was the sound of the cup hitting the table and the breathing of the woman and her superior. “He’s very turned to himself. His closed behaviour is predominant. It could be seen as compulsive, but I can’t be sure yet.” The man looked at the floor, considering his next words.

“When will you be sure?”

“I need more time.”

“How long?”

“As long as it takes.”

A sigh was followed by a long silence. She wanted to interrupt it, but she knew it wouldn’t have meaning. He turned his back towards her and looked at the whiteboard. There were pictures connected with lines, everything was surrounded by small notes, yet nothing seemed to add up to form a whole.

“The family wants retribution.” He said.

“We can’t hold an innocent accountable.” She replied.

“We don’t know if he is innocent.”

“Innocent until proven otherwise.”

“Guilty until proven otherwise.” His eyes were strict. There was no way to change his mind. She knew there never was.

“You have one week.” He walked towards the door and left her alone in the room.

One week. She thought to herself. Would it be enough?

The door closed behind her with a soft click. She found him sitting behind the white table examining his hands with great care. He didn’t look up as she sat down on the chair opposite of him but he continued staring at his fingernails. For a few minutes they sat in front of each other in complete silence. Him observing his hands and her observing his expression. He was neither nervous nor relaxed, but rather something in between. Every time she saw him he looked completely neutral. After a long time he turned up his head and he seemed to notice her presence, but he didn’t greet her. Instead he stared directly at the table. Without a word she lifted her right hand from under the table, revealing a black binder. She put it on the table and started taking its contents out. Four sheets of paper, two black and two white. She put the sheets next to each other perfectly aligned in front of him with two black sheets on one side and the two white sheets on the other side. She looked at his expression, but it remained unchanged as he looked at the papers. Then she reached out and pushed one black paper forward, slightly out of line with the other papers. His expression remained completely neutral, but after a few seconds he reached out and pushed the paper back in the line again. She proceeded by pushing another paper to the front again and he repeated his actions emotionless but fast. This was repeated a few times until she stopped and tried to catch his gaze. He didn’t look back but kept staring into a distance instead.

“Why black and white?” She asked him.

“I didn’t choose these.” He replied still without looking at her.

“But why did I choose them?” For the first time he looked her in the eyes. His lips were pushed in a straight line and his eyes stayed as cold as ever, but this time he was observing her.

“Because the world is black and white.” His gaze was steady and penetrating.

“Because it exists of facts and numbers?” She asked


“There’s nothing more than that. Agreed?”


“Black and white. Love and hate.”


“Life and death.”

“Agreed.” She paused for a moment.

“Which one do you value more?” She asked him.

“What I value doesn’t matter. The world won’t change it colours.” She showed him a fake smile.

“Your world is black, isn’t it?”

Slowly he leaned in closer to her and copied her fake smile. When he was only an inch away from her face he whispered with a wide grin,

“Our world is black.”

For a moment she twitched. At that exact moment she knew, she could see it in his eyes. He won the upper hand. She stood up and pushed in her chair. She picked up the sheets and put them perfectly orderly back in the binder. He had continued examining his hands as she left without saying a word.

Helloooo World! So the good news is, my exams are finally finished! Which means freedooom 😀 The bad news is… Freedom doesn’t mean inspiration -_- I have never been so bored in my entire life D: (ok that’s exaggeration, but that’s the privilige of being a ‘writer’. I wrote this a week ago. It was supposed to be in Dutch, but somehow I can’t write in Dutch anymore -_- I intend to make a part 2 and end this story with a very unexpecting plot twist 😀 Now only… think of the rest xD One day I’ll finish all my unfinished stories xD One day… Maybe ^^’

A Brilliant Blade

The air was heavy, moist and filled with the scent of fresh blood. I was surrounded by darkness and I could hear nothing but the slicing sound of a sharp object cutting through victims like air and the noise of my own heartbeat. I don’t remember if I was frozen by fear, or by the burning pain in my legs and feet. I don’t know if I was shivering from the cold or from imposing danger stepping closer at every second. With every exhale a cloud of mist appeared before my eyes giving a bit of warmth back to my face, but with every inhale everything returned to darkness again. The only thing in my line of sight was a small stripe of light from the moon and some trees that stood as a shadow before the light. For the rest I found myself in complete darkness and silence. It could suddenly appear from every direction and my end could come before I had the chance to scream. I forced my mind to be silent and ordered my ears to hear every surrounding noise, but my own body betrayed me. I was terrified by the realisation that I was defenceless and completely at It’s mercy. There was no choice but to wait for it to happen. My end. I didn’t hear any movement, yet I knew it was quickly approaching. Suddenly, as if the time moved slower, I saw the small light of the moon touch a blade that was held up in the air. I took my precious seconds to admire the brilliant swiftness of the blade as it danced along the moonlight in my direction. The blade seemed to float in the air untouched by anything but light. As the blade moved closer time took its original speed and I stared directly into my death. With a swift slice the sword swung toward me, but as fast as it began to move, as quickly did it stop. My eyes widened, but I didn’t flinch. A deep voice whispered,

“Why didn’t you move.”

I looked at the sword as if it was the one that spoke to me. Why didn’t I move? Was it fear? Was I too frozen to object to my death? No. The moment I saw the brilliance of the blade I had accepted it.

“Because a death by your blade is better than a life in fear.”

The sword moved softly along the outline of my face and stopped against the throbbing vein in my neck, but I kept my eyes focused straight forward with an unwavering gaze.

“Do you not fear death?” The same voice asked.

“Death has nothing to do with it. Life does.”

A moment of silence followed as the sword slowly moved downward and stopped while pointing at my hands. I looked downwards and became aware of the shackles around my wrists and feet. I had forgotten their weight and the pain that came with it, but now I remembered.

“You’re a slave.”

“And you’re an assassin. In the end of the day we’re both just human.”

“But with power.” The voice sounded calm and composed. I stared at the sword and at the shackles on my wrists.

“Power doesn’t mean anything without freedom.”

The shadow sighed with approval. “Then leave with your life and your freedom.”

With a sudden movement the sword slipped through the shackles on my wrists and feet without so much as touching me. Within a moment the heavy weight I carried was lifted and the shackles fell next to me on the ground with a deafening noise. I stepped forward to see the shadows face, but I was alone.

“Freedom. Power. Life.” I spoke the words out loud and let them ring through my head as if they were foreign. I moved forward, without direction and without looking back.

I love katana’s ❤ Since I knew of the existence of such swords I loved them. The swiftness in how they move in the hands of an expert, the beauty as it slices throught something and the elagance of the user’s stances… I just love them. I watch anime’s with swordfighting in it just to admire the swords and I watched hour long documentaries on how katana’s are made just to see how people can make such perfection and I even half finished a wooden katana because I loved it so much (it’s still not finished due to annoying circumstances -_-) But until now it’s still my dream to once own a real katana or even better to help make one myself ❤ In any case I didn’t just write this because I love katana’s but also because I had the feeling I haven’t written a good story in way too long, so I’m considering to make this one ongoing too (Like way too many stories of mine now for which I currently don’t have any inspiration -_-) It’s still short, but I hope you enjoyed it ^^ 

Dangerous truth

“The truth is that nothing really is true.” She walked up to him as he sat still on his knees facing the floor. From him came an aura of despair and long lost hope. Slowly she crouched in front of him and lifted up his chin with her hand. He found himself staring directly into two scarlet eyes that looked at him without hesitation and without emotion. “Nothing you see around here is actually true. This world is filled with lies to keep people happy.” She moved her face closer to his without breaking eye contact. “And as soon as you stop believing those lies and start seeing the truth, the world as it really is, everything seems to fall apart.” Her words were spoken softly, mysterious, and with care, but without feeling. Slowly she moved even closer to his face and she took in the scent of fear that was lingering around his being. “But we’re here to build it all up again. That’s all we want, David. We want to stop the lies and make a world without all of that. A world of our own. And that won’t just happen on it’s own. We have to make it happen.” She brought her lips alongside his ear and let out a soft whisper. “I want you to help me. Do you think you can do that… David?” She moved her lips towards his, but just before they met he pushed her away. “Stop it!” He stood up and rose above her. His face filled with anger and his fists clenched in a tight ball. “Your kiss is a kiss of death. I’ve seen it happen before and I know the consequences. I know I shouldn’t trust you, even though you speak of truth, because even the truth can be bent in ways filled with dishonesty. The truth isn’t all, but honesty takes us further.” She stood up as a cold, emotionless smile appeared on her lips. “Very well. And where do you see your honesty take us, David?” “Don’t call me David!” He yelled, but there was no anger in his voice. There was but place for disappointment. “Don’t call me by the name that was given to me my them. One that is marked by the very darkness of dishonesty. I would rather have no name at all, than the name that was forced on me.” He sighed but his expression showed overflowing confidence. “If you want to build a new world together with me, one that is true and honest, you will not persuade me with your mind tricks. I refuse to be your mindless slave blinded by my lingering past. I want to actively build a better future.” She stared at him with disbelief. Never did she think she would find such a strong ally in such weak surroundings. “Are you sure you won’t miss them?” He chuckled. “Of course I will. And I will never forgive you for what you did. From now on, until the day you have earned my fulland complete trust, you will have to watch your every step and move, because even I don’t know when I might strike. But I know it will be fatal. The only thing that saved you now, is that the ones I will miss were the true liars, and that was their downfall. I will overlook it for once, but never again.” For the first time her eyes softened at his harsh words and she showed a slight, but honest smile. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


The great thing about reading is that it allows your imagination to roam freely. In my head this story has a perfect background and a well thought through character descriprion, but I’m curious if it makes any sense and what story it has become in your heads ^^ In any case, have fun with finding out! I thought of this when I fell of the stairs today. Is inspiration always supposed to hurt this badly? -_- Oh and I decided to put the writers comments (I always have to include those for some reason -,-) in italics from now on, so it won’t be confused with the actual story xD (I was rereading my stories and it turned out to be pretty confusing half of the time xD)

The Path Of Power (part 2)

He walked up to the centre of the forest and stood still in the middle of an open spot surrounded by the trees. He sat down and closed his eyes. If he listened carefully he could hear the rushing waterfall to his left end the wind blowing through the mountains to his right. The air smelled like autumn trees and with every gust of wind the fallen leaves were blown against his cheeks. He took a deep breath and while keeping his eyes closed, he tried to take in his surroundings. In his mind he saw the droplets of water splashing from the waterfall and sparkling in the light of the sun. He kept on focussing on the rushing water, the small waves and the smooth pebbles at the bottom of the lake. His mind drifted of to the day before and the same questions arose in his mind as he had asked his mother so curiously. How do I know it’s the right one? What do I have to do after? How will it help me, and what if it doesn’t come at all? He remembered his mothers gentle smile when she patted him on his head. “Don’t worry. You’re a strong boy and tomorrow, you’ll be a strong man. Trust me, when you see him, you’ll know. Just clear your mind and listen.” So he listened. He allowed his thoughts to be blown away with the next gust of wind and he focussed solely on the sound of the falling leaves. Everything became quiet. The wind stopped blowing, the water stopped rushing and the leaves stopped falling. It was as if time stood still for him to become fully quiet. He had no idea how long he sat in the same position. His perception of time had gone away with the sound of the forest and days and minutes felt exactly the same. Suddenly the sound flowed back to his surroundings as he felt something soft brushing against his hand. He opened his eyes and stared in surprise. In front of him there was a wolf cub with the brightest blue eyes he had ever seen. It’s fur was white as the clearest snow, but along it’s body starting from the lining of it’s eyes and ending near the tip of it’s tail there ran a brown curved line of fur forming a powerful and beautiful contrast. It’s eyes were fearlessly locked on his and it’s small paws were balancing on the edge of his knee. The wolf cub was small, barely a week old at most, but already ran without its pack. Mesmerised by the cub he lifted his hands towards its head. As soon as his hands touched the soft fur the wolf started barking loudly. Immediately he pulled his hand away without interrupting his gaze towards the cub. Suddenly it jumped up and turned around to run towards the mountains. Along it’s way it stopped and turned around looking him straight in the eyes. A loud howl, unsuited for its size was heard throughout the forest and it was aimed directly at him. As soon as he heard the howl he snapped out of his mesmerised state. He took a few steps in the direction of the mountains, but then paused to look back in the direction of the waterfall. Days before he had prayed that it would be water. Soft, easy. That’s what he thought and hoped. He looked at the mountains again and let out a sigh. He knew it was idle hope. His destiny was at the mountains. He looked at the bright lights that floated above the frozen mountain tops. Maybe there was something good that could come from this. Filled with determination he followed the wolf cub to the mountains. He grinned. The mountains. Yup, I’m definitely gonna die now. There’s no going back. The cold air blew against his face and for the first time in his life, he wasn’t afraid of what was about to happen. The wide smile on his face wasn’t only because of the  hopeless situation, but because of the determination he had to see it through.


Hello everyone ^_^ It took me an awefully long time to finally contintue with The Path Of Power xD The first reason for this is inspiration -_- Isn’t it always… The second reason is that I wrote the first part of it in history class and after that I lost it. I refused to continue before finding it and today it suddenly reappeared in my agenda… You know that moment when you lose something just because you put it at a place you think you will remember so that you absolutely Won’t lose it? -_- Yeah… That’s what happened. In any case, I’m curious how this story will work out 😀 I think it’ll be a long one, but I’ll definitely try to finish it!

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